Wednesday, November 9, 2016

We Burst Out

We really do. With just one little word, or one short phrase - our whole house can burst out in song! And we quote. A lot. We quote anything and everything - movies, home videos, or just something someone said one time. Half the time people can't tell if we're quoting or if we're really saying that. Someone will say something and then be asked, "Who said that?" Then we all laugh when they reply, "I did."
Sometimes it goes completely with the conversation we're having, while other times it is completely random.In my house we don't say "Good morning." We sing it:
At the end of the summer I dream of the first day of rain. When it came this year, LaKaysha woke me up and told me to look out the window. I seen the rain falling down and began to sing (not very nicely because I just woke up):
Just have to say right here, that I have never watched "Singing in the Rain", but I heard the songs plenty of times.

There are the times when we are sitting in a room full of people, all talking at once - as we tend to do. It seems that we either listen to all the "hundreds" of conversations or we tune out all the others and only listen to the one we care about.*winks* As you can imagine, it can be hard to get people to listen to you. The best way to do it is to say:
And of course that means, "Hello! I'm trying to talk here!" This works best with my personal family. Like, my sisters or brother. Especially sisters - they do not listen. *winks*
Quoting Riley Poole (Or anyone from "National Treasure") is sort of a thing my family is known for. We start to plan a shopping trip and everyone's getting all excited about this - when someone says:
Most of the time this means, "For real - I have no money" but there are times when someone says that just for fun.
This means, "I have no idea." *winks*
When we plan a day where we're going to go shopping, out to eat, go to the beach - anything. And someone starts to sing:
Most of the time I'm the one who wants to know - because I'm the one who's always broke. I for real want to know what I'm gonna use for money. Songs fitting into our conversations happen a lot. Like when we are just chatting and someone says, "For crying out loud!" Suddenly the whole room bursts out:
After which we just go on with whatever we were talking about.
When we enter a room:
If someone simply says, "I see." Someone will reply,

And of course, when I am in my bedroom with the door locked, and I hear a knock:

 Since moving out into our new bedroom, and someone has to go to the house for one reason or another during the night, they open the door to my dad's shop and say:

 This, believe it or not, is from Little House on the Prairie. From a blooper. *winks* Michael Landon was just goofing off while "Caroline" churned butter. And now we quote it. *grins*
Do you quote bloopers? We do. And not just this one.
 In a blooper for Suite Life with Zack and Cody their "mom" calls Zack by his real name. His reply was, "I'm pretty sure I'm Zack..." and the part that we quote:
 Once, way back in 2010, me and my cousins made a silly little movie. In the movie, our closest was a time machine and random people get brought into our room "from other times". LaKaysha was from England. She said something about having tea, and my cousin, Kirsten, said that we don't drink tea anymore in America - it's coffee. She then names off her favorite drinks. We love to quote the part when she says:
 If somebody mentions something about twenty years, usually someone will say:
 Another quote we like to use from that movie is:
We say this when somebody tells us to do something. *winks*
Another one we use a lot is from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.

I love that movie, by the way. *winks* I say it's the best musical.
I have never watched Mork and Mindy, but I have seen the preview many times. We like to quote that. (I told you we quote anything!)
One we use a lot in our everyday lives is:

It's funny when we use this while driving a four-wheeler and someone takes a corner a little too fast. Because most of the time they do have sand in their eye. *winks*
I could be here all day, telling you quotes that we use, but I can't very well do that. So, I'll just tell you a few more. *smiles*

A random, just for fun post. I hope you all enjoyed!


  1. Love, love, love! :D
    I'm the "National Treasure" one. Guilty as charged. ;)
    But, hey, it's so quotable!
    And 'The Shadow Riders' is always perfect timing. haha
    Great post!

  2. This was a fun post! :D I enjoyed it!

  3. Interesting! I would've never guessed.

  4. Fun! I didn't realize how many different things we say!

    1. There were hundreds more, but I had to narrow it down ;P

  5. Lol! Fun!
    We often sing what we have to say to each other... all of us, back & forth in our conversations... but it's sometimes quotes. It's kind of a sign that we're a joyful houseful and that we're in good moods... silly, but fun. 'Course, we (Joey and I) don't do it with anyone else around. ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰ and now I feel like I gave away our secret life. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    1. haha! You're funny, auntie. ;P
      we don't really do it when other people are around either. :D

  6. We do this sometimes too(On a smaller level;))...

  7. We are quoting all the time, too. A few of our most common ones are: "Catch him! Catch him!! they cried." - from the Curious George book, "Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah! Well, at least I have a driver's license!" - from Connie in Adventures in Odyssey, "Hello down there! We are ready to catch you!" - from the book "Five Silly Fishermen", and "Oh sure, but what kind of meatball is going to buy these?" - from the Curious George video. It just comes out! ;)

  8. Quoting Riley from National Treasure is the best! He is just so funny!


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