Thursday, May 25, 2017

Gotta Love The 90s // Post Notice

So, on the 17th of this month, a post went up on my blog, but didn't get brought up in y'alls feed. So this post is here to let you know to go look at it!

Gotta Love The 90s 

I am still on vacation, and starting my last week here. How sad, right?
It's been great here, and I can't wait to tell you all about it!

Oh the moments on this trip! *laughs so hard I die*

I'm gonna share one with you just so you can laugh too, and so you can see what I mean when I say it's been great here!

Learning how to drive a stick shift and killing the car so many times, like *facepalm* 

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Gotta Love The '90s

There's nothing like a country song from the nineties. They just make you happy. Put a smile on your face, and the music makes you want to sing along. And the music videos are just the sweetest things.

songs like:

Leap of Faith by Lionel Cartwright

Be My Angel by Lionel Cartwright

Why is it that, with his 90s hair, he's just the cutest thing that ever happened? You can't help but love Lionel. <3

Walk on Faith by Mike Reid

This song just says "90s". <33

Daddy Never Was the Cadillac Kind by Confederate Railroad

Jesus and Mama by Confederate Railroad

For Crying Out Loud by Davis Daniel

Still Got a Crush on You by Davis Daniel

Till I See You Again by Kevin Welch

Ok. So I love this song beyond words, but the guy? *shudders* I can hardly stand to look at him!

Every Little Thing by Carlene Carter

I Fell In Love by Carlene Carter

I Try To Think About Elvis by Patty Loveless

Timber I'm Falling In Love by Patty Loveless

Wink by Neal McCoy

Young Love by The Judds

Grandpa by The Judds

Live Until I Die by Clay Walker

You're Beginning to Get to Me by Clay Walker

Livin' On Love by Alan Jackon

Little Bitty by Alan Jackson
This song! <33 When I was jus ta little girl, we'd go to my Great-Aunt and Uncle's house, and everyone would sit around, and they'd sing. This song - in my mind - has somehow become the "family's song". And, when I hear Alan Jackson sing it, and he says "a six pack of beer" I'm like, WAHT!? Then, I remember "six pack of 'Dew" isn't the original words. *laughs* but I love that we sing it that way. When I was little, Mountain Dew was THE best pop - according to all the "big kids". Now it's my turn to be the "big kid" to all those little cousins of mine, I tell them Coke is the best. *laughs*

Buicks to the Moon by Alan Jackson

Run by George Strait

Carried Away by George Strait

Watching Airplanes by Gary Allen

Man to Man by Gary Allen

I Thought it was You by Doug Stone

Little Houses by Doug Stone

Western Skies by Chris LeDoux

She Thanked the Cowboy for the Ride by Chris LeDoux

I would add more videos to this post, but I'm running out of time to right this before I leave on vacation. So, do me a favor and look up all the songs I missed. ;P

Do you love the 90s?
What did you think of these songs?

Monday, May 15, 2017

Beautiful Words // May

Humble and Kind 
Sung by Tim McGraw 

You know there's a light that glows by the front door
Don't forget the keys under the mat
Childhood stars shine
Always stay humble and kind 

Go to church 'cause your mama says to
Visit Grandpa every chance that you can 
It won't be a waste of time
Always stay humble and kind 

Hold the door, say please, say thank you
Don't steal, don't cheat and don't lie
I know you got mountains to climb but
Always stay humble and kind

When the dreams you're dreamin' come to you
When the work you put in is realized
Let yourself feel the pride, but
Always stay humble and kind

Don't expect a free ride from no one 
Don't hold a grudge or a chip and here's why
Bitterness keeps you from flyin'
Always stay humble and kind

Know the difference between sleepin' with someone 
And sleepin' with someone you love 
I love you ain't no pick up line, so
Always stay humble and kind 

Hold the door, say please, say thank you
Don't steal, don't cheat and don't lie
I know you got mountains to climb but
Always stay humble and kind

When those dreams you're dreamin' come to you
When the work you put in is realized
Let yourself feel the pride, but
Always stay humble and kind

When it's hot, eat a Root Beer Popsicle 
Shut off the AC and roll the windows down
Let the summer sun shine
Always stay humble and kind 

Don't take for granted the love this life gives you 
When you get where you're goin' don't forget to turn back around
Help the next one in line 
Always stay humble and kind 


Hey everyone!  I am on vacation, and most likely having a wonderful time! *winks* Since this is scheduled, I wrote it before I left to New Hampshire.
But I am going to be able to reply to your comments on my phone, so comment away! *laughs*

What do you think of this song? Ever heard it?

I love it! With all those weird country songs coming out these days, Tim McGraw really made me happy with this one. *grins*

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

T R E A S U R E D by Julia Ryan

When Julia told me she wrote a poem for my picture, I was already tickled pink. Then, I read the poem and I just melted!
Guys, it's beautiful! You just have to read it! I've never had a poem written for me before, and this one is just so perfect. Julia has an amazing gift. She took the feelings and emotions I feel when I look at this picture, and she put them into words! Not just words, but a poem. *hearts*

So. Head over to her poetry blog, read the poem, and let her know how awesome she is!

T R E A S U R E D by Julia Ryan - Twilight to Dawn

Thank you so much, Julia!  I love it so much, I go back and read it over and over! It's so beautiful, just like you. *hearts*

Monday, May 8, 2017

Silver Wings // Photos So Far - M A Y 2017

Tomorrow morning, at three-thirty A.M. (yes!! A.M!!) I will be leaving my house and heading to the airport. All five of us packed and loaded into the van.
And we'll board a plane, with it's silver wings - off we'll go on a very big adventure. *English accent*
It still doesn't feel real, but my cousin, Kirsten, is in town - our snacks are bought and  I BELIEVE I am packed. *looks doubtful at suitcase*
Today, I hopped on the four-wheeler with my younger sister, and took off. Something about going to New Hampshire that makes me want to "fly". *winks* Two years ago, when we flew out as a family - I drove that same four-wheeler the day before we left. *shrugs* must be what you do. *winks*
And here I am sitting, in a tank-top and capri's, eating ice cream and smelling like exhaust - THIS is what summer feels like. *sigh*

So. This will be my last post before flying away. I have three posts scheduled to go up while I'm gone, so you have those to look forward to. And I will be able to reply to comments when I'm away - as long as I'm not too busy. *winks*

And, guys, I'm gonna be gone at the end of this month, so there will be no photo dump. *sniff*
But, I did some pretty cool stuff so far this month, so I'll dump a bunch of pictures on you right now. *winks*

S O   F A R   T H I S   M A Y:

 This is no joke. It got SO HOT that day! And I thought I was gonna die! *laughs* 

 Writing out lists and getting everything ready to pack. 
just chillin' before bed. 
Our cousin, Danielle, just moved out here, and Friday night she text and asked if we wanted to go out to coffee with her. That was a great change in this dull life I live. Maybe Dullsville will turn into Funsville now that she's here? *winks* 
Felicity dug out her quarters, and bought me an Italian Soda. I decided to try a Frosted Mint Italian Soda - and it was so good!! Even if LaKaysha said it tasted liked toothpaste. *rolls eyes* 
Kirsten drove into town on Saturday, and we headed to town to get all our last minute things - including our snacks. Then we headed to "Buds" for Malts. I didn't buy one, but I got one for free. *smug look* Danielle, Kirsten, and LaKaysha all bought some, but it only took two blender-thingys to fill their cups. So I got the leftovers for free!! how cool is that!? They got Mint Chocolate Chip Malts. YUMMM!!! 
Kirsten's Malt - cause it was the cutest. *winks*
On Sunday, Kirsten wanted to hike Multnomah Falls, so after lunch, we piled into my parents van and off we went - with Kaysha and Roger leading the way, and Dustin (with Chancy and Kenyon) behind. It was quite an adventure finding a parking spot, but we somehow managed to find three - after a long wait in line. Then we headed up the mountain. 
 It's a pretty easy hike, paved pretty much the whole way. And just stay away from the edges and you should be fine. But my poor lungs could hardly could handle it. We had to rest quite a bit for me, and the boys weren't exactly thrilled about that. It's a busy trail with lots of traffic, and you do have to go to the edge to let people pass, so try not to look down. (I did get pretty dizzy, but no passing out this time *high five*)
 I made it to the top! All of us did. *winks* There was a lot of people on the overlook, but I just didn't take any pictures with them in it, so it looks pretty nice in these. *winks* Can't really tell high high up we were... but that's the parking lot down there ^^^
 me and Emily <3
 and with Kirsty <3
 the guys ^^^
 These steps are pretty cute, don't you think? (credit to Emily for the pic <33) and sorry that I look so tired - I was. ;P
it's all down hill from the top. *winks* And that mist from the falls sure feels good after that hike. (that was hard for me, but somehow the boys ran up and back down the mountain - no sweat!?)
Sweet Kirsten brought me the next book to the series I'm reading. (plus another series by Sarah Sundin) 
 our room looks like this - and we don't have Emily's luggage here yet. *nods* 
This is really happening!!!! *squealing* 

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Top Ten Adorable Couples // Swoonsville

Haven't done a 'top ten' post in a while. Why not do one now? And nothing gets more fun than sharing adorable couples with people! Picking ten is gonna be hard, but I think I can do it.
The trouble is -- do I want to do top ten real-life couples? Movie couples? Book couples? What!? Or just my top ten couples in general?

I think I shall do "couples in general".

Now to pick ten of them! This is gonna be really hard -- as I've said. I'm gonna have to rack my brain for adorable couples I've seen in my life. And I may not be able to think that much. I mean there's Disney couples, TV show couples, real-life couples.....*laughs* But here goes nothing...

Welcome to Swoonsville.

// Frankie Avalon + His Wife
When I heard that Frankie Avalon was married once, and is still married to her, I was like, ahhh!!! That doesn't happen often in the Hollywood world. And with their "million" kids, how adorable can you get? They are just so cute! Even though I know pretty much nothing about them. *winks*

// Felix King and Izzy Pettibone of Road to Avonlea
Oh, Felix and Izzy!! *dreamy eyes*
I seriously love these two! I used to watch whole forty-five minute episodes of Road to Avonlea just to see a two second scene of Felix making eyes at Izzy. *laughs* I am still mad that their romance gets cut off when the shows ends, but we still have all the adorable episodes about them. *hearts* When I was younger, I didn't like Felix much, I just loved Izzy and so they were my favorite couple in the show. (Gus can still melt my heart, though) But as I watched and re-watched all the episodes about them. Felix grew on me too. Especially in season seven. *winks*

// Tyrel and Drusilla Sackett of Louis L'Amour's The Daybreakers
These two melt me! I can hardly read The Daybreakers without becoming a puddle on the floor! *hearts* The book being through Tyrel's eyes makes it oh that much cuter. He's so sweet!!! And the fact that he's eighteen and she's fifteen when they meet makes them just even more adorable, I could die! And when he says, "I love the Senorita". *can't talk anymore -- I'm butter*
I see Dru as a small, Spanish Senorita with beautiful black hair. Yet, you can see the Irish come through. So pretty!
And Tye? Well, duh, he's the cutest cowboy that ever walked! With the cutest heart to go with his good looks! *winks* He actually dresses like a Spanish Vaquero with some of his American outfit mixed in, later in the book, and can you just imagine how adorable he must be!? *dies*

//Roy Rogers and Dale Evens Rogers
The cutest Hollywood couple ever! They were so in love, and they raised their kids together, while making a million other kids happy! They were just.... just.... *at loss for words by their cuteness*

//Bud Anderson and Joyce of Father Knows Best
*sighs* Bud. He's so sweet, and I believe that he marries Joyce, despite what the reunion movies may say. Joyce is perfect for him. She sticks by him through his mistakes, and they are just so in love. *hearts* Joyce is sweet and kind, with her pretty smile, and lovely voice. Not to mention her gorgeous dresses. *winks* The picture I have here for her is actually just the actress (Roberta Shore) in a western. I couldn't find anything else and I thought this picture was cute -- even though she does look somewhat different in Father Knows Best. *winks*
My favorite episode about them would probably be the one from season six. When they are going to collage and Bud thinks he's in love with his French teacher. *winks* And when he realizes Joyce is the one for him... *melts* Those eyes!

//Johannes and Meghan Verne of Louis L'Amour's The Lonesome Gods
Louis L'Amour sure knew how to make his couples just the cutest things ever. And if someone knows how to say Johannes's name, please let me know! He's half Spanish, so that will explain the name to you. *winks* And he's so in love with Meghan! From the very first day she walked into the schoolroom, he knew she was the one for him. Then... he's being chased into the desert, and she realizes that she would just die if she never saw him again. What does the crazy girl in love do? She runs into the desert to find the love of her life. A horrible decision, really. But she gets saved. I can't tell you who saves her cause that would spoil everything. But when she finally finds Johannes... *hearts*
On their journey home, more trouble comes their way and he has to send her off while he stays behind to fight. And you know what she says?
"But I love you!"
It's his reply that gets me every time.
"And I love you, but let's live to enjoy it! Now go!"

//Annie and Marty of Miss Annie Rooney
 I love this movie! I'm so sad that Netflix no longer has it. (or didn't last I knew)
It is so cute and funny and just wonderful. Shirley Temple and Dickie Moore are so cute in it! They did a wonderful job! I love how this movie shows the life style for the teens of the 1940s.
Such an adorable couple from an adorable movie! *hearts*

//Ariel and Eric of Disney's The Little Mermaid
 *giggles* I don't even know why I love these two so much. I haven't watched this in forever. But Eric has always been my favorite prince *hearts*
and of course I had to have at least one Disney couple on this list. *winks*

//Jim and Jessica of The Man From Snowy River
 *squeals* *dies* *melts* *and is otherwise in love with this movie*
Oh Jim!!!!! How you love Jessica. *hearts* And your accent!!!
guys. If you haven't watched this movie, sorry, but we can't be friends. *winks* Jim and Jessica are the cutest things ever, and when he saves her... *melts*
"Jessica!!! Jess!!!!" *Australian accent*
And. The below picture would also be perfect for Johannes and Meghan. But LaKaysha said you would all know it was The Man from Snowy River so of course I just put it here, but, I just had to mention how perfect it would be for those two. That may be Jessica and Jim down there with their "colt", but it very much looks like Meghan and Johannes with his black horse. *nods*

//Landon and Jamie of A Walk to Remember
 Can I cry? They are so sweet, and their story is so sad! *sobs* I can't even look at these pictures without remembering the horrible sadness of the movie.
"You are my angel." *sobs into LaKaysha's shoulder*

So there you have my list of random and adorable couples.

Did you have a wonderful time in Swoonsville? Come back soon!! *waves*

Do you agree with my list?
Love any of these cute people?