Thursday, February 23, 2017

When You Have a Million Cousins

When you have a million cousins like me... 

-There is always someone to text when you're feeling blue. 

- Always someone to do stuff with. 

-Always a silly memory to laugh at. 

- Always someone to wink at when you're bored.

-Always someone to take funny selfies with. 

- Always someone to drink an Arizona with. 

- Always someone to buy you coffee. 

- You'll never run out of people to hug.

- You'll never manage to go anywhere without at least one.

- Always someone to wear cowboy boots to church. 

- Always someone to melt your heart. 

- You'll never have to eat ice cream alone. 

- You'll never have to eat anything alone. 

- There's always someone to carry you when you break your foot. *winks* 

- If you haven't been embarrassed in awhile -- they'll take care of that. 

- Always someone to shout out a random fact. 

- Always someone to look cuter than you.

- Always someone to go on a walk with. 

- Always a reason to smile. 

- Always someone to laugh at you and think you're weird.

- Always someone to text randomness. 

- They never see the shy side of you.

- and there's always someone to miss.

I love you ALL! 

P.S. I've been thinking about posting a music video I made of our trip to the Ranch last year. 
Would y'all like to see that?


  1. Aww love...But I am not a cousin;) Yes post it! <3

    1. Aunts are cooler than cousins, anyway. ;P

    2. Yeah! You still count in for the coolness ;)

    3. *pats Felicity on the back*
      What she said. ;D

  2. What a lovely post! And yes, family is so wonderful! :)


  3. Fun times, cuz! Especially when you broke your foot;) Nothing funner than a broken foot

    1. Oh yes. That was so much fun. ;P
      (it's weird 'cause it really WAS kinda fun... in a way weird way ;D)

  4. this is just too cute <333 and YES I WANNA SEE THE VIDEO

    1. oh thank you! :)
      Really? It's not that cool or anything. Just thought you'd like to see a peek into our trip. :) I'll try get that posted one of these days. ;P

  5. Aw, loved this! Nothing like those crazy, wondeful people we have in our lives. ^_^

    1. Oh, yes, and that pictured of me with you and Emily is awful. I hadn't really slept the night before and you can tell! *slaps face* :P ;)

  6. Really loved this! Our family is the BEST!! ^_^ <333 AND YES POST THE VIDEO!!

  7. Really enjoyed this post!! We are SO blessed! Whatever would we do without all our cousins?! ;P