Thursday, December 29, 2016

The Month of December

Well, we near the end of the month of December. And the year of 2016.

But this post is about this month - not this year. (I already did a post about that)

It feels like November was years ago, and December has been here for a long time. I suppose that's because of all the stuff that happen during Christmas time.

So let's see...

Happenings in December:

Got our Christmas tree // we went to a tree farm, and wandered around trying to find the perfect tree. When we found it, we cut it down and brought it home to decorate. *grins*

Got snow- it melted - and got more snow // this year we've had a lot of snow that melts and then is replaced with more snow. As I write this our yard is covered in snow - for the most part. *winks*

Had the "Warnke Christmas // we had our "big" family Christmas and that was a great day. Before heading over to my Grandpa and Sue's house we stopped at my aunt and uncle's who weren't to make it to the gathering and dropped off our gift for them. (we had drawn their name in the gift exchange)
Then we went to the gathering and had a wonderful time. Most of the family made it - my cousin even brought his girlfriend and we got to meet her for the first time!

Seen Kimberly and her family // My cousin and her family down for the "big" family Christmas and it was wonderful seeing them! The night before the family gathering Emily picked up me and LaKaysha and we headed over to Grandpa's to visit Kimberly. We laughed and talked the evening away and the next morning we came back for the Christmas party. *winks* Then, that Sunday we also hung out at Grandpa and Sue's all day. Just chillin' with family... and guys - I haven't left the house since that day. Yeah... I'm starting to feel cooped-up. That was almost two weeks ago!

drove to the library // sometime at the beginning of the month I did this. I don't drive nearly enough, but with all the snow storms we keep getting -- I guess I'll just have to make up for it in the spring and summer.

celebrated Christmas // that day in December that we all wait for has come and left. You can read about my Christmas here.

babysat little cousins // as I write this, I am holding sweet little Jubal. *grins cause he's being good*

Books read in December:

"Winter is Not Forever" // I love this series! <3

"Springs Gentle Promise"

"The Daybreakers" // *blushes* yeah... I read that book a lot. *winks*

"The Silent Songbird" // I got this book from my aunt for Christmas and I loved it! It was just the best book I ever read by Melanie Dickerson! *grins*

Movies watched in December:

"Father Knows Best" // What else is new? *winks*
But we finished it!! *sobs* Last night we watched the last episode and just the thought of it being the last... *sniff* who else hates ending a good show? They're all so old... and since this show was canceled suddenly there is no real "ending". So you feel like the story is just cut off. Bud is going to collage to become a mechanic, Betty is graduating from collage and Kathy is nearing her Junior High graduation - the end.

"Winnie-the-Pooh and Christmas Too" // I just couldn't help myself - Pooh needed me. *winks*

"The Christmas Candle" 

"My Music" from December:

Neal McCoy's Tribute to Charley Pride. (because he sings the songs beautifully)

Why didn't I think of That? by Doug Stone (or any other song by Doug Stone)

*I'm thinking* *I'm thinking* I guess that't all for this month. *winks*

Favorite Posts from December:

Felicity's posts - Favorite Photos, Black and White (because black and white movies/tv shows are the best),

Emily's post - When Jesus Came Here

Natasha's posts - My Christmas, On the Seventh day Of Christmas (I actually like all her count down posts, but decided to just pick one *winks*)  

Julia's post - Rocking Around the Christmas Tree // I did a Lip Sync Video

 Elizabeth's post - Searching for Cheer 

I can't of anything that I am looking forward to in January - besides taking a "breather" after all the holidays and a fresh start on a new year.

I hope y'all had a wonderful month! *grins*


  1. So sad to say goodbye to the Anderson clan... *sniff* ;)
    It's been way too long since I left the house!
    I'm really starting to get cabin fever. lol
    It was a blessed Christmas, and a wonderful December :D

    1. I KNOWWW!!! *sniff* *sob* *cry* ;P
      YES! It's like we're STUCK! lol!


    also can you believe its almost 2017?! like. no way.


      I know! *gasp* 2017! How did time go by that fast!? I don't want to turn 18 in October!!

    2. I'll turn 18 in August...believe me I UNDERSTAND

  3. Hey, I'm reading "The Daybreakers" right now! ;) But you probably already knew that...
    "The Silent Songbird" sounds like a good one! :D
    Ah, that's terrible that they just canceled that show! Nothing worse than not having a nice satisfying ending, and not knowing what happens. :P
    Aw, thanks for mention my posts! :D
    All your Christmas things sound like they were really fun! =D
    Wow, years fly by SO FAST! 2017 is almost here! :)

    1. Yep I knew that! ;P ;D ;P :D That is sooo cool! What are you thinking so far? (you don't have to tell me if you want to wait and tell me some other time ;P)
      It is!! You should so read it! I LOVED IT!! I'm so glad I OWN it ;P
      I know! It was just shut down - no warning. One of the actresses actually went to the studio for work and they wouldn't let her in because they just canceled the show over night! WHO DOES THAT!? It's so not nice. ;P
      Your welcome. =D
      I know!! it's sounds so scary... '17!? WHHHAT!? *dies*

    2. I've been enjoying it! :D I don't think it's the kind of book I read really fast (since I'm not done it yet ;P), but I really like it so far! :D
      I guess I should! :D I don't know how exactly, because our library doesn't have it. :\
      Wow, that's strange! :P
      Yep, it's here now... hopefully 2018 doesn't come too fast. ;P

    3. I'm glad you're enjoying it! =D
      It took me awhile the first time I read it - I love the way Louis L'Amour writes, but it was hard to get into at first.
      Oh! That sucks! :/
      I know! ;P
      I agree! =D

  4. I too, am feeling cabin fever! ah!
    Oh you mentioned my blog! *happy dance*

    1. WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!! *dies of boredom*

  5. Hey! You mentioned little ole' me, too!! :D :D

  6. What a great post, Daminika! Lovely photo, and the books look great. I love Father Knows Best and Winnie the Pooh! Happy New Year to you and warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. :)

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! =D
      Father Knows Best is my favorite show, and Winnie the Pooh is so cute. <3
      Happy New Year to you, too! =D


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