Saturday, August 5, 2017

Photo Dump // July 2017

Well, here we are again. Posting a monthly photo dump - late. Life has just been so busy these days. I couldn't very well do this post when I wasn't home and there was no internet where I was, now could I? *winks* I hope you guys get your internet fixed soon, 'cause that is so annoying. *laughs*

So. July. 

July was so full it hardly feels like it was just one month. On July 3rd Felicity's boyfriend flew in and while he was here we had plenty of adventures. Plus the trip I just got back from, and all the randomness in-between...

Well, I guess the only thing to do is just get started...

The Photo Dump:
lots and lots of photos, just so you know *laughs* 

 I took Felicity's pictures! *winks* 
 ANNNNDDDD, I got Felicity to ride with me. Even if it was seriously 20 seconds down the road, but still... she was in the passenger seat and I was in the drivers. *flexes* 
 at the mall on a random Sunday, after church. 
 and I was so naughty and spent way too much money on this yummy-ness. <3 
 one of many, many camp fires we had that month. It looks like I was sitting out there alone, but I promise I wasn't *laughs* 
 Fourth of July. We're so cute *laughs 'cause I'm so not* here we're walking to the store to spoil ourselves with 1893 Pepsi-Cola. *nods* 
 We went to my Grandpa's for a family BBQ, and it was great fun (with lots and lots of red, white, and blue *winks*) of course we had fireworks. *winks* 
 the view from the barn roof. Summer nights are the best <3
 when it's hot and you're bored, go get a coffee <3 also, if it's cold go do that too... just get a hot coffee if that is the case *laughs* 
 On the way home from getting coffee, LaKaysha decided she wanted to drive past "the house that built me" *winks* actually, it was really sad to see it and knowing it's no longer my home. I thought I had begun to think of our new house as home, but guess not. I felt like we should've just pulled into the driveway and we would've been home. And driving down that road I've been down so many times....... <3 I know, I'm too sentimental *laughs*  
 homemade street tacos <333333 
 trip up to see the local mountain up close <3 I love my mountain ;P 
 Felicity and Josiah *giggles* 
 my Grandpa (S) was in town, so my aunt also came to town, and after the trip to the mountain, we met Amanda at Rocky's for supper. I enjoyed seeing adorable little Kaaren and eating the yummy pizza. After all this, we went home and had a camp fire. Chased Kaaren and kittens around all night, so yeah, that was a great day. 
 the next day we headed up to what is more likely to be called "my mountain" ;P Hiking Silver Star was a great time. <3 And SOOOO PREEEETTTTYYYYY!!! *dies* 
 stopped for lunch 
 the top <3333 just don't fall off 'kay, bro? 
 the purple flower my brother picked me <3 
 heading back down *laughs at us* 
 by the time we got back to the parking lot (which is also way up in the mountains, just so you know) we were sooo hot and fried. It was great <3 
 *shrugs* random picture 
 KAAREN!!!!! *squeezes her* 
 Evelyn wanted biscuit dough to roast over the fire, and she also wanted to help me make it <3
 Eponine <3 
 here's a picture of Felicity and Josiah on the way to the beach *giggles behind hand* 
 lunch at the beach <3 
 Cotton Candy!!!!!!! 
 on the way home from the beach we stopped at "the Column". I had only been up it once that I could remember. It's kinda scary but soooo fun!!! <3 didn't take any pictures of the steps inside 'cause I got dizzy if I tried to do anything. So I just clung to the railing and took it one step at a time. By the time I got back to the bottom my legs were jelly! *laughs* 
 at the top! *grins* 
 *has nothing to say 'cause I took one look at this and died* 
 so, I've wanted a picture with my good ol' friend Elvis. He was a huge part of my childhood you know. Always drove past him. But for the first time, I walked up to him and got that dream picture. *laughs* 
 walked through the local "harvest days" (sort of mini-fair) didn't do anything, 'cause I'm broke, but it was fun anyway ;P 
 ROAST!!!!! <3 
 just a bunch of random-ness that is also awesome-ness *winks* 
 I seriously love the color of the blue raspberry Italian Soda! 
then we headed up to my aunt and uncle's. And of course stopped at the last BV. To say so long ;P 
Here's me and LaKaysha on the ride up...
Just so you know, the next million pictures will mostly be of kids and food *laughs* 'cause that's what life was on this trip ;P 
 I honestly don't know how to handle this cuteness! <333 
 iced tea *sunglasses* 
 we went grocery shopping for the week my aunt and uncle were gone... the ice cream was basically liquid by the time we finished *laughs* that's what happens when you don't know your way around the store ;P 
 and what is life without ice cream? We watched "Almost a Bride" (staring Shirley Temple) and ate our Coffee Almond Fudge ice cream... <33333 
 Kaaren Sue <3 
 Chicken Pot Pie <3333 
 when your babysitting, you can get bored - but Louis L'Amour saved the day (also, Chase did - with all his three-year-old questions *laughs*) 
 My little pal <3 Chase is a cutie 
smoothie <3

There! I did it!!!
Did you enjoy? Was that too many pictures of food?
What did you do last month? 


  1. Yay, I'm not the only late one! *laughs*
    The mountains are so pretty!! And that column sounds like it'd be fun to climb. :) And that picture of you at the top- you're so pretty! ;)
    Yes, of course I enjoyed! And food pictures are fun. :D I guess you already know what I did this month- some of the stuff. I probably shouldn't tell you about my cousins being here before I do a post on it. ;P It involved swimming (which was pretty fun!), going to historic sights, and going to town. ;P Fun stuff.

    1. I thought the same thing when I seen yours! ;P
      I know, right!? *sighs* idk how people don't love it here. You haven't been!? Well, come visit and we'll go! (we have a free pass for the parking that's good to the end of the year... hint hint ;P) Wait, what? *blushes* ok, thanks. *hides*
      I'm so glad! Aren't they? Can't wait to see the post! WOW SOUNDS LIKE SUCH FUN!

    2. Haha! ;P
      I wish! That would be fun! ;D
      We had some fun times! =D

    3. It would be more than fun, it would be awesome ;P
      Yeah, that's what it looks like! I read your post, but haven't gotten around to commenting yet :'D

  2. so. many. pictures. of. food. GAHHH XD

  3. The food pictures are making me hungry! And of course I like seeing the pics of my Littles! :)

    1. haha! I love your Littles so much!! (and your big kids, not trying to leave them out ;P)

  4. LOVE!!!! The food pictures look good!
    Kaaren is SO cute! <3

  5. Are you trying to make me hungry? ;P

  6. Hehe, I was there for some of this! ;) I call Mt. St. Helens "my" mountain and Silver Star is "Grandma's" mountain to me... :P Fun times!

    1. Ah makes sense. ;P at least I'm not the only one to call St Helens "my mountain" ;P

  7. Enjoyed all the pictures :) and now I am hungry!! :p

  8. FOOD........*drools*
    And little Kaaren! So lonesome for her. *sniff*


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