Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Photo Dump || December 2017

The very last photo dump of 2017. Crazy how time flies.
But, I feel I should warn y'all. This photo dump is the biggest I've ever done! 120 pictures!
Sorry if that scares most of you away. For those of you who are brave enough to stick around...

P H O T O    D U M P   O F   D E C E M B E R:

 went to the local Christmas tree lighting for the first time. It was collllllddddd. (kinda like this office is right now.. *shivers*) 

 the camel was in line to get coffee from Arrowhead when we first rolled into town. *laughs* 
 I was sick and couldn't eat any of the goodies they had there, but I brought my own tea. *smiles*


 I've done a lot of coloring this month... *winks and sticks out tongue* 

 went out to lunch and Christmas shopping with Felicity and LaKaysha. Such fun sister moments. <3 


 puzzle *grins* 

 my adorable grandpa *grins* <33333333333

 hunting for a Christmas tree! 

 after getting our tree, we headed to the local fort for a Christmas Event. <3 

 and after the fort, we went ate supper at Shari's. family time <3 

the "big town" is so pretty at Christmas time. 

 we then went home and decorated our tree <3 

 and I made this wreath. *grins* 

 peppermint ice cream <3333333333333

 "Father Knows Best" 

 when you accidentally twin with Auntie "Bobby" *laughs* 

 more Christmas shopping with the sisters. 

 and my very first time having Chick-fil-A! YUMMMMMM

 More food. *winks* 
 randomly visiting the aunts, drinking hot chocolate, and playing Trivial Pursuit. <3 

 hot chocolate. this actually might have been coffee with hot chocolate mix in it... I don't remember *winks* 

 puzzle. again. *winks* 

 ridin' around with LaKaysha. *winks* 

 with the sis. At The Warnke Family Christmas *grins* 

 me, Emily, and Auntie "Bobby". 


 Grandpa reading the Christmas story <3 

 us girlies. *grins* 

 us "young kids" 

 boys. *winks* 

 dessert time! 
 came home to the beautiful Christmas tree after a wonderful day with family *grins* 

 peppermint mocha <3

 wandering around Grandpa's shop, looking for Grandma's dishes. (for the bridal table at the wedding.) we looked and looked. And finally I had to run down to the house and tell Grandpa we couldn't find them anywhere! He came out (he's adorable, btw). And we still couldn't find them. So we left. Then Grandpa found them! In the garage. So we turned around. *winks* 
I love my grandpa so much <333333

 LaKaysha, looking at the old pickup. 


 morning coffee *winks* 

 our cozy living room <3

 more food. *winks and sticks out tongue*  

 *more pics of our trip to the mountains* 

 way too cute, btw. <3 
 the muddy parking lot - thanks to some young bucks. *winks* 

 woke up one morning and this baby was in my bed. babysitting early in the morning means morning snuggles. *winks* 

LOOOOOOOOOKKKKKK!!!!!! It snowed on Christmas Eve!!!!! ( and it's still white out there) 

 "It's a Wonderful Life" with the fam. *grins* 

 Christmas treats. <3 

 fluffy goats. *hugs them* 

 *yes, I changed my boots* haha 

 who needs shoes? *laughs* 

 Christmas Eve dinner <3

 *fuzzy* Christmas Eve snacks! 

 CHRISTMAS DAY! (got this sketch book and pen in my stocking) 

 *all the love for Thomas Kinkade and Disney* 

 me on Christmas Day *smiles* 

 the empty tree 

 when you and your sister get each other the same CD. *laughs* now we have one for the bedroom and one for "Willie" (the Escape that we share *winks*) 

 (finished this puzzle today, btw) 

 Theodore <3 

 Simon <3 

Phew! *wipes forehead* That was a lot!

Hope you enjoyed!!!

How was your December?? 
Have snow?