Saturday, August 26, 2017

the mountains called || c a m p i n g

When the mountains call, there is only one thing you can do - G O.
So we did.

And what a weekend. *inserts hearts*

Mountain air, hiking, sleeping on a rock, adventures at "the log", card game in the dark, coffee, tea, laughing with the cousin, and eating way too much junk. Add all this together and you get a great weekend.
We headed up Friday afternoon and got there sometime that night. I can't you what time we got there, but by the time we found a spot, set up camp and cooked supper it was eight o'clock.
We had a vehicle full of girls - how can that not be fun? Felicity was our driver with Grandpa leading the way in his pickup, and my parents following behind us, protecting us from getting lost out there in the mountains. *winks*
Music, pictures, laughing, talking... for two hours.
And the first glimpse of the mountain. *sucks in breath*
She's so beautiful! 

Finally we found a spot with the greatest view ever, and set up camp.

We gathered branches from the trees and laid them under our tent to make the ground softer. It probably worked - even though I ended up with a rock right under my hip. It hurt, but that's the joy of camping *winks*
Kirsten, LaKaysha, and I shared this tent. Just LOOK at the view we got to see when we stuck our heads out in the morning!<3
We had stew for supper that night. I, of course, ate it on a plate 'cause that's way more romantic than a bowl - come on people. The only time store-bought stew is good, is when you're way up in the mountains and eating it off a plate. *nods*

And that night we played Phase 10 while eating chips with salsa and cheese. <3
Then we went to bed, in our cozy little tent.

And the next day we went on a beautiful hike! I could hardly handle the beauty. Guys, I love my state <333
trying to talk to her boyfriend on the top of the mountain - hoping there is enough service *winks* 
this trail was beautiful! Every corner we went around I'd gasp, "guys I've  never seen anything so BEAAAUUTTTIIIFULLLL" 
a peek of the mountain through the trees <3
yours truly :)
back at camp, looking at "her" through the binoculars 
supper <3 hobo pies, and fried zucchini, it was too dry to have a fire so the hobo pies got cooked over the stove - also, Kirsten shared some of her backpacking meal with me, and that was really good 
Marissa and Liberty, "drinking her in" 
good job, Kirsty *high five* 
 After that hike we were really tired, and spent the evening just sitting around and staring at the mountain (and if you're Felicity - standing just so, so you can get service and talk to your boyfriend *winks*). Finally at 9:30 we climbed in bed. And I slept better that night because I finally figured out how to sleep on that rock *winks*

And the next day we loaded of and headed back to civilization. Of course we didn't leave till after lunch, so we had time to sit around camp and enjoy the fresh air. *smiles*

the branches that were under our tent. they helped a lot *winks* 
starting to take everything down and load up - always a sad sight 
I just couldn't get enough of "her"! Isn't she beautiful!? I've always had a "thing" for St. Helens, but... this mountain now holds a little piece of my heart <3 
oh Kirsten, you're adorable! <33333
not focused but I don't even care *winks* 
and heading back down the mountain <3 

There's a photo dump of our camping trip and a little bit about what we did! *so excited that I got this post done* 

Did you enjoy the post!? 
Would you go camping here? 

I think we shall do it again next year... 


  1. That. Was. Way. Too. Much. Fun. *o*!!! Loved the pics...not enough of me!;):P

    1. I. So. Agree!!! Yeah, I did notice that I didn't get very much of people... ;P

  2. We are totally doing this again! And my parents plan on coming😁 And we need to go backpacking in the Eaglecaps too

    1. YES YES!!! Oooohhh I can't wait!!! XD Yeah... we'll see if I have money to join you ;P

  3. Sounds fun and looks beautiful there! You definitely do live in a nice place. ;) Enjoyed! :)

    Lovely new design, by the way! =D

    1. It was wonderful... IT IS!!!! I do, I do! I'm told there are other places that are prettier, but I don't see how ;P
      I'm so glad you enjoyed! :D

      Oooh! THANK YOU!!! I'm actually really happy with it, and I think I'll keep it for a long time :D

  4. Your post is so much better than mine *cries*
    Beautiful! Hey... you would do the same if you had a boyfriend *rolls eyes*

    1. Whatever. *whaps you*
      I would, I would. No argument there :D

  5. Lovely pictures!! That was SO fun!! Would LOVE to go back!!

    We are do it again next year!!!
    LOVELY pictures!! <3

  7. Looks like so much fun! Going to make it next summer! And Washington is beautiful, a lot like Alaska, but can you believe Alaska is even bigger!

    1. It's so fun up there! I hope you make it!!! <333 Camping with you guys would be the greatest!!
      Alaska must be beautiful!!!!

  8. Ohhhh gorgeous <33333 Loved all these pictures!!


  9. Wooohoo! So going again! And I need to stay in shape for backpacking the Eagle Caps. *winks*

  10. This looks like soo much fun!!! LOVED all the photos. <3 <3

  11. There's always something about being in God's great outdoors! He made a beautiful world for us to live in. Imagine how much more beautiful heaven will be!

  12. Looks so fun!! Wish I was there.~Kylie

    1. Awe, that would've been awesome if you were there <3


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