Friday, September 15, 2017

Beautiful Words || September

i want to live 

without life feeling meaningless 

life I'm not afraid 

where i can love freely

how people will see the real me 

with total abandon

like there's a burning purpose 

where i'm a free spirit 

and can laugh with joy

with undoubting assurance 

like i'm a princess 

where human opinion doesn't matter 

without regrets holding me back 

like i'm overflowing 

how God intended 

by: Natasha H. 

top picture pc: sister felicity

bottom picture pc: cousin tyrel

beautiful words credit: cousin natasha 

P.S. Life has been crazy, and I can't figure out how to get the Q&A video in my post, so I'm just gonna have to type out all my answers. Which might take a while, with this crazy life I have right now. But it will be coming, at some point. Someday. *winks*

Saturday, September 2, 2017

five facts || should I do a Q&A?

bored, so here's five random facts about me that you may not know *was gonna do ten but couldn't think of that many*, and random pictures I took over a year ago (I haven't taken pictures like that in a loooonnnngggg time) *winks*

1- of all my cousins (close to seventy) only seven are just my first cousins. Seven plus one who's actually not really related to me 'cause he was adopted. Seven. All the rest are also related to me in some other way. It's even hard for me to comprehend this. How is it only seven? also, of all these cousins, there is only one that I've never met. *nods* 

2- I am related to Jesse James. For years it was a rumor, but now it has been proven and call me weird, but I think it's the coolest thing ever. It's proven. Frank and Jesse James are my cousins. I always believed it even when it was just a "rumor". Jesse looks like family. Because he is family. And why else would my great-great grandma get a letter from him,apologizing for not being able to make it to her wedding? I can't believe some people doubted. *shakes head* *winks* 

3- I am a mutt. Mostly Finn or Scandinavian. Plus German, American Indian, English, French, Irish... to name a few. Mostly Finn because my Grandma is 100%, making my dad half... plus there's a little Finn on my mom's side, but from that side we're mostly Indian and German. And then there's English on my mom's side. Maybe some of you remember learning about The Deliverance saving Jamestown in history? Yeah, that was my relative who was captain of that ship. And Delaware state? That state was named after one of my grandpas... and this same grandpa was governor of Jamestown. *nods* So those are my English relatives. *winks* ...
being a mutt makes me truely American, right? *winks* 

4- I was born October 14th (10.14.99), at 10:14 a.m. after 10 hours and 14 minutes of labor...*blink blink* if that's not cool, I honestly don't know what is. 

5- I was named after the Dominican Republic (well, actually the Island of Dominica, which is in the Dominican Republic)- but my great-aunt thought the spelling should be changed a bit. To make it more feminine. And here I am - Daminika. I can't even imagine writing my name out as D-o-m-i-n-i-c-a... no, that would be just weird. I like the spelling the way it is. <3 

also, should I do a Q&A post? If you think so, ask me a million questions in the comments! (and if I don't get a million, I won't do it *winks*)