Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Trip // Just Another Day - Short Post


   This was the Sunday of the Special Services, and we stayed for both. Eating lunch and standing around between services. I was so tired and sore I hadn't heard a word of the first sermon, so I was sure to drink some coffee between the two, but it did no good - almost fell asleep in the second sermon anyway. *laughs* 
   We watched the twins between services, and those little guys are so cute!! *dies* I kinda felt like a was sleep walking... not sure why I was so tired, but I was. *winks*
   My cousins' grandpa died while we were out there, and this Sunday was the day of the Calling Hours. We were supposed to go to the other church to help make the meal for the family. But church went later than planned and my grandpa chatted more than he should've... so by the time we got there it was mostly all done. But I did wash some dishes and dumped chips in a bowl, so maybe I was a little help *shrugs* Oh, and of course I chased Cormick and Callen around so Mary didn't have to *winks*
   When that was done, we took Grandpa's car - stealing Janeya too . *winks* We got coffee, and headed home. There we stayed the rest of the day. *laughs* and can you believe it? I got basically no pictures from this day! We mostly did nothing but sit at Grandma's so not much to take pictures of I guess. For supper we ordered Pizza Haven. Tyrel drove, Kirsten went in and picked up our order, and LaKaysha, Janeya, and I sat in the car chatting *winks* 

 Calzone yummy-ness *hearts*

   After supper we sat around the small table my grandma has, and chatted. Then Tyrel had the brilliant idea to get pencils and papers so we could all doodle - and that's what we did.
a l l  n i g h t.
   That was when Tyrel showed me his drawings *hugs his sketch books, they're all so good* plus he taught me some drawing game he plays with his friends. He draws some random lines and I have to turn them into something. Then I draw random lines, and he has to turn it into something. It really makes you work your imagination! Tyrel has a way better imagination than me, he'd be like "oh a dragon", and I'm like, "another Elvis Presley?" *laughs* we did that until I was so tired I couldn't even see Elvis in his lines *winks* 

   When it got really late, we decided we should go to bed because we were going to Boston in the morning. Yep.


So, at one point before our trip, Kirsten mentioned something about maybe going to Boston one day while we were out there. I thought that was a great idea and tossed it around a bit. But when we got out there, I figured it would never work because at least one guy would have to go with us and guys work you know. *winks* And all our Saturday's were taken up. So I just kinda dropped it. Then Tyrel mentioned wanting to go, and BAM. We didn't even have to mention it to him! He came up with it on his own. And it was Mary who told Tyrel to just take Monday off, and it was settled.

So, are you looking forward to the next post!? *winks* 


  1. That was a fun relaxing Sunday even though we just sat at Grandma's😊

    1. It was those kind of days that I loved the most :)

  2. That food looks really good! That drawing game sounds fun. :D

    It'll be fun to read about your trip to Boston!

    1. The Calzone!? Oh it IS really good! <3333 makes me miss Pizza Haven ;P

      I'll try to get it up soon :D

  3. Sound's and looks fun!
    I LOVE to play that drawing game! <3
    Can't wait until your trip to Boston!

  4. Oh! Boston was SUCH fun!! :)

  5. I don't remember what me and Josiah did this Sunday *scratches head* Oh yes! We went out to supper after helping in the kitchen and then we sat at Grandma's too. Watched a movie but I don't remember what... Little Rascal's maybe?

    1. Haha. Your days kinda mesh together huh? ;P

  6. Somedays you need to just to sit around and relax!


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