Saturday, January 21, 2017

Beauty To Me // There's a Reason

The snow covered my world for as long as I could stand. I began to wish for summer.
For sun to shine down on my world and take away the snow.

Then it started to rain - downpour really. And within one day the snow was gone and the beautiful world I knew came back. And I realized I don't need summer to be happy. I just wanted to be able to get in a car and drive somewhere with no fear of ice. I just wanted to be rid of this cabin fever, and start to live again. And with the rain came my life.

The rain pattering on the roof, the sound of it running down the gutters at night - it's beautiful to me. I grew up with it. It's something I know. Something I love. People think I'm strange for loving such a thing. But I love the rain falling down to water our world - make the flowers grow and keep us from having a drought again in the summer.

Then a rainbow came. God's beautiful promise across the sky. And I loved the rain even more. Rainbows are so beautiful - I could just stare at them forever.

I live in a beautiful place, but most people don't see it that way.

No matter the time of year - I find beauty in it. The snow covered mountains in the distance when we're driving to church, the bare trees in the fog of the morning, the sun shining down on a green field in the summer, and the rain making puddles on the road...

And it's moments like those that I am glad I am alive, God made me, and He put me here in this beautiful land.

We shouldn't wish away the season we're in - weather it's spring, summer, fall, winter, or even a season in life.

God made this moment for a reason.

And I'm talking to myself here, too.


  1. AMEN!! And beautiful pictures!! <3

  2. Very true, we should try to be content in any situation. :) But that's nice that the snow finally melted! *confetti* ;D

    I agree, it is beautiful there! :)

    Me and Shantelle have been babysitting our cousins overnight. We brought them to our house today, and it was SO nice to be home, because yesterday was such a long day! ;P It's funny how wonderful home can sound when you're sitting somewhere else, bored. ;)

    Anyhow, yes, enjoyed! :)

    1. Yes. Even though it can be hard. :) I know! *spins under confetti* ;D

      It's so beautiful here sometimes I could cry. ;P

      Oh. Yeah, home sure can sound amazing when you're just sitting around somewhere else, bored out of your mind. ;P

      Thanks! =D

  3. Aww...The sound of rain is like music! So true! Even if I was sick of snow I am thankful we had it! Now I am just excited for our rainy season to be here!! ;)

  4. Awe, love <3
    Beautiful pictures and yes, so very true!

  5. I loved this post <3 Enjoyed the pictures. ;D
    Yes we live in a beautiful place!

  6. All true! :) God has a reason for everything.


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