Friday, June 16, 2017

Trip // Randomness from a Random Day

Before I do a post about the next "big" thing we did (which was a beautiful hike *winks*) there's some other random pictures I'd like to share with you.

Pictures of things that happened between Pickity and the hike. *winks*

I actually think these may all be from one day?? I can't remember! *laughs*
I think that may be true... we went to Pickity on a Thursday, which would make these pictures from Friday... and then we went hiking Saturday morning. *nods* yep, these are all from one day. *wink*

 standing on the couch to take a mirror selfie with Cormick *giggles*

 ice coffee *craves it*

 what adorable little boys, running around *dies*
 I got some videos of them from this night, and yeah, they were busy *laughs*

Mary made supper that night. (photo credit to Tyrel *winks*)

 Tyrel Michael being crazy. He had the kid on the roof just minutes before I took this. *shakes head* crazy guy. That's probably why the twins love him so much 

 what I mean when I say you can't leave your phone unattended when Tyrel is around *laughs* never even knew he sent this picture to my mom until I got home!

 the adorable siblings again, and no, she's not trying to murder him with her fork *laughs*


 Callen *giggles he's way too cute*

 Kirsten's cupcakes <3

 *heart is melted*

we were just hanging out in the kitchen (as we often did), and Tyrel went to make himself a cup of tea (as he often does *winks*) when he realized he was out of tea. Of course he panicked and told Kirsten that we HAD to go to the store right then, so that's way we did. Just as we were walking into the garage, Grandpa and Emily were just pulling in from special services at church. So we jumped in Grandpa's car and took off to the store. Tyrel got his tea and then it was decided that we would have strawberry shortcake for a snack. So Tyrel sent Kirsten off for whipped cream and I took off after her. 
That was an adventure in itself. *laughs* wandering the aisles looking and looking, going in circles.
Kirsten - "It seems like it should be right -- oh. it is." then we laughed at out ditsy-ness and ran off to join LaKaysha and Tyrel at checkout.

 blurry, I know. But do you guys care? *winks*

and Tyrel made me tea too, 'cause he's sweet that way 

after eating our wonderful strawberry shortcake, we went outside and sat around a fire. That's always fun *winks*

and then we went to bed. The next day was an adventure. But like I've said - that's for the next post *winks*


  1. That picture of Cormick's grinning face against the window!
    I think my heart melted right onto the floor. WHY are those two so cute?
    Enjoyed your post!


  2. So much fun!<3
    Those two angels! *cries* I wanna snuggle them...
    Gunner, my pal!
    That dog loved me... I miss him, too. *frowns, cause there's too many ppl I miss*

  3. I LOVE every picture!!
    THE TWINS ARE TO DIE FOR!!! <333333333

  4. LOVE! <3 It all looks and sounds like such awesomeness!
    Strawberry shortcake is so good! And the campfire looks fun. :D

    1. I'M SO GLAD! <3 It was such awesomeness! ;P

  5. That whipped cream was good at hiding­čśť

  6. Kirsten made some good cupcakes, didn't she? :)

  7. I'm trying to get caught up on your blogs. Loved all the pictures!

    1. Haha, I know, I post too much ;P
      Thanks :D


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