Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Beautiful Words // January

by Louis L'amour 

Snow in the sky, 
    Earth turning white -- 
A tree like a ghost
    In the gathering night;
Low clouds above,
    White world below -- 
Barn roofs and houses
    Covered in snow.

Deep in his burrow 
    The 'possum is huddled,
Far in the bushes
    Snowbirds are cuddled,
The creek in the morning
   Coldly will gleam, 
But I've got a fire, 
    A book and a dream. 


Each month I will be picking a quote, poem, or Bible verse that I think is beautiful, and sharing it with y'all. 
I wanted to wait till around the 20th to post this since I just did a post two days ago- but this went so wonderfully with today, that I just had to do it! 
Another snow storm has struck our home and we had to postpone the gathering that was planned for tonight (shucks!), I was sitting by the fire, reading (a Louis L'Amour book *winks*) and drinking coffee while the world becomes freshly white - the poem just went perfectly with the moment! So I snapped a couple pictures for this post, and decided to just do it! Maybe next month I won't do it so early in the month. *winks* 

 Even though this isn't part of my monthly "Beautiful Words" posts, I want to share a quote that I've found beautiful so far in the book I'm reading. 

"Do you know that Western land? Do you know the far plains and the high, snow-crested ridges? Do you know the beaver streams, the water laughing in the bright sun? Do you know the sound of the wind in the pines? The cloud shadows on the desert's face? Have you stood on the high ridges and looked fifty miles across the country, country known only to Indians, antelope, and buffalo?
    "Have you crawled out of your bedroll in the chill of a spring morning with the crisp air fresh in your lungs and the sound of running water in your ears? Have you started a fire and made coffee, and broiled your venison over an open fire? Have you smelled ironwood burning, or cedar?"
 ~Louis L'Amour, To Tame a Land 

(that was a pretty long quote, but it was so beautiful I had to share *winks*) 

And now -- back to my book! 


  1. Hmmmmm.... someone likes Louis L'Amour ;) ;) hehehe!!

  2. It'll be fun to see your "Beautiful Words" posts each month!
    The poem and quote are both nice... Louis L'Amour's a good writer. :)

  3. I enjoyed the poem and quote :-)

  4. I really like the poem! And that quote really brings a picture to mind. :) :)

    1. I know! They're both so beautiful! *sighs* ;D

  5. I just LOVE Louis L'Amour's way with words... So romantic and dreamy, but so simple and clear.
    There will never be another author like him. <3


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