Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Trip // Pickity Place

Down a dirt road and in the middle of the woods, there's a little restaurant called "The Pickity Place". The adorable old house is where you are seated for your meal. You only have two choices of meals, but don't worry, the menu changes every month. *winks*
The best drink there is the Lavender Lemonade. *dies*

So. Grandma and Aunt Mary wanted to make sure we got taken to Pickity while we were visiting and it is a must if you're in the area *winks*
The day we went was hot. So hot. *laughs* While we waited for the dinner bell we walked around the gift shop to keep out of the sun. Finally they rang the bell and we were seated.

see the butterfly? 
(didn't get a picture of the soup) the salad. *wrinkles nose* not the best *laughs* not even sure what I was eating 
the main course. Everybody thought it was salty but I thought it was good. and yep, I ate the flower
the dessert. was pretty sweet, but still good!

After Pickity, I was gonna call my mom and just chat, but she was wasn't home, so I got a bowl of ice cream and sat in the cool basement to read. LaKaysha joined me and there we sat. Very relaxing. *winks*

taken to send to Mother 

When it started to cool down and I got bored of my book, I walked around outside all by myself. It was times like that when I missed the old swing up on the hill. *sniff* just one more thing I had to let go *winks*

After supper, me, Kirsten, and LaKaysha took a stroll to the library. There we checked out movies in my Grandma's name. The was the night we watched "Love Me Tender". *still dies every time I remember they killed Elvis*

Tyrel and Kirsten 'cause they are the cutest siblings ever
don't mind Tyrel's messy room *laughs*

And yet another amazing day in New Hampshire ended with music, writing, and reading while texting my mom. *smiles*


  1. Isn't Pickity fun? AND the house was once owned by Josiah's family. Makes it even cooler. *winks*
    You get such neat photos and make mine look awful!

  2. So fun! I've only been to Pickety Place once years ago... and yes my two kiddos are pretty cute, they have a good relationship that's for sure! Makes this mommas heart smile.

    1. It's a cool place :)
      I know, makes my heart smile too ;)

  3. I really enjoyed going and would love to go back someday! And that lavender lemonade is amazing!! :)

  4. That sounds like a fun restaurant! And lavender lemonade is something I think I'd like to try someday. ;)

    Ooh, I love your sandals! ;D

    1. It is! You should go if you ever visit NH again ;) it's so good!!!

      Thanks! I got a great deal on them! XD

  5. Yes, the lavender lemonade was so good! :)

  6. I so want to go to New Hampshire!
    I NEED to meet the twins!
    I have drank the lavender lemonade and it was good! <333


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