Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas in my House

Here in my house, we started celebrating Christmas on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve:

Starting it all with a special breakfast, and then opening the presents from my Grandpa and Grandma Stenersen. Because my cousins decided to get the flu so we couldn't do a "Stenersen Christmas". *winks*

We then began a puzzle - which we did throughout the whole day. The puzzle was part of the family gift that Marissa and Marita gave us back at the Warnke Christmas.

and of course we ate good food! *winks* these are the Mocha Truffles.

 and here is the fudge. *winks*

 and we drank tea. *grins*

 yeah... what can I say?
"I was just born to be exactly what you see -- nothing more or less, I'm not the worse or the best..."

 Walt also shared the day with me *winks*

The puzzle is finished! (by the end of the day) 

We watched "The Christmas Candle" which was a good movie. 

It was after the movie that we ate cheese fondue and finished the puzzle. 
We ended the day with "Father Knows Best" because that's just how we are. *winks* 

Christmas Day:

My brother came in our room a few minutes before six-thirty and said Liberty was getting our parents up. 
We usually open our stockings while our parents are still in bed, then do something while we wait for them to get up. But this year they only got us stocking stuffer's so they wanted to be there when we opened them. 
Here's some of what I got:
 An adorable stainless steel travel mug! <3

and these soft, Christmas socks! *grins*
I also got two pairs of high-knee snocks... and we each got a grapefruit, which we ate for breakfast. 

After breakfast we all started showering and getting ready for the "fancy" lunch my mom was making. 

We had Christmas Dinner for lunch. It was sooo good! 

 I mean - just look at it!!

 After dishes were all washed and put away, my dad read the Christmas story and we then opened the presents that us "kids" bought.

 Me, wearing the shirt that Felicity got me and the sunglasses that LaKaysha got me.

 Aren't they just the cutest!?

 LaKaysha also got me Neal McCoy's tribute to Charley Pride! I'm loving it!! And some cute boot cuffs! *grins*

 Along with the shirt, Felicity got me this coffee cup. *looks at it* *dies - it's that cute*
(she also got me a pair of Christmas-y socks)

 Look, look, LOOK!!!! My dear sweet brother got me the first season of "Father Knows Best"!!! Isn't he just the greatest brother ever? I know, Marisa and Marita also got this season as part of our family gift, but hey! This my very own! And I just love him for it. *grins* It's looks just beautiful on the shelf with my other movies!

And Liberty got me this collection of eight Gospel records. She's such a sweetie. *smiles*

The rest of the day was spent just relaxing and doing what ever. We did another puzzle. 
Yeah... we like puzzles. 

And there you have my Christmas! 
It's not like we went to a ball or anything, but it was great. 

I hope your Christmas was just as wonderful. *grins*


  1. Those truffles! And your Christmas dinner! They both look delicious! ;D
    That looks like a nice puzzle- I like the winter-y ones. :) But you guys are fast at puzzle-making! ;)
    I like those sunglasses, with the pretty design on them. :D And those boot cuffs. I want to get some of those sometime, for my large collection of boots. ;D
    That's so cool that you got the first season of "Father Knows Best"! :)

    Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas! =D

    1. Oh they are - or were ;P
      Yeah, I thought Marissa and Marita picked a really cute one. Perfect for doing on Christmas Eve. =D Yeah, we're fast. ;P All seven of us crowded around, making our brains all fuzzy from thinking so much! I had to take many breaks. ;P We've always done puzzles together, and those are some of my favorite memories. :)
      I know, those sunglasses are just way TOO CUTE!! I can't wait for summer so I can wear them! =D I have many, many pairs of boot cuffs, but mostly I wear the store-bought ones. The ones I made are just not as cute... but most people don't agree with me. ;P I'm not sure what boots will work best for these ones because they're the roll-down kind, but I'm gonna try and find an outfit with them and the shirt for church Sunday. ;D I have a large collection of boots, too - I just LOVE them! =D
      Isn't it!? Chancy was a little disappointed that Marissa and Marita got us the same season, and we opened their present first - LaKaysha said he went up stairs after we opened it and asked her if it was okay. I hope he knows that I just LOVE it - and mostly because HE bought it for me. ;P

      It was a wonderful Christmas! =D

    2. Yea, we used to make puzzles in MN- there's something about working on a puzzle with your family that makes good memories. ;D
      I love boots too! :D Maybe that's why I have a lot. ;P

    3. Yes! Making puzzles together makes wonderful memories! <3
      Haha! That's probably why I have a lot too! ;D

  2. The food looks delicious! And that's so cool that ya'll were able to finish a giant puzzle in one day!

    Glad you had a great Christmas! :)


    1. It was really good! My mom is the BEST cook! =D
      We're pretty fast, I guess. Especially when we have nothing else to do all day. ;P

      Thanks! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, too! =D

  3. Was a blessed Christmas!
    Gotta say, the pictures you got of "my" mug, turned out cool!
    Haha and those pictures of you? You're a dork. Who took them? Brother Bear?

    1. They DID turn out awesome, huh? ;P
      Nope, the bro. didn't take them - "Elizabeth" did. *rolls eyes at her* ;P

  4. Awesome! ;) I like how the pictures turned out.
    And those sunglasses are positively adorable, if I do say so myself. And I do. ;) Lol
    It was a blessed Christmas!

  5. It was a blessed Christmas, Wasn't it?! :) Loved the pictures!! <3

  6. aww, looks like such a fun Christmas!! (merry late Christmas btw) XD

    1. it was! (and Merry late Christmas to you ;P)

  7. Hey! It wasn't my fault! I didn't even get sick! ;) :)


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