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Just a page were you can find some inspirations for modest, "modern" fashion.

10. black and white checked skirt, lace tank-top, sandals

 9. long shirt/tunic, green pencil skirt, black leggings, gray socks, brown boots, jean jacket, beaded bracelet

 8. Floral shirt, black and white checked skirt, black leggings, black lace-up boot, jean jacket

 7. Blue dress w/stripes, long necklace, tan heels

6. dusty blue dress, cream w/ lace sweater, tan heels, lace slip, cross bracelet

5. long, green shirt, open plaid shirt, brown pencil skirt, black leggings and scarf, black lace-up boots

4. white and black stripped shirt, long orange sweater, short black boots, skinny jeans

3. Skinny jeans, red jacket, black crocheted beret

2. Red tunic, black and white pencil skirt, light brown over thing, black belt, clack leggings, black heeled boots 
 1. Red plaid tunic, black belt, black leggings, grey socks, brown boots

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