Monday, February 20, 2017

Why Don't I Have That!? // Disney Movies

Is there a movie that you just love, but you don't own? And you just can't figure out why you don't. Cause you love the movie to death, and watch it every chance you get, and can quote it backwards. But still it's not on your shelf... and when you think about it you just want to scream, "WHYYYY!!!???"

Yeah. Anyway.
Here's a list of movies that make me feel that way. *grins*

// Hot Lead and Cold Feet

This movie. Oh this movie.
Why don't we own it!?
When I was little, we rented it from Hollywood Videos and fell in love. We would sit for hours and listen to LaKaysha quote it. She'd do all the voices, and we'd laugh our heads off.
Everytime my mom and dad would go to get a movie, we'd be like, "Can you get us Hot Lead and Cold Feet!? Please!!??" And a lot of the time they did.
Now we still love it, can still quote it -- plus sing the theme song -- and we still. don't. own it.
I was thinking about buying it once... don't know why I didn't?

My favorite part about it is Jim Dale. He's simply amazing! He plays the entire Bloodshy family. The father and the twin brothers. And each character is completely different! He does it so well. (and have you heard him sing "Sugartime"? *dies*)
This is also starring Don Knots. *winks*

This movie is about twin brothers - Eli and Billy Bloodshy. (my favorite is Billy. *winks*)
Mr. Bloodshy wants to get his sons together, so he pretends to die. Both Eli and Billy grew up thinking they had no siblings.
When Eli hears that his father is dead and he has inherited a town in the West, he leave the Mission he works at and heads out. Taking two children with him. Along the way he finds a young lady who is also going to Bloodshy-- to be the schoolteacher.
When they get there, they find that it's a wild town with no church or school -- and Eli has a twin brother.
Eli decides to stay and fix up the town. But that won't be so easy with a brother like Wild Billy.
And in the will of their father, it says they must have a race to see who gets the town.
It's a funny movie, and in the end Eli does fix up the town, while also finding a friend in Wild Billy. And duh, he ends up adopting the kids and he gets the girl. *winks*
(I always felt bad for poor Billy. He doesn't get a girl)

*Random Quote* "Rattlesnake! He's here! I know he's here. And he knows I know he's here. But he doesn't know I know he knows I know he's here, but I know -- so I got the edge." 

// Freaky Friday (1976)

This movie is. So. Funny! And I have no idea why we don't have it? I love the theme song...
"I'd like to be you for a day..." 
It gets stuck in my head and plays over and over. I remember one time we went into the mountains and the whole time I was singing it... poor cousins probably got so annoyed. *laughs*
I've watched this many, many times. But now I think I would have to buy it if I wanted to watch it again. Our library doesn't have it. *rolls eyes* When will they learn?
Whatever. If I ever do buy it, I won't complain.

I feel like some people probably already know the story of this movie 'cause there was a remake in 2003. I have never watched that one and don't ever plan to.
The original just can't be beat.

In this movie, the daughter and mother switch places for a day. And naturally that will make for lots of trouble and laughs. *winks*

*Random Quote* "He's neat. Not cool neat -- neat neat. He's so neat it's revolting."

// Westward Ho, The Wagons!

So. This one I have only watched once. But that was all it took. I now know we just need to have it!
I can't remember much about it. Except I loved it, and was on the edge of my seat the whole time. *winks*

Obviously, it's a movie about a wagon train going West. And it's Fess Parker, so that alone should convince you. *winks*

*Only watched once, so no random quote*

// Saving Mr. Banks

And this movie. It's like a must. So. Amazing. And sad. And happy. You hate it, but you love it.
Do I even have to tell you guys about it? You all know the story, right? Even if you've never watched it?

Tom Hanks was such a lovable Walt I could cry. Makes me wish I knew the real Walt. And I could hug him.

It's about the making of Mary Poppins, and not only that, but also the story behind the book. Which is where the sadness comes in. I cried when I first watched it. But now I think I can handle it. *winks*
And The Sherman Brothers!? *sighs* They were amazing! The music they wrote! And the soundtrack for this movie? *dies*
Whoever played Dick and Bob did great!

It's simply the greatest. *grins*

*Random Quote* "If you so much as step one foot in here with that trolley, I shall scream. One cannot live on cake alone!"


Well, there you have it.
Disney movies that we don't own are hard to come by, that's why the list is so short. *winks* If we don't have it, my grandpa does -- our personal movie library. *winks*

Have you watched any of these?
Are you now going to watch the ones you haven't?

P.S The banner is made from a picture of my chocolate malt I had a week or so ago. Isn't it the cutest!?


  1. I haven't watched any of these, but they all sound interesting! :D

    The header IS cute! =D

    1. Really!? Not even Saving Mr. Banks!? :D
      My favorite on this list is Hot Lead and Cold Feet. In fact, I put in on hold at the library and I'm going to go get it today. ;D

      Thanks. =D

    2. Nope, I haven't. ;P Maybe I should see if my library has any of them... ;)

  2. Well, I never! I haven't seen even one of these!

  3. I've watched, "Freaky Friday" "Westward, ho the wagons" and "Hot Lead and Cold feet". :D

  4. I've watched em all! And I enjoyed em all! ;)

  5. I have watched " Hot Lead and Cold Feet" and "Saving Mr. Banks"....I actually don't remember much about either :P :)

  6. I love 'Hot Lead and Cold Feet'! LOL
    It's amazing that Jim Dale is English...When he's 'Billy' you can't even tell!
    'Saving Mr. Banks' is such a sad movie, with wonderful acting. <3
    I always enjoy watching it. :D

    1. I knoooww!!! He does the western accent soooo well!!!!!!! ;P

  7. I haven't watched all of these, but I've heard of most of them. That counts for something, right? :P I've watched one for sure and the other I can't remember if I actually watched it all the way through or not... ;)

  8. I never watched any of them. They sound cool!~Kylie


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