Monday, December 5, 2016

Lights, Trees, Snowed in and just Christmas Stuff

Around here, when it snows, only the bravest people go out and do things. Like, only a few people dare drive in the wet and sloppy snow. We have snow falling down around us, and everyone we know have snow on the ground, but we don't. We live I a "warm pocket" under the mountains, so none of the snow sticks.
But we are snowed in anyway. No matter which way we head out of our driveway, we will run into snow and won't make it to where we're going. So we're stuck. Snowed in, even though we don't have snow. It's quite an interesting thing. And I wish we did have snow. If I can't go anywhere anyway, why not have snow!?
Maybe the ground will turn white - if it snows long enough. Enough if it does will be really sloppy and gross. But that's how the snow is around here.

We got our Christmas tree on Saturday! Because of our little house, we got a little tree. But it's so cute. All the presents under it, the lights shining, and the angel on top holder her "candles". Makes our little living room all the more cozy. All the stockings hanging on the fireplace, the Christmas village on the mantel...with the Christmas music playing on the CD player. I love to cuddle up in the chair next to the fire and read "Winter is Not Forever" by Janette Oke. I like to read that book this time of year because the cover looks so winter-ish. *winks* And that is my favorite series, period. I just love it!

Each year, a little town up here in "North County" lights up their live Christmas Tree by the Library. We tried to go to the lighting, but we missed it because the sign wasn't very clear as to what time it was. But now we know for next year that it starts at four and ends at six. But we parked next to the library and got out into the cold air and walked under the tree. It was so bright and big. I grew up seeing this tree, but I've never got out and looked at it. When you walk under it and look up, it looks like colorful stars are shining up there. So pretty. And the Library is lighted up too, so walking around there at night is so pretty. It's too bad we missed the actually "Lighting" of the tree - where they have a live Nativity, but I enjoyed this anyway.

How is Christmas time going for you?


  1. Its just crazy how it looks like a tropical place around here ;) But really, can't even tell there is snow anywhere else!! :(.... Lovely pictures!! I just love this time of year!!!

  2. Sure looks real pretty in your living room! :) Nice pictures!

  3. Your tree is so pretty! :)

    We've been making Christmas cookies, and we sang Christmas songs at an assisted living place today... and my siblings, cousins and I are doing a gift exchange! :D I got one of my really little cousins. ;) Should be easy to find a $5 present for her.
    That's too bad you guys don't get the snow. It hasn't snowed here at all, but I'd like if it would. :)

    1. Thanks! =D I thought last year that there could never be a prettier tree, but we proved that to be wrong this year ;P (I'm pretty sure I think our tree is the prettiest tree ever every year ;P)

      That sounds fun! That's awesome that you're doing a gift exchange! Yeah, it's easier to shop for little kids. :)
      Yeah. In most places the snow has already melted - but Marita said the hills still have snow. (she went to work today, so she should know) The ones in front of our house have some still. This morning they looked so pretty with the dusting on the trees, but now it's just on the ground. I should've took a picture when they looked like that, but I didn't. ;P

  4. JANETTE OKE books are the bestest <3

    1. Oh yes! They are!! <3
      I'm glad you agree! =D

  5. Your Christmas setup is darling!! I'm waiting for this weekend -- when winter break starts -- to put up our tree. It's a small, sparkly reusable one, so we don't have to put up ornaments if we're running late with it. ;)


    1. Thanks!
      Decorating for Christmas is so fun. :D


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