Friday, June 9, 2017

Trip // The First Week

Honestly, those first few days are kind fuzzy. Like a dream or something. I was so tired after traveling and the time change. It took my body a few days to adjust. *winks*

Our first day there was also Emily's 19th birthday! I hope her day was wonderful. My grandma had a bunch of ladies over for lunch and I was e-x-h-a-u-s-t-e-d. The morning was just relaxing and getting to know the adorable twins. After lunch we decided to go for a walk and maybe it would wake us up. So we headed down the road, and decided we should have a destination. So we chose my great-aunt and uncle's - to see if DaNita was home or not. And it doesn't seem very far in a car. But walking, it's much farther. *winks* By the time we could see the driveway, we seen DaNita pull out on her way to work. She stopped when she seen us, and told us the house was empty. So we just missed her. *laughs*
We went into the empty house and just rested for a little while before heading home. The walk did do me some good, and I felt a little bit more awake. I think. I did feel like a was dreaming and I might just fall asleep on my feet. *laughs*

Back home, I finally got Callen to come to me. By saying, "Do you want to hear elk!?"
So he came running up to climb on my lap and I played elk videos over and over. Pretty soon Cormick wanted to hear too. And I got my first selfie with them both. *winks*

I think that first week was mostly relaxing at Grandma's and playing with the twins. I don't remember too much about it. At one point I cleaned the fridge for Grandma 'cause it was bad. *shudders*
We hiked a mountain... or what they call a mountain, one night - in the dark. That was fun. And cold at the top. *laughs*
One lazy morning, Kirsten mentioned a cubby hole she played in as a kid, and when I didn't know what she was talking about, she jumped up and ran to what I always thought was some sort of cupboard and climbed in. So I climbed in behind her, and there we sat for hours. Soon Felicity and Lakaysha joined up (Emily was out mowing the lawn) and that's when we made our grandparents come find us. Sometimes it's good to act childish. *laughs*

first of many, many Dunkin's
when you're on vacation, you can eat ice cream at midnight *winks*

Trips to Market Basket, or Dunkin's, chasing the twins around and getting lots of snuggles. The first week was mostly just relaxing at Grandma's and having a wonderful time. One night we played a game of Scrabble, and guess what!! I almost beat Tyrel!! I was so close!! But on the last turn, he came up with a better word and beat me by six points. *laughs* for someone who looses every games she plays, I did pretty good this trip. *pats self on back*

Jesse - LaKaysha, Frank - Me, Sacrilege - Tyrel, Audrey Hepburn - Kirsten.
Our first Saturday there was spent at Christian Outreach Church, helping my grandma with the Bike-A-Thon for St. Jude's hospital. That was really fun, despite the cold, cold air, and drinking an iced coffee - so clever. For the entire three and weeks and three days I had only brought my one sweatshirt. That wasn't warm enough on these really cold days. *winks* My grandpa ran back to the house and grabbed a bunch of coats and sweatshirts and made us wear them.
We counted the bikers and they drove by to keep track of how many laps each one did. Pretty soon we knew what number each kid was just by looking at them, and we'd have them marked down before the "yellers" yelled them out. *winks*
We took turns writing and yelling. It was a lot of fun. We had lunch inside the church after that because it was way too cold outside. Then it was back to Grandma's.

My uncle came over that night, and that's when Tyrel Michael played a trick on me. *laughs* We were headed to Dunkin's and he text me, "Get something for Marlon." So. I got him a coffee. Then walked in and handed it to him, and yeah... Tyrel was lying. *laughs* He's such a turd. But he paid me back and Kirsten drank it, so we got some laughs out of it. *winks*

yep. in the cubby hole again.

me and cousin Phoebe

The next day was Sunday and we all went to church. It was Mother's Day, so we were all sure to text our moms. *winks* After church we headed back home, and Tyrel took Kirsten away from us. *winks* Understandable, seeing as they are siblings and they do live 3,000 miles apart.
We ordered some food and ate it at home. It was just me, LaKaysha, and Emily there with Grandpa and Grandma,  Marlon and Brittany (w/ kids), and Mary and Amos (w/ kids, so of course the twins ;P).  Because Kirsten went out with her brother and his friend, and as for Felicity... *winks* we never did see much of her.
After lunch we text Kirsten and asked where they were. Turns out they were at Uncle Jonny and Aunt Darlene's playing VR. So we jumped in Grandma's car and Emily drove us over there. (not a vert big accomplishment because it's 2 seconds down the road and the easiest place to drive to, but we were proud. *winks*)
That's when Tyrel made me do VR. Before anyone else (besides Kirsten, of course). He just dragged me off the couch and he and Jeremy started putting things on my head. It wasn't working quite right at first, but once they got it fixed, the "elevator" doors opened up and I was on the top of a skyscraper with a plank in front of me. I could hear the cars and feel the wind (because they put a fan going *laughs*) and, guys, it was so scary!!! I didn't dare go out on the plank for the longest time! They had a real plank set up, and I had to actually step up to go out on the plank. It was the scariest feeling! I was shaking and could hardly keep my balance on the board. Then they told me to jump off. I thought they were crazy and refused. But. Tyrel pushed me like the awesome cousin he is. *laughs* Of course I landed on the floor, which you don't expect when you're in the VR world. I landed on my knees and I closed my eyes. So I didn't even see me falling off the building.
The best person to watch was LaKaysha. Hoho! She was the greatest! Never did leave the elevator. *laughs* I actually got a video of Tyrel picking her up and trying to throw her out, but she somehow hit the button to close the door without even meaning to. She did fly around the city (which is so fun!) but she wouldn't drop from the sky. *laughs*
After a while we did an archery game, which I was so bad at! *laughs some more*

This is Tyrel doing archery and almost whacking me in the face *laughs*
and that's Jeremy in the background

On Monday we went over to Aunt Mary's and cleaned her house and cooked a meal for a cousin who had just had twins. Mostly I watched the twins and kept them out of everyone's way. Oh those two! They melt my heart. *puddle on the floor*

Cormick <3
Callen <33

I believe it was that night that we hung out with DaNita and ran all over town. Got some beautiful pictures of the sunset at Cathedral of The Pines. But we'll save that for the next post! *winks*

Hope you enjoyed this one! 


  1. These are so fun to read! I'm enjoying visiting NH!

  2. Enjoyed once again!
    Eating ice cream at midnight... that sounds awesome. :D
    I so want to try one of those VR things! They sound like so much fun!!

    1. I'm so glad!! XD
      It sure was awesome!! I ate so much ice cream during those first two weeks there! ;P
      They are so fun!!! And scary *laughs*

  3. I am enjoying visiting NH with you :):)

  4. Fun fun!!! Great shots. <3


  5. Awe! That picture of me and the twins! Makes my heart sad. I miss them!
    Cute pictures!
    How do you remember so much? I can't remember details at all! I don't even know what I did out there anymore LOL

    1. I miss them so much!!! *sniff*
      Idk. I've always had a good memory and I wasn't distracted like you ;)

  6. Aw, I miss those little rascals! <3 *sniff*
    As for the VR, it was SCARY, ok?!
    When the doors opened, I backed up against wall and screeched like a little schoolgirl.... haha

  7. LOVED! I SO want to see the twins!!!! And I also want to use the VR things! <333

  8. Yes, my birthday was blessed. :D And it was so funny doing VR!


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