Monday, April 24, 2017

Photo Dump // April 2017

I know, this photo dump is a little early. But I'm probably gonna be busy over the next two weeks. Getting ready to go on my trip, and scheduling posts to go up while I'm gone. I'm gonna be gone for so long, and I wouldn't want to leave you all for that long. *winks* So I'm gonna schedule all my regular posts. Like my "Beautiful Words" post. So don't worry, that will still be coming out. *winks*

So. Time for the Photo Dump!
I don't know about you, but I've waited all month to do this. It's so fun! *laughs*

 here we have a relaxing night before bed. *grins*

 and a beautiful Spring day! The tree at church in full bloom.

 It's always fun to start a new Louis L'Amour *winks*

 and now we come to that wonderful week of being with my wonderful family. here, they are practicing for the funeral.

 I thought this picture turned out really cool. looking through the window into the music room.

 everyone just having a wonderful time.

 Roger, O'Neal, Eunie, and "Big" Darlene making beautiful music to fill our hearts.

 I liked it best when Jed joined them on the violin. ^_^

 Where there's love, there's room. Heading back to the church from the graveside service. *laughs* how many girls can you fit in one "bus"?

 DaNita, Kaaren, and Felicity enjoying the family time.

 and yes, I got snuggles with Kaaren too!

 After the funeral was all over, we headed to Grandpa's house to hang out. Jonathan hadn't been here in 9 1/2 years, so of course he wanted Rocky's Pizza! (yep, Marita has Lando's hat)

 Now Jonathan has the hat? *laughs* It was wonderful to see that uncle of mine! *wishes I was more bold and gave him a hug*

 Everyone's there at this house for the first time since Grandma died! Doesn't my mom have an adorable family?

 How many cameras does it take to take a family picture?

 why am I so attached to this house? this picture made LaKaysha and Marissa sad. They said it needs a poem to go with it. Too bad I can't write worth anything. *laughs*

Such cute little cousins! <3 

climbing the memory tree and remembering all those years we climbed that tree and it was our "house". I had carved in the tree somewhere but I couldn't find it.  


here's my $50 sweatshirt that I got for $16. It's so cute! <3 

never realized how amazing honey is until we didn't have it for months!! 

I finished this book now and am on to the second one. Loved it! <333 

this was the day I got everything I needed for my trip *winks* 

Easter morning. I sure didn't feel like my Easter outfit was very nice, then after church Evelyn says to me, "Daminika, you're pretty." *heart is puddle on the floor* 

playing Marrying Mr. Darcy *grins* 

LaKaysha runs outside to take pictures of her gorgeous view *winks* 
I don't know how those little cousins of mine did this, or why I kept it, but it does look kind cool? 

my outfit last Sunday. 

after church and riding with "Bobby" <3 

Well, there you have my month. *winks*

Did you enjoy? Have a favorite picture?
How was your month of April? 

Friday, April 21, 2017

What's Up in Your Life? // He's Alive

Wow, guys. It's been a while since I've been on here. We got a new computer and now it's much easier to do this. Our laptop was so annoyingly old. *winks*

I've been super sick and am finally well enough to walk around for a little while.
Not long after that wonderful week of being with family, we all got sick, and we're finally on the mend. I never got sick until Monday, and when it hit me, it hit me hard. I was down for three days. Dizzy, fever, headache, cough, sore throat, weak, and just plain gross.
Tuesday morning I almost didn't make it in the house from my bedroom. I was trying to make it to the couch, but I got as far the kitchen when I realized if I went any further I'd pass out. So I sat down where I was. I started to feel all the blood rush from my face and my mom made me lay down. She got me something to drink that would help, and I then crawled to the couch. And there I stayed most of the day.
I'm still dizzy, which is why I can't walk around much still, but my fever is gone! Yesterday I managed to babysit some little cousins. I may have been exhausted when the day was finished, but the fact remains that I did it. *winks*

My mom and dad were to go up to The Ranch and help my Grandpa pack it up, and to say good-bye to the wonderful place -- for real this time -- but my mom got sick too.
So plans were changed. Liberty had really wanted to say bye to The Ranch, but it just couldn't be helped. But I am very glad that my brother got to go up there with Grandpa. I know this trip will mean a lot to him.
And me? Well. I've said bye so many times, and my last memories of that place are so wonderful. I didn't want to go up there and see it empty. I want to remember as it was. Maybe I'm weird. I don't know.

I bought everything I needed for my trip and I'm counting the days till we leave!!! *still can't believe we're really going* It's really not as far away as it seems. My parents leave in less than a week! And six days after they get back I leave!
I was right about this month flying by. It's already the 21st! I never had time to help my dad in the shop. Which I do feel bad about. I guess I'll just have to work extra in June. I'm gonna be gone most of May, you know. *winks*
Okay. I'll admit it. I'm attached to my parents and younger siblings. I am a little worried about being gone from home that long. But hey! This trip is gonna be awesome!!!!
I'm gonna meet the twins! It doesn't get much more awesome than that. *winks*

And now a news flash! I'M WEARING SHORTS!!!!!! *wishes I was strong enough to dance*
How cool is that!? It's actually really warm out! Summer is on the way. *puts on sunglasses*

How was Easter for you all? I actually had already celebrated Easter on Palm Sunday because that was when all the family was out here. Easter morning I was starting to feel pretty sick, but I had bought a dress and everything! So I went to church anyway.

I always like to listen to this song around Easter. I know, I'm really late but whatever. *winks*

I hope you all enjoyed this little update on my life!
What's going on in your world?

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Beautiful Words // April

why is it easier to pin on pinterest
than it is to write that paper

why do i pick apart your flaws
when mine are staring me in the face

why do i text
and not call

what makes a donut taste so much better
than the green beans in the garden

how come swimming for exercise is a blast
but jogging that mile is a pain

what's wrong with your way
when mine is just as wacky

how come i can remember to charge my electronics
and feed myself
but forget to recharge my spirit
and feed myself the living Word

what makes going to sleep easy
and waking up hard

why is netflix more enjoyable
than reading my bible

who decided these things
and why do we let them dictate
how we go day by day

stop being normal
and start being abnormal

something happened
i think normal is broken 

written by JULIA RYAN  

Here I am, doing my "Beautiful Words" post for the month! Thanks so much, Julia, for letting me use your poem!! <333

Last week was so crazy, with the funeral of my Great-Grandpa and all. Every night I went somewhere -- starting Tuesday, and I almost never got home before midnight. It was actually an amazing week, even if I was exhausted when it was over. *winks* All those late nights really got to me.

But being with my family made me happy. All those people who moved away from me. <3
Just hearing their voices and seeing their faces brought a smile to mine! *grins*

The singing... singing those hymns will always make us happy, won't they?

LaKaysha did a blog post all about this, so how 'bout I just leave a link to her post so you can read it? Because she's much, much better with words. I do have some pretty cool pictures from the week, but I shall wait till my photo dump to post them. *winks*

A Funeral, A Family, and A Legacy - Calico and Lace 

And now that it's all over, and I can get serious about shopping and planning for my trip. *grins* I already bought an adorable sweatshirt. *checks off my list* It's so soft and warm I might die! And I got an amazing deal on it! Regular $50, and I got it for $16!!! HOW COOL IS THAT!?

I have a few more things to get before I'm ready to go... less than a month now!! Just think. At this time next month, I will be in New Hampshire. With Grandpa, Grandma, Mary, the Twins, Kirsten, DaNita... Eeeeee!!!!!!! *must stop screaming*

Thursday, April 6, 2017

That Tickle Belly of Excitement

This year has been wild. January was fine. Just a normal month. Then came February. I can't really say much, but it was a hard, hard month. And after all the tears, hurting, and pain was over I began to feel stuck. In March, I tried to get a job but it just wasn't working out, and everyday I felt more and more stuck. Like a stick, stuck into the bottom of a creek. Everything flowing by, and instead of going with it, I was sinking lower and lower into the mud. Pretty soon I felt like the creek was gonna drown me. And my want to visit my family in New Hampshire grew.
When my Grandpa had open heart surgery, that grew even more.

So. Last night, we did it. We booked three tickets out to New Hampshire, and we will be gone for 3 weeks and 3 days!! THREE WEEKS AND THREE DAYS!!!!!! *dies*

After we booked them, I was shaking like crazy! What are we doing? Flying all the way out there without our parents? Staying out there for almost a month!? What are we thinking!!?? But I am also so excited!! Naturally, my grandparents are tickled pink that we are coming. *winks*

My cousins also booked tickets to fly out with us, but won't be staying as long. So, the five of us will be flying together, and IT'S GONNA BE SO FUN!!!! How can I wait a month!?

Well. I'll tell you how I can. This month is gonna be so busy, it's gonna fly by and the next thing I know I'll be on a plane looking down on you all!

My Great-Grandpa died, bringing family from every corner of the United States. So, this week has been full of visiting, singing, laughing, and seeing all those wonderful Great-Aunts and Uncles I never get to see anymore. This weekend is the Calling Hours and funeral. And we're also getting together with family some more 'cause my uncle is coming and he hasn't been here in 10 years! (since my Grandma died)

Next weekend is Easter. I bought an Easter dress, and am waiting for it to come in the mail! So hope it fits! Ordering online always makes me so nervous. *winks*

Then my parents leave on vacation, and six days after they get back? I'LL BE FLYING OUT!!!! XD

All those in-between days will fill up fast with shopping, planning, and helping my dad get orders done before he leaves.

This is gonna be a crazy month, but THINK OF ALL THE FUN I'M GONNA HAVE!!!!! Eeeeekkk!! You know that tickle belly you get when you're excited!!?? I hope it never goes away. *laughs* XP

You guys remember my 2017 Bucket List? On it, I had "Visit my grandparents in New Hampshire" and "Try a Grinder". And of course I can't go to NH without doing both! XP

I also had "Go to the Memorial Day Campout" on that list. I will be missing that because of this trip, but I am okay with that. As long as Kirsten isn't mad at me? *looks at Kirsten, begging* ;P

We're gonna have so much fun! We'll take lots of pictures, and... *freezes up at the thought of flying*

Oh I'm so 'cited!!!!!!!!!!!!  and scared. *winks* 

Ever book your own flight tickets? 
How will my grandparents put up with five girls!? *laughs* 

Saturday, April 1, 2017

A Peek Inside My World // Memories

Memories -

-of swimming at Grandpa and Grandma's (W). The water was so cold that our lips would turn blue, and I was so scared nobody was aloud to splash while I was in the pool -- and nobody was happy about that. We'd swim when the water was green, we'd swimming when the water was fresh. There was no ladder most of the time, so we'd get picked up to the edge, and there we'd sit -- trying to see who was the bravest. Who would go in first. And if somebody touched me, I thought I would fall in, and start to cry. It's like when you're in a tree, and somebody walks under you and grabs your ankle. *screams* DON'T TOUCH ME! *laughs at the memory of Colten's reply, "how do you want me to help you down!?*

-of waiting at the airport for our flight, eating snacks, looking out the windows watching the planes come in, playing in the plane that was there when I was kid.... Tyrel was always the pilot.
me and DaNita 

-of walking around Walmart for the first time, having no idea where we're going when BAM, there's Hunter Hayes' face on a poster... *blink blink* "THAT'S Hunter Hayes!? If I didn't know better I'd say Austin lives a double life..." How can two people look so much alike!? (Austin is my cousin for all you people who don't know ;P)

-of waiting and waiting for the big kids to be done watching their movie while at the ranch. Then when they finally get off and we try to go watch a movie Grandpa says no... "But Grandma said yes!" - "Grandma always says yes." LOL! Love you, "Papa"!! <33
Me and "Papa Jon" *laughs cause I never call him that he's, Grandpa thanks*

-when we had a gallon of licorice, we were home alone, it was raining outside, Marissa was starting a fire with pine-cones making it cozy inside, we were watching "Pendragon", when suddenly Kimberly slaps the counter and yells, "WHERE'S MY LICORICE!!??" and were realized we ate the whole gallon... *blink blink*
me and Lando at the ranch

-of being in New Hampshire in the winter and the snow was so deep I couldn't walk because I'd fall through to my waste, and one time I did and couldn't get up. I sat there all day, watched the kids play around me, and when it was dark and they all went in I started screaming. My mom and dad sent tiny little LaKaysha out to get me and my leg had been in the snow so long it froze there. I cried and cried, LaKaysha  pulled and pulled, and finally we got it out. *shudders*

-I used to switch movie cases around because we were all too young to read, so when we wanted to watch "Robin Hood" it would be "The Sound of Music" and everyone would groan, "DAMINIKA!!?" *laughs at the memory of my silly giggle -- which I sometimes still have if you get me to giggle just right*

-I also would put all the marshmallows from the Lucky Charms into the Cocoa-Puff box to confuse people. Why I liked to trick everyone, idk.

-of playing Hang-Man in the basement of my aunt and uncle's, crowded on the couch, and laughing our heads off with those cousins that we hadn't seen in years. They still make me laugh. ;P

-of being a flower girl in Auntie Mary's wedding and getting my picture taken with Cousin Laban.
me and Laban

-of "hanging out" for the first time in NH, we went to Shell and got free pizza, then we went to get gas, and a cousin flings the car door open just as Roger pulls up by us and WHACK!! Then we take off to walk around the cemetery in the dark, when we get there we realize that she never put the gas cap back on and it flew off on our way over there. So we all jump back in the cars and retrace our tracks, driving real slow looking all over the road, and yes we found it. *winks*

-us kids, "Can we watch a movie?" 
-Grandma or a mom, "A short one"
-us kids *weighs the VHS in our hands* "This one's lighter, we can watch it." 
(and if you don't believe me that this works, try weighing a VHS version of "The Sound of Music" and an episode of "The Lucy Show" or some other 25 min. TV show -- you can feel the difference)

-when you used to jump off a window to "fly" and you then see the window again and it's like two feet tall... How did I even stand up in that!?
Me and "Grandpa Corn"

-dropping stuffed animals down a vent at Grandpa and Grandma's (S) because it just opened up into the basement.

-of playing school "Above-the-Garage" at Grandpa's

-of watching movies (such as "Wild Hearts Can't be Broken", "Father Murphey", or "Little House on the Prairie") in Chet and Carla's bedroom -- on their big, fluffy bed or slippery hope-chest at the foot of the bed.  *laughs*

-of drawing a chalk town with all those awesome cousins.

-when your phone is on the foot of the bed and LaKaysha crawls into bed, kicks your phone and it falls between the wall and bed... once somethings down there you ain't ever gonna get it. So I freak out, LaKaysha laughs and pulls the covers over her head, I have to drag her out of bed, "YOU are getting that!!" we got some wood from the shop that was like 10 feet long and awkwardly try to drag my phone out. We got it magically. *laughs*

-believing that if you went into the slide at McDonald's you'd end up either being bitten by a rattlesnake or dying from some deadly disease. *shrugs* and we don't have rattlesnakes here

-LaKaysha "break dancing" in the snow in front of our great uncle's house. *shacks head*

-Felicity's reaction when she realizes that the guy she saw at the store didn't just look like an actor. *nods*

-of laying in the hammock, pillows and blankets all around, kitty snuggled up by me, and reading Mandie books. Sometimes LaKaysha would join me and we'd take turns reading aloud, laughing as we do voices and ad-libbing. *laughs at the things we'd say*

Duh, I have many more memories, but this post is long enough I think. *winks*