Friday, September 29, 2017

Photo Dump || September 2017

Another month has come and gone.
Goodbye September 2k17. We may not ever see you again, but that doesn't mean we didn't love you. *winks*

So. It's time for the monthly photo dump. I don't know if I got any good pictures this month. But some great things happened. Also some hard things happened, but life is that way.

The other day we received the call from Felicity saying she is ENGAGED!!! Eeeeeee!!!! And she asked me to be a bridesmaid. *squeals* I already ordered the dress. I can't believe this is really happening! 

T H E   P H O T O   D U M P:

 One last trip to town with the oldest sis before she left for NH
 coffee. it's my life *winks* 
 sitting in the 'stang at church, imagining I was driving it. *winks* My cousin, Colten actually took me for a ride in it that night. *squeals like a girl* 
 BV is da bomb dot com 
 the moon, as seen from Grandpa's back yard <3 (that house on the right was one of my childhood homes, btw) 
 childhood in the form of a plum <3
 the beginning of this month, was hot and smokey. Could hardly go outside at all. unless you wore a mask *winks* 
 when you crave taco bell. hehe <3
 uh.... a lot of movies from the library. *hides* who would've thought they'd all come at the same time? 
 cooking lots and lots of food for Grandpa and his grandson's hunting trip. <3 
 after hours of being in the kitchen, we just about crashed in the living room. We were sooo tired. *laughs* 
 and for Colten's birthday, we went to Rocky's - the best place to go. *winks and sticks out tongue* 
 blue raspberry Italian soda <33333
 visited the cemetery one Sunday. Just to pass the time till a family reunion. So we hung out with Grandma <3 
 oooh, and Marita let me drive her car. *feels proud* just across the parking lot and back, but it was enough for me to know that HER CAR IS AWESOME! 
 at the reunion-thing. To tell you truth, we didn't stay long. Just went home after a while. *winks* 
 tacos <3
 drives with LaKaysha - the last one before the rain came. AND LOOK AT THAT BLUE SKY. After all that smoke... this felt good. *takes a breath of fresh air* 
 took this picture so I could prove to Felicity that I DO know how to make supper. *smug look* 
 my aunts (M and M) are pretty awesome. *winks* 
 yeah... so I drink tea a lot more than I thought I did... it's Tyrel's fault. *winks* 
 boots for the first time this season <3
 tea, not coffee *winks* 
 boys. gotta love 'em 
 AD IT RAINED!!!! <33333
 Auntie Marita <3
 Cousin Joshua <333
 Eponine.. not liking the rain. *rolls eyes* come on kitty, rain is great.
 coffee after work <3
 when your shirt says Coca-Cola, your cup says Coffee, annnndddd you're drinking tea. *laughs* i'm cool 
 i love the guys in my life. *laughs* 
can't very well be fall if you don't eat caramel apples *laughs* we saved some for tonight. *can't wait* 

Well, there you are! Hope you enjoyed!
And let's hope October is great! .... *realizes my birthday is coming up fast* EEEKKKKKKK

Also, can't wait to do all the crazy wedding shopping and planning. My life is gonna be crazy busy. LET'S DO THIS THING *winks*