Monday, February 27, 2017

Photo Dump // February 2017

Is it time for another photo dump already!? Where did February go?
This was pretty hard, and I don't think I'll ever want to see the second month of 2017 ever again.
But of course, in the midst of all the pooh, there were the good moments. Ones that make me smile real big, and people think I'm crazy.
I had some good laughs, especially yesterday. Goodness! I don't think I've ever laughed so hard on my life!
I'll talk more about that when we get to those pictures, ;P

So, here are some random pictures from my life this past month. :D

When you're making cookies (this recipe) and your brother grabs your phone and says, "We need a selfie." *laughs* best bro ever.
 Just chillin' with tea at Auntie and Uncle's.

 How I end my day. When I have time. *winks* You know how busy life can get.

 Huckleberry Finn. My kitty. Just cause he's cute.

My outfit I wore to LaKaysha's surprise party.

Sweet cousin, Emily, bought me a coffee when we were running around town before the party.

 Getting ready.

 And my food. Kirsten says I should've put coffee in my cup before I took the picture. That probably would've been smart.

Ridin' home in the rain and dark after a day in town with sisters, cousins, and aunts.

 Used up the last of my Christmas present from Kirsten.
A blended salted caramel coffee! *dies*

 On LaKaysha's birthday a couple of us left our Grandpa's house to run down to "Bud's" to get ice cream. I wasn't planning to get anything but when I seen the malts on the menu... How could I not!?
And look how beautiful it is! My very first malt and it was AMAZING!!! <3333

And this is "Bud's". I put the quotations because it's no longer called that, but we're creatures of habit. Isn't it just adorbs!!!?!?!?!? (I have sat at the counter, but as you can see, there was people there so we were like, "yeah, no." *winks*)
 babysitting the cute little cousins. Walking Jubal outside to keep him happy.
 a random picture of the back of my head. *laughs*

A beautiful day. Reminding us that spring is finally coming!!

Olive Garden with the gang. <3

 No, I haven't forgotten "Father Knows Best", but I've learned to love "My Three Sons" just as much. Even if my family doesn't. (we actually got Felicity to sit down and watch one episode with us!!)

 listening to music and sanding the pantry door.

 Doodling in my brothers room and listening to an old tape.

The Louis L'Amour I am still working my way through. It's so long! And life has been busy. It's a well loved book, and is falling apart, so it's kinda hard to hold. *winks*

Sitting in the swing and enjoying to sunshine. 

While Felicity takes LaKaysha's birthday pictures. 

 eating carrot cake and just chillin' *winks*

 after grocery shopping my mom took me to try out the new pizza place in town.
I liked it a lot. Better than Uncle D's, but definitely not better than Rocky's. *winks*

 my masterpiece on the pantry door. *grins* that was a lot of work.
this is what "chilling with the sis" means. *laughs*

 I was bored, so I took the time to curl my hair with my wand. I took a picture to prove that it actually curled. But it did fall flat real fast. I will never get my hair to stay curly!

 My Aunt and Uncle from out of town came to stay with us this past weekend. (actually, they left today) Here, I am sitting on the porch swing with Emmeline. Such a sweet talkative little cousin. *squeezes her*

 Our pasties cooking in the oven. *grins*

 a random picture of our kitchen light. I don't know why.

 lunch after church. *grins* (Emmeline's grin the background *laughs*)

After Burgerville, we took these gals to Walmart. I think we made their day! And Emmeline almost killed me with her cuteness as she ran around looking and commenting about every little thing!
On the way home, she fell asleep. It was so cute when she woke up! One second she was sleeping and the next she was like, "Guys I was so tired!!!!" *laughs*

 This is what we laughed our heads off at! In the above picture, I'm walking on the moon. *winks*

But this is when we laughed. We were taking turns "going on a roller coaster". Some people were screaming and almost passing out!! I couldn't breath I was laughing so hard!! *laughs at the memory*

Well, there you have it.
I hope you enjoyed!

Did the end of February sneak up on you too? 
Have you ever used VR Vue Goggles? 


  1. I LOVED this post!! Yeah the end of February just snuck up on me!
    And as you know I used the VR Vue Goggles! It was so fun! Everyone said that I almost fell over! <333

    1. ;P You did. It was sooo funny! bahahahahahaha!!!!! ;D

  2. I really want that malt. Actually I want anything with ice cream;) And why is your brother so strangly identical to mine? Except mine steals my phone and takes videos of me looking annoyed;)

    1. Ice cream is da bomb.
      I DON'T KNOW!!! It's like creepy! Do you think my brother could be a double of yours? ;)

    2. Maybe your brother is a double of mine;)

  3. I know, February went by SO FAST!

    Wow, what you did on the pantry door is really good! My attempts don't seem to turn out that good. ;P Writing on chalkboards is so hard!

    That pizza looks good! I like all the food pictures. ;D

    Those goggle things sound so cool! My little brother just told me that my older brother has one...? Like, WHY wasn't I told of this?! ;P It sounds really cool though. :)

    Enjoyed it all! =D (And I like that you use a picture of your calendar for the header picture!)

    1. YES! It's crazy!!

      Thanks! =D Yeah. It was hard. ;P

      It was really good! :) Yeah. Food pictures are fun. I took a picture of my food at Olive Garden, but it didn't get uploaded for some reason!? I was so mad when I realized it! How did I miss that!? Anyway, it should be up there now. ;P

      Yeah. They are pretty cool. I did one, but my ride ended up being a boring one. Shucks. I didn't feel like I was there.
      That was so mean of your brother not to tell you! Yell at him. ;P

      I'm glad! (I thought it was a clever idea ;P)

    2. OOHH that Olive Garden food looks so good!! =D

      Haha, yea, I don't even yell at him. He's too nice. ;P Except for not telling me about that. LOL!

    3. It was!! =D

      Yeah. It's hard to get mad at people who are so sweet. ;P

  4. LOL! this is great. I always look forward to your photo dumps xD


    1. You do!? Awwww!! XD

      Food is so amazing! ;P it was all so good! =D

  5. You're phone takes such nice photos! *pouts because mine STINKS*
    I just love little Emmy! She was so stinkin cute with her grin and her loud gasps. 'Guys! Look at this!'

    1. *pouts cause, yes yours sinks*
      I couldn't stop smiling when she was with us!!! LOL

  6. Our bro is "number one"!
    Wait, wait... I had no clue you took a photo with my feet *gasp*
    it was SO much fun taking Mikayla and Emmeline to Walmart!
    And we did have some laughs *wink*

  7. i love your photo dumps so much!! and olive garden yaaassss

    1. Thanks, girl! <3 Olive Garden is the best!! ;D

  8. I should try out that pizza place...someday... ;)

    You did a super good job on your pantry door. Sorry, I didn't say anything to you in person. I thought it was really nice, but I'm not very good about actually complimenting. :P

    I'm so glad we took the little girls with us when we went to Walmart! They really enjoyed it. :D

    Yikes! You put a picture of me wearing that ridiculous head gear! ;P

    1. Oh you should! You can get salads there too, if you don't want to cheat. ;P

      Well, that's alright. Thanks for thinking it though. ;P

      Yes! It made MY day, not just theirs. XP

      You're the cutest thing that ever wore a ridiculous head gear. ;P


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