Thursday, April 6, 2017

That Tickle Belly of Excitement

This year has been wild. January was fine. Just a normal month. Then came February. I can't really say much, but it was a hard, hard month. And after all the tears, hurting, and pain was over I began to feel stuck. In March, I tried to get a job but it just wasn't working out, and everyday I felt more and more stuck. Like a stick, stuck into the bottom of a creek. Everything flowing by, and instead of going with it, I was sinking lower and lower into the mud. Pretty soon I felt like the creek was gonna drown me. And my want to visit my family in New Hampshire grew.
When my Grandpa had open heart surgery, that grew even more.

So. Last night, we did it. We booked three tickets out to New Hampshire, and we will be gone for 3 weeks and 3 days!! THREE WEEKS AND THREE DAYS!!!!!! *dies*

After we booked them, I was shaking like crazy! What are we doing? Flying all the way out there without our parents? Staying out there for almost a month!? What are we thinking!!?? But I am also so excited!! Naturally, my grandparents are tickled pink that we are coming. *winks*

My cousins also booked tickets to fly out with us, but won't be staying as long. So, the five of us will be flying together, and IT'S GONNA BE SO FUN!!!! How can I wait a month!?

Well. I'll tell you how I can. This month is gonna be so busy, it's gonna fly by and the next thing I know I'll be on a plane looking down on you all!

My Great-Grandpa died, bringing family from every corner of the United States. So, this week has been full of visiting, singing, laughing, and seeing all those wonderful Great-Aunts and Uncles I never get to see anymore. This weekend is the Calling Hours and funeral. And we're also getting together with family some more 'cause my uncle is coming and he hasn't been here in 10 years! (since my Grandma died)

Next weekend is Easter. I bought an Easter dress, and am waiting for it to come in the mail! So hope it fits! Ordering online always makes me so nervous. *winks*

Then my parents leave on vacation, and six days after they get back? I'LL BE FLYING OUT!!!! XD

All those in-between days will fill up fast with shopping, planning, and helping my dad get orders done before he leaves.

This is gonna be a crazy month, but THINK OF ALL THE FUN I'M GONNA HAVE!!!!! Eeeeekkk!! You know that tickle belly you get when you're excited!!?? I hope it never goes away. *laughs* XP

You guys remember my 2017 Bucket List? On it, I had "Visit my grandparents in New Hampshire" and "Try a Grinder". And of course I can't go to NH without doing both! XP

I also had "Go to the Memorial Day Campout" on that list. I will be missing that because of this trip, but I am okay with that. As long as Kirsten isn't mad at me? *looks at Kirsten, begging* ;P

We're gonna have so much fun! We'll take lots of pictures, and... *freezes up at the thought of flying*

Oh I'm so 'cited!!!!!!!!!!!!  and scared. *winks* 

Ever book your own flight tickets? 
How will my grandparents put up with five girls!? *laughs* 


  1. So exciting!! :D I guess we'll both be flying "alone" (without parents) soon. We leave to the beach in 5\6 days! Vacations are so fun. :D

    1. Yeah!! We're wild children aren't we ;P
      HAVE FUN!!! XD

    2. Haha! Although we ARE almost adults, so... time for adventure! xD I guess I still have a year and a half, but close enough. ;P
      YOU TOO! =D

    3. I suppose... XP
      "Adventure is out there!" ;P

  2. I hope you have so much fun! You better take a TON of pictures of the twins!
    (I so wish I could go) Eat lots of good food, and get a Dunkins slushy thing for me! <333

  3. Fun fun! You girls are going to have so much fun and there is plenty of room for you all at the grandparents! A steak and cheese grinder with extra mayo and pickles is the best!

    1. I was thinking I'd get a steak and cheese, but I don't know about the extra mayo and pickles. ;P

  4. I can't believe we are doing this!!!! *gasp* *eep*
    SO excited!!



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