Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Photo Dump || August 2017

Phew! Here I am! and just so you all know, trying to download pictures off my phone this month was crazy. I don't know why but some pictures wouldn't download and it kept having errors. So do not like this windows 10 thing. I have no idea how to use it. *facepalm* I used to understand computers, but now... no idea. still need to figure out how to get my snapchat pictures and videos on here.
But enough about my problems!

We're ending another month!

August was full, and lots happened. At the beginning of the month I was actually at my aunt and uncle's. Feels like forever ago.... ANYWAY!

H E R E' S   T H E   P H O T O   D U M P: 

 $.50 frosty <3 

 The wedding was way too beautiful!! <33333 

 And Kirsten was so adorable I could've cried!!! (also little Kaaren killed me) 

 the day after the wedding we went for a hike up Bell's Mountain... and this time I didn't even come close to passing out. *winks* 

love blue raspberry Italian Sodas <333

random pic of me and Eponine *grins* 

way. too. hot. I want it to go away. but it'll be back up there again next week... 

Eponine and Sinatra <3 

for once I had coffee with my breakfast. <3 

heading to the beach for the day *grins* 

and of course we stopped at the Column *grins real big* it gets easier each time you climb it *winks* 

easier for everyone but LaKaysha... *laughs* 

aunties <33

and umm... something happened on the ride home and we kinda were overtired or something *winks* 
changed things up a bit in our room :) 

my sister steals my phone and takes selfies while I yell at my kitten in the background because she's crazy and jumps off roofs. 

hangin' on the barn roof with the sis 

and this is when we went camping, but of course I'm skipping over all that *winks* 

and the eclipse happened. that was really cool! 

tried curling my hair for once 

got coffee <33333

Little Eponine <3 

I think I did good when it comes to writing in my diary this month! *highfive*

went out to breakfast with sisters and aunts one Saturday morning <3 

and my baby sister turned 13!! So we had a sister slumber party in our garage bedroom. Ate snacks and watched "Sleep Beauty" for the first time since I was a kid. who says you need to have friends over to have a sleepover? Sisters work great. *winks* 

me and my tootsie-roll. It's been a while since I've called her that *winks* but for real people, this child is my twin. 

still can't believe she's thirteen!!! *dies* 

I love the moon, y'all <3 

And ice cream. I love ice cream on a hot day. (and we've had way too many of those) 

Hope y'all enjoyed!! 
What did you do this month!? 


  1. Enjoyed! I still can't believe I'M 13!!
    I love all the photo dumps you do!
    Thank you SO much for the sister slumber party!! <3

  2. LOVE! I really enjoy your photo dumps ;) You take such neat pictures *sighs*

  3. Your hair looks cute curled! What did I do? FINALLY moved in to our house. Woohoo! Now you girls can come visit again. ;)

    1. Oh, thank you.
      Don't worry!! I'll be back! ;P

  4. LOVED!!! I agree that you take such neat pictures!!! Also agree that your hair looks cute curled! <3

  5. Replies
    1. Oh, yes, that picture of me trying not die on the Column... That was just cruel, girl. *winks*

  6. Frostys! Things are better when they're cheap! ;D
    You're good at curling hair! Though I haven't tried much, I don't think I could do that. ;P
    You did a lot of fun things! :) What did I do this month? Moved into our house, my brother came, went to our reunion... I also got all my driving hours! :D Now it's time to figure out how parallel parking works. :P

    1. Or when your dad buys them ;P which is how I got that Frosty xD
      Really? I've always thought I was bad at it! Probably it depends on the curling iron you use. I use my "wand". Kinda feels like I've burning my hair off (and I'm sure it could if you held it too long) but the curls stay longer. :D
      Yeah, it was a good month :)
      Sounds like awesome stuff ;) ooohhh YAY!!! it's actually really easy once you get the hang of it ;) I haven't done it since drivers ed, but...
      Oh, and if I were you I'd practice in the car that you're gonna take your test drive in. I did all my practicing in one car, then did my test in a different car and... I didn't do so good when it came to parallel parking ;P

    2. It looks like you do good to me! :)
      Yea... but I don't have a driver's ed teacher to instruct me. :P I just have to keep trying to figure it out. I think I've gotten it sort of good a couple times at least.
      Oh, that's another problem- I don't know what I'm going to use to take the test! Our car's horn doesn't work, so I probably can't use it, and I don't even want to attempt learning parallel parking in our suburban. ;P Don't know what I'm going to do, but hopefully it'll work out, and soon! ;)

    3. Thanks. :P
      Aren't your parents instructing you? :P
      OH, that is a problem. :( ;D

  7. Haha! I love ice cream on any day!! ;P


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