Thursday, November 16, 2017

Thankfulness Thursday || Week Three

Thursday again? Time sure does fly when you're having fun. *winks* though, I don't know if I'd say this week has been fun. But, definitely not a bad week. I got a lot of stuff done, even my one day of work. Not to mention all the stuff for the wedding that got done this week. (above pic ^^^)
Thanksgiving is coming up fast! And I can't wait. Josiah flies in Saturday night. Kirsten comes Wednesday night. And guys, the shower is the next Saturday. I hope we're ready. *crosses fingers*

Alrighty. On with this weeks list of thankfulness. *grins*

  • Snail mail. snail mail for sure. the writing of the letters, getting the envelopes ready to send (aka doodling on them), getting letters is the best though. I love it <3 also, packages are fun. *still waiting for my bridesmaid shoes to show up, and i'm holding my breath* mystery packages can be fun too. *winks at the few people who know what i'm talking about* 
  • Amazon Prime. 'cause this wedding is going to be amazing thanks to you. 
  • Hot Glue Guns. they keep our wedding decor together *winks* 
  • Raindrops on my face. I'm always thankful for the rain. 
  • Yummy breakfast. 
  • Messages from friends. they make my day that much brighter. But it would be even brighter if they were right here in front of me. *winks* 
  • Beautiful views. 
  • My kitty. her name still makes me giggle. 
  • Ice cream. I've been craving rainbow ice creams for days now. But I have no idea where I could find that flavor. 
  • Thanksgiving. around this time of year we always think about all the things we are thankful for. But have we ever stopped to be thankful for Thanksgiving itself? It's one of my favorite holidays 'cause I love getting together with family to eat, and think about all the wonderful things in our lives. And this year I vow to NOT stuff myself to the point of sleeping on the couch. *laughs* 
  • my diary. I started a new diary a couple months ago, and life has been so busy that all my entries have been short and to the point. But. Sometimes life gets that way. But I'm thankful to have a place to go to when I need to just breathe. Ponder life, and clear my brain. 'Cause my brain can get so full you guys. Especially these past few moths. *lets out breath* With so much going on, sometimes I just need to take my diary, put some music going, sit down and talk to my diary. I know we always say that nobody knows what you say in there, but that's not true. God knows. Somehow that makes writing so much better. 
  • little cousins. weather they're right in front of me, or just in videos and pictures, those little cousins keep me smiling and make my life complete. *sending air hugs to Chase and Kaaren* 
  • home-cooked meals. there is no better way to start your evening than with a warm home-cooked meal and everybody sitting around the table. <3

well, those dishes won't wash themselves.
also, gotta get ready to do some shopping for the wedding. *waves*

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Beautiful Words || November

L I N E S    T O    A    S E A S O N 
by Louis L'Amour

How quietly the year has passed away 
Into that nothingness from whence it came, 
And now the slowly drifting days are gray
Like powered ashes near a dying flame;
The maple trees bewail their fallen crown
And autumn trails away like at dawn ---
The grass has faded to a dusty brown, 
And I am lonely for a summer gone. 

Each sunset tinted leaf is like a day 
Blown from the tree of unrelenting years, 
Leaves fall, and flowers die, lives float away, 
And we are bitter now, with unshed tears. 
A dying sun is setting through the gray --- 
How quietly the year has passed away! 

I find this beautifully sad. Louis L'Amour has a way of doing that. I can't even begin to explain how beautiful this is <3

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Thankfulness Thursday || Week Two

Another week has passed by. And it's now time for another Thankfulness Thursday post! 

  • wood-stove. to lay by and feel all cozy, with a good book, a cup of tea, and hear the rain outside. it's a beautiful feeling. <3 
  • siblings. I have a different relationship with each one of my siblings. and they mean the world to me. built in friends. if it wasn't for them, I'd be so lonely. 
  • smiles. guys, I love to see people smile. and I love it when I realize I'm smiling and don't even know it. So many times this week I have been asked, "what are you grinning about?" and me being the person I am I say, "I don't remember". *laughs* but really. moments like that make me smile even bigger. 
  • food. 'nuf said. 
  • memories. I've been told I have a really good memory. and I'm definitely thankful for that. when I get lonely or sad, I re-live the wonderful memories I've made in my life. Bowling till midnight. the wind in my face as we drive up the 30-minute-long driveway to Grandpa's Ranch. the monkee walk in boston. riding around in Kirsten's jeep, with the top off, drinking watermelon Italian Soda, and, oh, the jeep hair.  dancing in the rain. the swing at Grandpa and Grandma's (in NH). riding around in "Nellybelle" and singing at the top of my lungs. laying on the couch at Chet and Carla's. riding Buzz, all memories of that horse are wonderful. doing hair on Thanksgiving day with cousins, aunts, and music. the funny things my cousins say and make me laugh. learning to drive a stick. oh the trips to the store to buy Arizona's, LaKaysha counting heads, Tyrel telling her everybody was there, Dustin walking through the store yelling "The bus is leaving in five minutes!!", then we'd all pile our stuff on the counter and point to one person, "they're paying". 
What are YOU thankful for this week?

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Movies I've Watched Recently || T A G

I was tagged by Kylie @ Kylie's Simple Life for the Movies I've Most Recently Watched Tag.
So here we go.
M o v i e s   I' v e   m o s t   r e c e n t l y   w a t c h e d: 

|| Rogue One
I've never watched any other Star Wars movies. But I really loved this one for some reason. *winks*

|| The Bourne Identity 

|| The Bourne Supremacy 

|| The Bourne Ultimatum 

|| The Bourne Legacy 

|| Jason Bourne 
Watched all the Bourne movies. I was sad when it was over. And Jason Bourne would NOT be my favorite, in case you're wondering. I liked the first three way better. And as for The Bourne Legacy... it was interesting, but I missed Matt Damon for sure. *winks*

|| Father Knows Best 
*giggles* I haven't mentioned this on my blog in a while, but that doesn't mean I don't watch it anymore. *winks*

|| Disney's Big Hero Six 
one is NEVER too old for Disney. *whispers* I almost cried.

|| In Old Cheyenne (Roy Rogers)

|| Alone Yet Not Alone 


And there we have it!
I hope you all enjoyed this list. *winks and sticks our tongue*

I tag: 
Natasha @ Simple Things 
LaKaysha @ Calico and Lace
Marissa @ Hidden Treasures 

Must be movies you've watched most recently (one month) though I kinda broke the rule. 

Have fun! :D 

Saturday, November 4, 2017

18 Year Pics || No Words

P.S. I updated my About page! Check it out!
it's a completely new page, so the comments from before are gone. 
but there were only two... so new comments on that page would make my day!

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Thankfulness Thursday || Week One

Grace Anne, over at Totally Graced is doing something called "Thankfulness Thursday" for the month of November.
I seen that she did it last year, but by the time I came across her blog it was the end of November and too late to join.
I know my life has been super busy, but I really want to at least try to do this this year.

So, I'll just dive right into this, and you can click the links if you want the details about it. *winks* 

  • my job - I know, I only work once a week, for two and a half hours. It's not much. But I'm making a small amount of money (and I used to make none!), that really helps with my sister getting married. I would never say no to standing in a wedding, but let me tell y'all - YOU NEED LOTS OF MONEY. I love my job. I just clean. But I enjoy the quiet time, the drive there, the drive home. Yesterday I was actually mad that I live so close to where I clean - the drive is just too short. *winks* 
  • my phone. I know, it seems like I shouldn't be thankful for something so odd. But I am. Without my phone, I got along fine, that is true. But now I can talk to my cousins way more, even though they don't live near me. They make my life complete. My relationship with my dearest cousin has grown so much since I got my phone. I don't know how I ever lived without her <3 
  • leaves. all the beauty of fall. <333
  • Music. Wedding planning can be stressful (not to mention the shower!) but music helps me de-stress. 
  • yarn to knit with. It's been way too long since I've had the pleasure of actaully sitting down to knit. It's so relaxing. I had no yarn, and I was dying to make some washcloths. Then my aunt ordered some from me. <333 Now I've been knitting every chance I get, and I'll also be making some money from it. Talk about awesome. *winks* also, I'm in love with the yarn she got. 
  • friends. I used to think I was friendless. But I've been finding out that that is the most untrue thing I've ever thought. I have so many friends and I love them all. <3 thanks for sticking with me, guys. 

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Photo Dump || October 2017

Where did October go!?!? It just ran away so fast, we didn't even know it was leaving. Then BAM, gone.
What a month.
Getting into the feel of things at work. Getting comfortable behind the wheel. (I've had my licenses long enough *rolls eyes at self* seems like this should've happened a long time ago) Loving fall all in all.
The drives home every week are so beautiful. <3 and pulling into my hometown - with the leaves changing colors and the beautiful old church... *a million hearts* too bad I'm not brave enough to snap pics while driving. Of course it's nothing like the beauty happening over in New England (my fam likes to make me jealous with their pics) but it's still beautiful here!
I love the rain, I love when it's warm and sunny, I love the leaves, I love the warm coffees, I love love love this time of year like GAH. <3333

help. my sister is playing Christmas music. like WAHT!?

T H E   D U M P    O F    P H O T O S    F O R   O C T O B E R:
*warning* this dump is huge - 70-something pics

 the weird wrinkled-nose cheesy grin you do when taking selfies with baby cousins <3 

 gotta love "smashing". Don't you think so, "Roberta"? *winks* 

 I'm not skilled, but it's fun so I don't even care. 

 sick with a cold? drink tea till you squish when you walk. 

 *giggles* anybody else love pretzels!? I made these. *pats self on back* 

 Oh 'Ponine <3

 oh beautiful rain <3 
 all ready to go out with my parents for my birthday. 

 We went to Olive Garden <3 
 And got BV for dessert. <3 Pumpkin Shake. 

 The next day was my 18th birthday. My sweet Auntie "Bobby" bought me a White Wolf Mocha 'cause she's awesome that way. <3333 

 And Kirsty sent me this. <3333333 (it's growing on me, cuz *winks*) 

 We spent my birthday wedding dress shopping. It was a great day to be honest. XD 

 us peeps in the bridal party. 

 and leftover Olive Garden for supper <3 

 kitty kitty Eponine <3 

 Chicken Pot Pie for my birthday meal - the day after my birthday. 

 birthday party. XD 


spent a day walking the streets of The Big Town with the sis and the cuz. Spent my birthday money. Got a leather jacket, boots, candy, pop... the works *winks* 

coffee after work just makes my life complete. 

Beautiful words by Julia and Natasha in my "smash book". <3333 

lunch with the fam, at the favorite place. 'Cause pizza makes our life complete. Much like coffee.
here's my new boots <3

free coffee 'cause I guess my boss loves my cleaning 

we finally found the place to have the wedding!!! All you get to see is the floor *evil chuckle* 

crafting for the bridal shower. it's going to be beautiful 

how Felicity and Josiah roll <3 

one is simply never too old to play in the leaves <3

fuzzy selfie LOL 

weird selfie with the "one and only, genuine, original family bro". *he makes me smile*  

ok. Eponine cracks me up :P SHE WAS JUST LAYING THERE

bridal shower planning 

sneak peek at the birthday pics Felicity took of me today. <33 

How was October for y'all? 
Christmas music yet? Or should I smack LaKaysha?