Wednesday, December 7, 2016

You Name It

I was laying in bed the other night and I heard a noise above my head. I thought, "There's that noise again. You know. We should name it. Oh wait. It's the Chainsaw Man" Then I was like, "Is that normal? - naming sounds?"

I sure have a strange family. We name everything. Our van. Felicity's Escape. Noises in our house. You name it - we name it. *winks*

For the longest time we've had "The Chainsaw Man" living with us. He makes all those strange noises at night, and it's his wolves and lions that make all those things go missing randomly. Me and LaKaysha used to tell our little sister all about The Chainsaw Man. We told her that the only reason he doesn't cut her up with his chainsaw was that we were friends with him and we told him not to. A strange thing to tell your little sister, I know. But she knew we were just telling stories. But one time my little cousin believed us! Yeah... after that I made sure people knew that a Chainsaw Man didn't really live in our attic. *winks*
He lived up there with his wolves that swim in our pool while we're not home and his lions that like to watch "The Sound of Music". (We made that up when that movie went missing for the longest time. and when we found it in the wrong case we said that they were done with it and gave it back *winks*)
My aunts stayed at our house while we were away once, and they named the Chainsaw Man "Abner". Why? I don't know.
Not just noises get named around here.

My cousin bought a new car.
"Tyrel! Can we name it?"
"Uh... sure."
"Okay! It's Precious!"
Why we named it something so odd, I have no idea. We were interesting people... okay. We are interesting people.

We were riding in another cousin's pickup and I asked him what he named it.
"Old Reliable." So, from that day on, it was "Old Reliable" to my diary. (Yes, I wrote about Colten's pickup... still do, actually.) And then he sold him to his younger brother.

The van we drive is "Dicky". Anyone who's watched the original "Little Rascals" should know the quote, "Step on it, Dicky." And that's where that name came from.
My dad's old pickup was named "Waylon" after Waylon Jennings. So when we got the Escape that Felicity drives, we named it "Willie" after Willie Nelson.

Once upon a time my camera was named "Davy" and it's case was "Fred".
Fred always "ate" poor Davy. *winks*  For real. People would swing my purse around and I'd be like, "Don't!! You're gonna hurt Davy!!"

Marita's car is named "Jetson". She got it the year it was made and it was so "fancy"- almost future like, so it got named after "The Jetson's"

Marissa's car is named "Perry Como". She picked that name. *winks*

*gasp* My dad's new pickup doesn't have a name!! We'll have to see to that...

At one point we sat around and chose names for our future cars. I was going to name mine "Ricky Nelson", but then I changed it to "Patti Ann". I wonder if I'll really ever use it?

Marita used to have a car named "Jesse James Garfield" (we called it James) and it blew up. (no joke)

All flies are named "Gerald". but Marissa and Marita call them "Tony".

My great-aunt and uncle had an old pickup that was named "Mater"... then they sold him. *sniff*

Oh! We were visiting my cousin one time and we went to the park. There were squirrels everywhere and we named one "Nelson".

And before "Willie" came along, there was "Norman" - little car that was a weird teal color. He gave up the ghost one day at the gas station and it was goodbye Norman. He smelled funny anyway. *winks*

It seems like we've named more things than that... whatever. *winks*

Another, random, just-for-fun post, and I hope I didn't bore you.

Have a very Merry Christmas!


  1. Fun post, Daminika! Did you ever find out what the Chainsaw Man was??


    1. Thanks!
      Oh, The Chainsaw man was just our imaginations gone wild. ;P And just what we would tell ourselves whenever we would hear a noise at night. The house settling or the fridge groaning was "really the Chainsaw Man" ;P
      Now he is the mice in the attic. haha! ;P

  2. This was fun! I've wanted to name my camera, but still haven't. ;D It has to be something really good...

    1. oh you should come up with a great name for it! My cousin, Kirsten is great at naming things! Who do you think named my cat? ;) Whenever I have something to name I text her. And whenever she needs to name something she texts us. ;D

  3. So fun to read! Haha I call my pickup "My Boy" and "My Baby". But he doesn't have an actual name yet.

    1. I'm glad you read it! I was just looking at my old posts and realized that you used to read my blog and comment. And I missed you! How did you know I needed to know you were still alive? ;P
      Well, girl - get with it! Give that boy of yours a name! How about... BILLY! ;D Or Bud, or Jim, or Ray... don't ask me why, but my brain just kept saying "Ray". ;P Oh! I know why! Billy Gray and my grain just took off the G because Gray is no name for a pickup. ;P
      Miss you girl! Can't wait to see you for Christmas! <3

  4. Haha!! The Chainsaw Man still gets talked about around here, too! :D I named Colten's new pick-up Brady after Tom Brady, but nobody calls it that. :)


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