Monday, January 2, 2017

A Peek Inside My World // My Movies

My first post of 2017!! *claps* Who else stayed up till midnight on New Years Eve? We tried to pass the time while watching "Follow Me, Boys" - and I have never known that movie to take so lonnng!! But when it did finally get to about midnight, we "all" (my parents and older sister were in bed) went outside, let a balloon go, and when it was 12:00 we all were standing on our right foot (because we had to start the year out "on the right foot"). All the neighbors set off fireworks and the whole world "blew up". Because of all the snow the last storm left on the ground, it was really bright when all those fireworks reflected. It was really cool! *grins* and then we went to bed... kind of a boring thing to do, but for some reason it was hard to stay up that long! I don't know why, because midnight is only half an hour longer than I usually stay up??

Anyway! Let's get on with this post! Not sure if any of you even care about my small collection of movies, but I'm going to share anyway. *winks*

Let's just start with the "boring movies" of my collection... I have "I Can't Believe I'm Crocheting In Motion", "Crochet Stitches In Motion", and "I Can't Believe I'm Knitting In Motion". It was from these videos that I first learned how to knit and crochet.

I also have the three "Mandie Movies" - "Mandie and the Secret Tunnel", "Mandie and the Cherokee Treasure", and "Mandie and the Forgotten Christmas". My favorites are the first two. I really like the Christmas one too... but that girl just isn't Mandie!
All three were Christmas gifts to me at one point.

Here I have "The Widow's Might" and "October Baby". Both these movies I bought for myself at some point.
I bought "October Baby" after I watched it and just loved it. I had to have! So, when I found it for really cheap at the Christian book store, I just couldn't pass it up. *winks*
"The Widows Might" I bought after watching John Moore's second movie ("Ace Wonder"). I ordered it and had never watched it before... buying a movie that I've never watched is just scary for me. But it was really good!

Here are the two only Disney movies I own. Crazy that a Disney-crazy person like me would only own two, but that's all I got. (hey - my parents make up for it with the "millions" of Disney movies they have *winks*)
Both these were gifts to me... *gasps* by the same person!! *laughs* My cousin, Kirsten, bought me "Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken" for Christmas and "The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band" (and yes - I call it all that, though it can be a lot of work *winks*) for my sixteenth birthday.
I grew up watching "Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken" at my great-aunt and uncles. But it wasn't till a few years ago that I re-watched it and "fell in love".
And as for "The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band"... I had always wanted to watch it when she bought it for me. I love it! It's my favorite Disney Musical! *grins*

My TV shows!!!!! *drum roll*
You all  know that I have the first season of "Father Knows Best", because I said so in my post about Christmas. You know that my brother bought it for me and I just think he's the sweetest thing ever for it! (I also thought he was the sweetest thing before he bought me my favorite show *winks*)
"Ozzie and Harriet - Favorite Memories" was also a Christmas gift at one point - from LaKaysha. Because no TV show collection is complete without Ricky's family. *winks* (and I just have to add that I am still mad at them for not releasing that show in seasons yet!)
"Hogan's Heroes" I bought for myself. It was when my cousin, Kimberly came to visit for two weeks. She has a crazy effect on people and at one of out trips to Walmart - there was that show. The show that I had never watched before but knew it was one of my grandma's favorite shows. It was cheap - and this was back when I could just "throw money away" because I had a job. So I soon found myself at the self-check, dropping in quarters to pay for it. I don't think I ever wouldn't done it if Kimberly wasn't there to give the idea of doing something "crazy". *winks*

And this wouldn't be much of a movie collection if it didn't have at least one VHS! *cries because I don't have more*
"Meet Me In St. Louis" is my second favorite musical! (because "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" is my favorite) I ordered this used, and was so afraid it would be too old to play clearly, but it's a really good VHS tape. *winks*
I just love this movie!!!!

There you have it. Small and boring, but I plan to keep this collection growing.

What do you think of my movies? 


  1. Enjoyed! I didn't realize I have quite a few movies myself until I seen yours!

  2. AND you forgot to add, I DID manage to crawl out of bed long enough to watch the fireworks!

  3. Replies
    1. oh, and I also did climb out of bed and put wood into the fire right at midnight :p

  4. I had been sleeping on New year's Eve, but I was up feeding Joshua when I heard fire works going off and Dustin taking off on the four wheeler to spin some "cookies" :-D

    1. :D
      Spinning cookies into the New Year sounds cool! =D

  5. I stayed up until midnight on New Years Eve! :D We were at our aunt and uncle's finally doing our Christmas party... and we ACTUALLY stayed there until 2017 arrived. ;P My uncle shot a gun when it turned 12. ;)

    I think the first two "Mandie movies" are my favorite too. ;) The first actress was just better.
    Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken and October Baby are both movie I really like! :D

    1. That sounds like fun! =D

      Yes, she was ;P
      I LOVE them both!!! =D

  6. It was pretty awesome when a soon as midnight came, the whole sky lit up with fireworks, and guns starting going of... It was so cool!
    You have way more movies than me... (which isn't very hard to do)
    But hey, I own 'Geronimo' and 'The Great Escape' so all's good. lol

    1. Oh my, goodness! So sorry, people! That was me commenting, but I forgot to sign Daminika out! hahahahaha I'm dying over here. lol

    2. Lol ... I read the comment and was wondering why it sounded different than Daminka. You girls each have your own writing personality... ;)

    3. I was so confused when I seen it - I was like, "I don't remember writing that!?" ;P :D

  7. Haha! I was confused reading that comment too! I was thinking that it sounded like LaKaysha, but it said that Daminika posted it and I was SO confused. Dustin had to point out the next comment to me. ;) :P

  8. I always liked "Seven Brides for Seen Brother's" when I was your age too.


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