Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Photo Dump // March 2017

Ending another month? Really?
This month, was... idk. I don't remember much about it! *laughs*
At the beginning of the month we visited my aunt and uncle -- probably the best weekend of the month. *winks* (see that post here)
And spring came! With it's random beautiful days in the midst of all those rainy ones. Summer is getting closer and closer.
I worked a couple days this month. We're still not sure if that job is gonna work out, but it was nice to make a few extra bucks. *winks*

And now, here's the Photo Dump for the month:

Got these in the mail this month. The beautiful dog-tags, in memory of my Great-Grandpa. I wear mine a lot. (wearing it right now, actually *winks*) The rubber part ripped, so I had to take that off, but whatever.
 After I worked that first time, I was kinda stressed from such a hard day, and I took it out on the pantry door. *winks* 
This beautiful diary took all my money,but hey! It's amazing! I can't wait to write in it!! *grins*
 This local coffee shop sure is great! *winks* I hadn't been there in a while, and the "Mustang" sure tasted good on that rainy day! *grins*
 Don't look too hard at that. ^^ thanks. 
 My "giant doughnut" I made. It was a pretty good cake. *winks* 
One random Saturday morning, the girlies of the "gang" met at Shari's and had breakfast together. That sure was fun, and relaxing. Afterwards, we walked around stores and just had fun. *winks* 
 Then and now -- me and Auntie Marissa. *winks* 

 Ready for church. Watcha think of my outfit? (you can't tell, but the boots are brown)
 The pretty night sky -- one good thing about having to go outside to get to your bedroom. 
Spending a beautiful day with the goats and an iced coffee
 A chocolate bunny. *winks* 
 received this in the mail. *winks* 
 Done working, and very tired. Went to Burgerville afterwards and got a milkshake!! 
 The outfit I wore last Sunday. 
Life is peaches and cream when you have an adorable baby cousin like Joshua!! 

Well, there you have it! Not much of a photo dumb this month, most of pictures were from that first weekend, which I already shared. *grins* 

Next month Easter is coming!! Plus my parents fly to NH to visit family. *smiles* 

Have a favorite picture? 
Plans for next month? 

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Dress to Skirt // Bragging Up The Sis

Any of you guys remember this dress? The one that Felicity found at an antique store and had LaKaysha alter to fit us. Well. It is no longer. It was so old that it kept getting ripped under the arm. LaKaysha sewed and sewed the hole, and finally she gave up. She was gonna throw it away, but look at the beautiful skirt! So I told her to just remake it into a skirt. I'd definitely wear a skirt like that!  

So she took it, and with just some clipping and stitches we had a skirt. It's so lovely! 

And now -- the skirt! 

Please ignore the odd face I am making ;P

Isn't LaKaysha skilled!?
Would you wear this skirt?

Monday, March 20, 2017

Spring, Spring, Spring!

Today is the first day of spring. We made it through the winter, and yesterday I saw the first sign of spring ^^^
It was a beautiful day, and I got to wear my sunglasses!! Still pretty cold outside, but the sun was shining, and for a while there we had the windows down on the way home from church! 

We went for a walk down a lovely country road, and it was just beautiful. Some said it was a little cold, but to me it was perfect.
A slight nip to the air, the creek singing it's song, little Evelyn skipping ahead with her hand in LaKaysha's.

I am sure more cold weather is just around the corner, but it's officially spring, and from here on out it can't get nothing but warmer -- working it's way to summer! Oh to wear shorts, sit around a fire, gaze at the stars, sing a song or two! Drive around with the windows rolled down, eat ice cream on the swing, walk to the park and enjoy the creek! Doesn't it all just sound wonderful!? 

But first we have spring. The chicks are chipping out in the garage (and I hear them all night *winks*). 

Doesn't that make you wanna sing?

Who else is excited for spring? 

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Beautiful Words // March

Was this to be the end? Here in this high, rocky country above the desert? Had all my dreams and plans come only to this? To die here, alone, killed by my enemies? Had all the sacrifice of my father and mother brought me only to this? 

Yet I fled not in fear but to find a better place from which to fight. The odds were against me - how great I did not know.  Many times before, I had run with my friends, the desert Indians. My breath came evenly and strong; the rifle was heavy, but I would need it. 

A mile, another mile. Thicker, taller, rougher rocks, great crags jutting out, trails that dipped between them. Topping out on a ridge among some rocks, I glanced back and saw them coming, single file, issuing from a narrow place. I counted six, and more followed behind. 

"You want a chase," I said aloud, "I will lead you one." 

~Louis L'Amour, The Lonesome God's

Doesn't that make you wonder what is happening? Who is he running from, and why?  Can't you just feel the rocks under your feet as you run alongside Johannes? Feel the weight of the heavy rifle?
Don't let the title scare you. You have to read this book! 
Starting when he's six makes it a really long book, but his whole life is a great big adventure, and as he grows older you want to know what will happen next. And, I've said it before, but Louis L'Amour's writing is so beautiful!

I realized it was about time for my "Beautiful Words" post  and I couldn't think of what to put. Then I was remembered this quote that I had sent LaKaysha was I first read it.

So I used it. I hope you enjoyed it, even though I've used quotes by Louis L'Amour before. *winks*

So. here we are in the middle of March. Wow, the days are going fast!
As LaKaysha said in her post , we may have a part time job cleaning. LaKaysha has been sick so I went and cleaned without her. And it was hard, scary, overwhelming, and stressful. But I did it, and made some money. Like LaKaysha, I'm not overly excited about this job.
But it's not for sure yet, so we'll have to see how it goes.

I hope you all have a wonderful rest of March! *grins*

Did you enjoy the quote?
Want to read the book now?

Friday, March 10, 2017

Hangin' With Cousins // Last Minute Trip

There's nothing like a weekend with cousins. 

So I packed my bag, we piled into the van and headed up to see Auntie A and Uncle T.
We had four hours of driving ahead of us, we sat back to enjoy the ride.

 (taking pictures while your going 70 (mph) down the freeway can be hard *winks*)

Look at that! ^^^ As much as I love my mountains and trees, this view is pretty! Or is that just me? *winks*

Me 'n Little Sis. Getin' kinda bored in this van. *laughs*

Finally we made it!
Kirsten took us on a tour of their new house. During which I wore her boots. Aren't they beautiful!?

And of course Kirsten made us tea. <3
and we enjoyed it while sitting around in the living room, doing absolutely nothing, and having a wonderful time!

Sometimes I think it's illegal to be that cute. ^
Little Kaaren got lots of hugs and kisses over the weekend. Poor baby. *winks*
But she's way too adorable! I don't know how we managed to leave her when the weekend was over!

Kirsten made us Lamb Chops for supper that night, and it was so good I could've cried!
My very first time having lamb, and I have to admit I was a little scared. But goodness! It was the best thing I ever ate!!

Us girls stayed in the trailer, and that night we hid away in there to watch a movie while drinking Pop. We watched "Roman Holiday" starring Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn. My very first Gregory Peck movie.
I went to bed that night thinking that it was the cutest movie ever, and it ended so wrong!

The next morning of course I got snuggles from Kaaren! (please! I want to eat her!)
After showers and all that stuff, we hopped in Kirsten's Jeep and headed to town. Just to "bum around".

Had Chinese for lunch, and man oh man, it was good! Yep. Definitely going back someday.

After lunch we just walked around and went into random places that looked cool. That was fun. I haven't walked around town much, even here where I live. We mostly just drive. Lame people, I know.
Oh! And guess what we found!! We found what Annette Funicello would've called a "Record Hop"!! How cool is that!? It was actually connected to comic/ used book store, and it had a coffee shop in it. So of course I bought a record!

Don't mind the silly-looking me. Just look at LaKaysha and Kirsten. They're cute. *winks*
We found an antique shop, and spent hours there looking at all the cool stuff! *grins*

To add to the adventure, we tried "Gelato". It's really good and if you ever get to chance to try it, you must! I didn't buy any, but ate some of Kirsten's and LaKaysha's.

And here's the record I got. It fits right in with my collection, and I love it! I've been listening to Patty Duke on Pandora for a while now, and I'm as happy as can now that I own a record of hers!

That night, Kirsten had planned to take us bowling, but when we got there the bowling ally was closed. So we "demanded" that the boys go with us, and we headed to McDonald's to hang out. I hadn't been there in... forever!
Even though I enjoyed my milkshake, I do feel bad for you people who don't get to have Burgerville milkshakes. *winks*

*whaps Shiloh for blocking "the bro"*

The next day was our last day there, and Auntie Missy and Uncle Mikey came down to visit. So fun to see these cute little girls playing happily together. ^^^

They sure have a lot of sky over there. *winks*

yeah. I love shadow pictures. What can I say?

We walked to the town store, and I bought some Coke and a coffee. It was a beautiful walk, and I enjoyed it. The wind was a little chilly, but that was why I bought the hot coffee. *winks*

Back across the river, and heading home.

It was a wonderful weekend and I look forward to heading that way again someday! *grins*

I hope you enjoyed this post!
Felicity got better pictures from the trip, so head over to her blog and see her post about it! Just click here.