Sunday, February 12, 2017

Celebrating the Sis

Today was my sisters 19th birthday. And because of this hard time in life, I'm sure she feels like it sucked. Despite our efforts. Like going to her favorite pizza place and taking her to "Bud's" for ice cream -- it was kinda a sad day.

So let's make up for that by wowing you with her awesomeness!!!! 

All I have time for right now is to just dump you with pictures of her awesomeness, sorry. *winks*

 her and Felicity in Disneyland.

 at The Ranch. *grins*

 Me and her... just because we thought it was fun to take pictures. *winks*

 It doesn't get much cuter than that. :P

 Singing... *hides face* I can't believe we did that!

 She was seriously the coolest kid! ;P

 hahaha! Her "yelling" at Felicity, Felicity "shoving" her, and Marita has no idea anything is happening! =D

 our matching sweaters!!

Here she's helping build our tree house. ;)

This is me, LaKaysha, and Lisa at the beach in California... I still can't believe Lisa is getting married this summer!

Our dog pulling the covered wagon we made.

Me and LaKaysha, just chilling in our dad's pickup while they went fishing. We were kinda bored, so you can imagine the pictures we got. *winks*

LaKaysha with... Chase? I think. *winks* Yeah, it must be Chase. I know it's not Konner, that means it's Chase. *winks* Babies seem to like her for some reason.

On the way home from visiting Kirsten. *grins*

Sitting in the grass at Grandpa and Grandma's in New Hampshire.

Here she's driving the four-wheeler at the Ranch while I take odd pictures in the back. *winks*

hope you enjoyed! =D


  1. I loved all the pictures!! :)

  2. Enjoyed this! :) You guys were such cute little kids. ;)
    We have that same little guitar, by the way. Unless we got rid of it now. ;P

    1. We were? Awe, thank you! :D
      Ours got kinda beat up, so we don't have it anymore. ;P

  3. I enjoyed this! Loved all the pictures!!! <3

  4. Replies
    1. You're welcome! *hugs back* <3

      By the way, I tagged you for the Q & A Tag, if you interested in doing it. :)

    2. Ooh! I can't wait to do it! Thanks! =D

  5. Haha some these.... *hides face and wants to die*
    :P ;)
    Thanks, I like you, too. ;)

  6. Love that one of LaKaysha "playing" the guitar. :)


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