daminika ||

Hello there! *waves* and welcome to my world!

Here at this blog, you'll find the life of me -- a girl who just wants to share happiness and joy. And it can be hard sometimes. You know how life can be. *winks*

But if we walk in the sunshine of Jesus Christ, we can learn to dance in the rain. 

seventeen // Child of a King // graduated homeschooler // a huge Walt Disney fan -- as in the man, not the company // lover of all things retro // a shy people-person // favorite season is fall -- summer would be second // crocheter // somewhat a knitter // a daydream believer // without music I would die // oldies country fan // Ricky Nelson is the bestest, unless Elvis is? Not sure which // blessed with loads and loads of cousins - and some I count as siblings 'cause we're that close and they're that cool// lost Grandma to cancer at the age of seven // lives in a small house built in 1948 // middle child of a family of seven // loves hugs from babies // known to cry// cousins, uncles, aunts who play music and sing // known to be somewhat ditsy // Coca-Cola is the way to go // It's Pop, not Soda // a night owl

Care to join me? I'll get you a malt if you do!