Friday, December 2, 2016

Top Ten Country Christmas Singers

I have found that most of the Christmas music I listen to is country, so I like a lot more than ten. But these are the  ones that I just have to listen to every Christmas. (these are not in any order - I actually listen to some of the ones on the bottom more than the ones on the top)

// Alan Jackson

Oh Alan. Nobody can sing "Let it be Christmas" like this guy. We actually don't have a Christmas CD of his, but I grew up listening to him sing Christmas on our computer. (once we got one ;P)
Favorite Songs:
"Let it be Christmas", "Santa's Gonna Come in a Pickup Truck", "The Angles Cried", "Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas", "Holly Jolly Christmas"

// Randy Travis

And of course, Randy has to be on this list. The way he sings "White Christmas Makes me Blue" is beautiful! we have a Christmas tape of his (plus many. many "normal" tapes *winks*) and sadly, it's beginning to get old. He no longer sounds like Randy. One of these days we're going to have to get it on CD.
Favorite Songs:
"Winter Wonderland", "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen", "Pretty Paper", "How do I wrap my Heart for Christmas", "Old Time Christmas"

// Clay Walker
The Clay Walker Christmas album that we have we actually bought a few years ago, so I didn't grow up listening to him, but I love it just the same.
Favorite Songs:
"Mary did you Know", "Feliz Navidad", "Frosty the Snowman"

// Merle Haggard
Okay. So last year my mom bought an album of his, and I love it!
Favorite Songs:
"Santa Clause and Popcorn", "Silver Bells", "Grandma's Homemade Christmas Card", "If we Make it Through December" (grew up with this one - I think Alan Jackson also sings it),

// Reba McEntire
Here is someone I grew up with. I mean, I don't ever call her "Reba McEntire". Who does that? No, this is Reba. There are a few singers that just make it Christmas in my house, and Reba is one of them. We have two of her Christmas albums, and I can sing along with each and every song.
Favorite Songs:
"On This Day", "Silent Night" (before she sings it she tells the story of how it came to be), "The Christmas Guest" (actually a story - not a song), "Happy Birthday Jesus", "A Christmas Letter", "This is my Prayer for You", "One Child, One Day", "Up on the Housetop", "The Angles Sang", "The Secret of Giving", "This Christmas", "Till the Season Comes 'Round Again"
(yeah, that's a lot)

// George Strait
Oh King George. Nobody sings like him. And I love the Christmas tape we have him - which is also dying, like Randy's. I was so sad, then my cousin bought my sister a Christmas CD of his, so it's all good now. *winks*
Favorite Songs:
"Merry Christmas Strait to You", "There's a New Kid in Town", "For Christ's Sake, It's Christmas", "What a Merry Christmas this Could Be", "Joy to the World", "Hark, the Herald Angels Sing", "Deck the Halls", "Old Time Christmas" (a different song than the one Randy Travis sings), "All I want for Christmas (Is My Two Front Teeth)"

// Sammy Kershaw
Another that we have a tape of - and another tape that needs to be replaced with a CD.
Favorite Songs:
"Daddy Stuff", "Christmas Time's 'A Comin' ", "Up on the Housetop", "We Three Kings", "Frosty the Snowman", "Winter Wonderland"

// Clint Black
Clint Black is another singer that just makes it Christmas. His voice! *dies*
Favorite Songs:
"Looking for Christmas", "The Finest Gift", "Christmas for Every Boy and Girl", "The Birth of The King", "Slow as Christmas", "The Kid"

// John Denver
And here we have John Denver - the leader of all the Christmas singers we listen to.
Sometimes we weaken and listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving, but we usually wait for him. (but this year we didn't! *gasp*) His voice plays in the background of our lives. As we decorate the Christmas tree, as we open our gifts, John Denver is there to tell us it's really and truly Christmas.
Favorite Songs: *dies at the thought if all these wonderful songs*
"Christmas like a Lullaby", "Jingle Bells", "The Children of Bethlehem", "The First Noel", "Marvelous Toy", "Mary's Little Boy Child", "Little Drummer Boy", "Blue Christmas"... let's just say every song on his album called "Christmas like a Lullaby". *winks*

// Johnny Cash

I couldn't find a good picture of him by himself, so here is a picture of him and his wife. *smiles*

I remember the day when my mom bought the Johnny Cash Christmas CD that we own. Most of the "songs" are just him talking, but it sure gives me the "Christmas feeling" when I hear it.
Favorite Songs:
"The Christmas Spirit", "I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day", "Here was a Man", "Ringing the Bells for Jim", "We are the Shepherds", "Who Kept the Sheep"

And there you have it! *grins*

Do listen to any of these at Christmas time? (If you don't you should look them up)
What DO you listen to?


  1. I think we listen to some of Alan Jackson's Christmas songs. And George Strait's Joy to the World. I don't really like very many new Christmas songs- they don't have the feeling. ;)

    1. Some songs just don't do the trick. ;P
      I grew up with most of these songs, so they just feel like Christmas to me. :D

  2. Love! All have special spots in my heart at Christmas time <3

  3. Oh! I'm going to have to look up John Denver's Drummer Boy. I live that song, but it needs to be done a certain way.

    1. I'm pretty picky about the way it's sung too. But I think John Denver does it beautifully. ;P
      Thanks for the comment!! =D

  4. Colten owns the Clay Walker cd you're talking about and I like that, too. I grew up with that Randy Travis Christmas tape and we have both the tape and the cd around here now! I love the "little kid" feel that tapes bring back, though! :)

    1. He does!? Since when? I guess you learn something knew everyday. ;P Would you believe me if I said that when my mom bought it I had no idea who Clay Walker was? *hides behind hands* Poor Clay. I didn't know what I was missing. ;P And when Felicity got the Cd she has for Christmas last year was when I realized how great he is. ;D
      I remember when the Randy Travis CD got brought into your house. I was like, "How could the betray the tape!?" Now our tape is dying and I'm like, "Oh. I get it." ;P
      If tapes lasted forever then I'd stick with them. But CDs last longer and you can listen to them in the car, so... ;P


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