Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Gotta Love The '90s

There's nothing like a country song from the nineties. They just make you happy. Put a smile on your face, and the music makes you want to sing along. And the music videos are just the sweetest things.

songs like:

Leap of Faith by Lionel Cartwright

Be My Angel by Lionel Cartwright

Why is it that, with his 90s hair, he's just the cutest thing that ever happened? You can't help but love Lionel. <3

Walk on Faith by Mike Reid

This song just says "90s". <33

Daddy Never Was the Cadillac Kind by Confederate Railroad

Jesus and Mama by Confederate Railroad

For Crying Out Loud by Davis Daniel

Still Got a Crush on You by Davis Daniel

Till I See You Again by Kevin Welch

Ok. So I love this song beyond words, but the guy? *shudders* I can hardly stand to look at him!

Every Little Thing by Carlene Carter

I Fell In Love by Carlene Carter

I Try To Think About Elvis by Patty Loveless

Timber I'm Falling In Love by Patty Loveless

Wink by Neal McCoy

Young Love by The Judds

Grandpa by The Judds

Live Until I Die by Clay Walker

You're Beginning to Get to Me by Clay Walker

Livin' On Love by Alan Jackon

Little Bitty by Alan Jackson
This song! <33 When I was jus ta little girl, we'd go to my Great-Aunt and Uncle's house, and everyone would sit around, and they'd sing. This song - in my mind - has somehow become the "family's song". And, when I hear Alan Jackson sing it, and he says "a six pack of beer" I'm like, WAHT!? Then, I remember "six pack of 'Dew" isn't the original words. *laughs* but I love that we sing it that way. When I was little, Mountain Dew was THE best pop - according to all the "big kids". Now it's my turn to be the "big kid" to all those little cousins of mine, I tell them Coke is the best. *laughs*

Buicks to the Moon by Alan Jackson

Run by George Strait

Carried Away by George Strait

Watching Airplanes by Gary Allen

Man to Man by Gary Allen

I Thought it was You by Doug Stone

Little Houses by Doug Stone

Western Skies by Chris LeDoux

She Thanked the Cowboy for the Ride by Chris LeDoux

I would add more videos to this post, but I'm running out of time to right this before I leave on vacation. So, do me a favor and look up all the songs I missed. ;P

Do you love the 90s?
What did you think of these songs?


  1. LOVE!!!!!!! 💓💕 These songs bring back so many memories.
    Love, love, love! *Dies*

  2. Love the 90's! Especially Doug Stone and Patty Loveless!
    Just simple clean words and music :)

  3. I don't think I know any of these... I guess we're not as much of music people as others. ;P Well, I've probably heard some of these, like maybe Tell Me about the Good Old Days.

    I like the Patty Loveless one. ;D

    1. I really like that Patty Loveless song! And The Judds XD

  4. ... reminds me of my dating days!! ;) Great memories!! :) <3

  5. I really like Grandpa. It reminds me of a simpler time. :)

    1. I'm talking about the song...but I do really like both my grandpas too! ;P


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