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Top Ten TV Shows

// Father Knows Best

I've probably mentioned this show way too much on my blog all ready, but I can't very well do a "Top Ten TV Shows" post without it! After all, it is my number one favorite these days.
 "Father Knows Best" is a show about the Anderson family living in a little town called Springfield. It ran from 1954-1960, and has six seasons. Each episode is around twenty-five minutes long.
 In this show there is the father James - mostly called "Jim", the mother Margret, the oldest daughter Betty, the one and only son "Bud" (whose real name in James Jr.), and the youngest daughter Kathy. One thing I think is cool about this show is that the father has a special nickname for both his daughters. (Bud's name is a nickname *winks*) No matter how old Betty gets, she is his "Princess". And all the while Kathy is called "Kitten". Plus, each kid has a different name for Jim. To Betty he is nothing but "Father". Bud just calls him "Dad", while to Kathy he is "Daddy". Isn't that cute?
Anyway. This show is very realistic - in my eyes anyway. For one thing the parents are very good at acting married. And another thing is the brother/sister relationship that Bud and Betty have. Those two spend their lives teasing each other and calling each other names. One of their conversations goes something like this:
"Why did I get such a Knucklehead for a brother?"
"Just lucky I guess... And you're lucky I'm as dumb as I am or I might resent being called a Knucklehead, and I might strike back. Like this."
*Bud lays his jacket over Betty's face*
"Hey! You're messing up my hair!"
"Oh, isn't it tragic?"
*Bud leaves the room, smiling*
Sometimes they get mad at each other and have a fight, but when it really comes down to it, they are always there for each other. When Bud is sad - Betty is there to comfort him. And when Betty is in trouble - Bud is there to "save the day". *winks*
Usually each episode has a good "point" to it. And the characters make mistakes, which makes the show more relatable. But, usually when they do something wrong, they go to their parents and tell them. I thought that was really cool, because in most shows they keep secrets from their parents.
There are funny moments, and there are sad moments (even Bud cries - and my mom right along with him *winks*). It's like a serious-comedy.
I'm tellin' ya - this show's got everything!
Just be warned: If you ever watch this show you will be left singing "I dream of Jeanie, with the light brown hair..." for the rest of your life. It's sort of Bud's song he sings when he's happy. *winks*
*Radom Quote* "Hang up, ugly - nothing you've got to say is as important as what I've got to say." Bud says this to Betty when she's on the phone and he wants to tell her about him making the football team. *smile*

// Road to Avonlea

I grew up watching the first two seasons of this show.
"Road to Avonlea" is a Canadian show that ran 1990-1996, with seven seasons. This is one of those shows that the episodes are around forty-five minutes long.
If you liked the "Anne of Green Gables" movies, you'll love this show! It has the characters you love - such as Marilla, Rachael Lynde, and Miss Stacey (all played by the same actresses) - with new characters that you'll learn to love.
On the King Farm live Alec and Janet with their children - Felicity, who is ever so proper and can be a little snooty towards her siblings and cousins, Felix, who comes up with the wildest ideas and is always getting himself (and others) in trouble, Cecily, who is very quiet and doesn't say much, but she loves the farm, and Daniel, who joins the family in season two. Their cousin, Sara Stanley lives in Rose Cottage with Aunt Hetty and Aunt Olivia. At the beginning of the show there is also a King cousin - Andrew, living in Avonlea. It's been so long since I've watched that part of the show I can't say for sure what happens to him - I think his dad comes and takes him home.
Great-Aunt Eliza moves to the King Farm sometime in the show - I can't remember exactly what season it's in.
Gus Pike comes in season two - originally a guest star, but sticks around throughout the rest of the show. *winks* The Pettibone's move to Avonlea in season four, and the Lester's appear at some point. From season one to season seven the characters of this show are forever changing. 
When Miss Stacey moves back she buys and runs the General Store. By the last season she is no longer "Miss Stacey", but a "Mrs." and has three mostly-grown stepchildren. But I won't say who she marries, so you have find out for yourself. *winks*
I love to watch the children of the show grow up into adults. It's fun watching the very-much-so-tomboy Izzy Pettibone grow into a very beautiful young lady. She wears pretty hats and dresses with the dainty gloves. I just love her style! *smiles*
When I think about it - it's not really a show about the King Family and their friends. It's a show about Avonlea - the little village. This is one of those shows that when you think of the whole show in general, you realize that it is one big story.  As you watch Avonlea grow, you get attached to the many characters. After the show ended they made a movie - "An Avonlea Christmas". Which is very sad for me to watch. But of course, if you haven't watched the show you wouldn't understand, because you wouldn't know the characters. *winks*
*Random Quote* "Felix, really." A really and truly random quote, but I love it. Izzy says it in the voice that's only hers - in one of my favorite episodes of the show. That scene is so cute!

// Gunsmoke

Anybody who's heard Toby Keith sing "I Should've been a Cowboy" has heard of this show. The song starts out:
I bet you've never heard old Marshal Dillon say, "Miss Kitty have you ever thought of runnin' away? Settlin' down, would you marry me?..."
After watching the show you realize why it says, "I bet you've never heard..." He never says it. "Gunsmoke" ran for twenty-years (1955-1975). Twenty years! And Matt Dillon never once admits his love for Miss Kitty! That's crazy. Come on guy! *rolls eyes at Matt* Just look at the adorable picture up there! They're so cute together!! (oh, by the way - Matt is tall but not that tall. He's on the boardwalk and Miss Kitty's on the ground. *winks*)
This is a western for adults. Not that kids can't watch it. You might understand more when you read number six on this list.
Anyway. This is a show that you can pop in a random disc and watch any random episode, and be entertained the whole time. This show started out with twenty-five minute episodes, but as the show went on they got longer. Personally, I still haven't made it past the first season. *hides* Who has time (and money) to watch twenty whole seasons?  If I ever watch more of this show I don't think I want to watch all the way to when it's in color.  Black and white is the way to go - when possible.
This show is about Marshal Matt Dillon trying to keep the peace in Dodge City, Kansas. To help him he has, Chester Goode. Along with his good friend, Doc. And of course there's Miss Kitty. *winks* One of the reasons I say this show is for adults is her. She's a Dance Hall girl. Which is really annoying. Did they have to do that? Why couldn't she had run the General Store or something?
Later in the show, Chester leaves, and is replaced by Festus. I have never watched any episodes with him in them ( 'cause like I said - I've only watched the first season), so I don't really know much about him. Or care about him. *winks*
Later Quint Asper comes, but all I know about him is he was played by Burt Reynolds. *winks*
Matt's got one of those voices that when you hear you're like *die*.
Chester has "that accent". He likes to say, "Mr. Dillon!" him and his limp. One of my favorite things to do while watching this show is seeing if I can notice Denis Weaver bending his leg... and he never does! He's so good. *winks*
Someday I'll watch season two. *smiles*
*Random Quote* "Get out of Dodge." - Matt Dillon (I already "died" over his voice, so I can't again - shucks)

// The Big Valley

Okay. So this show I haven't really watched, but I've seen enough to know that it's a show I'd like to watch.
"The Big Valley" is about the Barkley family living on their ranch. There's the mother and the sister, Audra. Jarrod is the oldest brother, then comes Nick. And while Heath is actually their half-brother, they love him just the same. *winks*
In the first few episodes there's another brother, but he disappears because the actor was drafted.
This show ran from 1965-69 with four seasons. And episodes are long! Almost an hour! (ten minutes short of an hour *winks*)
I can't really say much about a show I've never watched, but I can try. *winks*
One thing I know. This show is better than "Bonanza". *braces myself for the attacks from my family* But really, guys. Think about "Bonanza" as a show - not as a show you grew up watching. They don't ever do ranch work! And that's only one thing wrong with the show.
In "The Big Valley" they have a huge mansion fro a house, and everyday the boys come home completely coated in dust. They walk through their fancy house, slapping their pants, as dust flies every which way. Nick tends to put his dusty boots up on the table (and once I even seen him throw an apple across the room!).
It does kind of bug me that Audra and the mom wear pants more often than skirts, but this show was made in the sixties - and girls did wear pants in the sixties. *winks*
Someday, I'd like to actually sit down and watch this show on our big screen.
*Random Quote* *runs to ask LaKaysha for one* " A gun's a gun. It's all in the man behind it." ~Heath Barkley

// Leave it to Beaver

"Leave it to Beaver" is a lot like "Father Knows Best", but more for younger people. Mostly because the characters are younger, so it's easier for them to relate.
It ran from 1957-63 with six seasons. Each twenty-five minute episode usually has a good point, just like "Father Knows Best".
This is about the everyday life of the Cleaver's. Ward is the father, June is the mother. There's big brother Wally, and little Theodore mostly known as "Beaver".
Wally's friends, Eddie and "Lumpy" are forever getting him into trouble, while Beaver's friends do the same.
One cool thing about "Leave it to Beaver" is how much of a gentleman Wally is. And as Beaver grows up he becomes one as well. They're always so nice to girls, and treat them like ladies... well, not always. They're not perfect, you know. *winks*
I suppose I have to admit the things I don't like about this show, but I hate to compare. In one episode in the last season, Wally takes out a girl who is...well, weird. When he comes home, he doesn't tell his parents what happened. He just says they found out they had nothing common so he came home.
I told you that I hate to compare, but if that happened to Bud (of "Father Knows Best") he'd march straight into his parents room, wake them up if they were asleep, and tell them all about his horrible night. Though this show isn't as cool as "Father Knows Best", it's still good.
They do confess to their parents if they do something wrong, so don't think I'm trying to take that credit away from them. It's still a good show. One episode, Beaver sneaks out and sees a movie after he was told not to. While he's there he wins a bike - but of course can't take it home. So he hides it at his friends house. The next day his parents tell him he can go to the movie. So he decides to pretend he won the bike that day. But on his way home from Larry's house with the bike, he just can't do it. Him and Larry take it back to Larry's house. Realizing that Beaver can't keep a bike he won while disobeying his parents - they take the bike to a church and leave it on the doorstep with a note.
Beaver then goes home and tells his parents about it. Ward tells him that he is proud of him for confessing, and for realizing he couldn't keep the bike, but Beaver can't go to the movies for the next two weeks.
It's more of a comedy-comedy, than a serious-comedy. They crack more jokes while getting the point across. If that makes sense. *winks*
Eddie is a funny guy, and always keeps us laughing. It's been a while since I've watched this show. Actually. When I did watch it, we started in season three and from there watched to the sixth. Somewhere in between there we jumped back to the first season, but didn't finish it.
But, if you put all the random episodes that we watched online together, you may come up with the whole show. But I can't really say. *winks*
*Random Quote* "She said it was the kind of look that meant she was fat and shouldn't be eating sweets" Wally says this when Beaver asks why Mary Ellen Rogers started crying when all Wally was doing was looking at her. *winks*

// The Rifleman

Here we have another western. My brother likes to tease me about how lame it is - but it was made for kids! This show got me through some hard times, so I'll always have a soft spot for it - no matter how lame it can be. My great-uncle had died and my parents left for the funeral, but I had Lucas and Mark McCain to get me through. *winks*
"The Rifleman" is a show about Lucas, whose wife died, and his son Mark. They move out to New Mexico to build a ranch and start a new life. Settling down in North Fork and they soon become good friends with the sheriff, Micah. At first there's Hattie who runs the store in town, but when she leaves the show - Millie buys the store. Miss Millie is the "leading lady" of the show until the actress got married and quit acting. And they couldn't very well not have a girl in the show, so they had Lou come. She buys and runs the hotel. I love Millie, but Lou can grow on you - I suppose. *winks*
As you watch the five seasons of this show. (1958-63) Lucas chases bad guys, and helps Micah keep North Fork a place where children can be raised.
All the while, you watch Mark grow up - Lucas doing his best to raise him on his own. And Mark is played by none other than Johnny Crawford (a singer). *winks* And his brother, Bobby, guest stars a lot in this show. I knew he was in one, but I thought that was all. Until one night we were watching it and my dad happened to say, "That's the same kid. They look the same - are they brothers?" Me and LaKaysha looked at each other, then back to the screen. "It's Bobby! How did we not know that!?" haha! They look like twins, I don't know how we missed it. *winks*
One thing that does bug me about this show is that Lucas doesn't let Mark have a gun. He would've during that time, because of snakes. But if you just ignore that... and the fact that the older Mark gets the younger he acts. But guys! This is a good show!! Just because when Mark was ten he acted fifteen and when he's fifteen he acts ten doesn't make it a bad show. *winks*
Micah is a really cute old man, and me makes me smile. *smiles at the thought of him* And because of an old wound he can't carry a pistol - so he has a shotgun, while Lucas has a rifle. (as if you didn't gather that from the title)
*Random Quote* "Seems I been sightin' you short, son. I thought I had to keep my boy from gettin' hurt - all the time he was a man. I'll try to remember that." ~Lucas McCain

// Hogan's Hereos

Set in the 1940s, "Hogan's Heroes" is a comedy about a group of men living in a POW camp in Germany, during world War II. It ran from 1965-71, with six seasons of twenty-five minute episodes.
Hogan and his men have a secret underground world. In their world, they have a radio - with which London gets ahold of them and send them on special missions. Like blowing up a bridge or something.
Hogan is the leader - an American, Newkirk is their safe-breaker - an Englishman, Labeau is their cook - an Frenchman, Carter builds bombs - an American, and Kinchloe (aka Kinch) is in charge of the radio and such - also an American. Their guard is a fat man who always "sees not'ing" - Schultz. And their Kommandant is Klink.
In the last season, Kinchloe is replaced by Baker. He's only there for one season, so it's hard to get a attached to him. *winks*
This show is funny. Hogan always outsmarting Klink, and keeping the Germans on their toes.
Not much else I can say about this show. I wish it hadn't been canceled suddenly, then they could've had a better ending to the show. Like, maybe the war could've ended and they all went home. But no, it just ends. No goodbyes or anything.
After watching this show I thought in a German accent. *winks* And it always keeps us laughing. It's my brothers favorite show.
I bought the first season at Walmart. Went up to the self-check and started sliding in my quarters. I love paying with change - it feels like you just got something for free. *winks*
We went home and watched the Pilot episode. When we started to watch the next episode, the whole show changed for me - it was in color!
It's funny how, when you expect a show or movie to be in black and white and then it's in color you're like, "I will never be the same again." *winks*
 *Random Quote* "Do you realize there's a war going on!? The folks back home are buying war bonds and cutting back to three meals a day!" ~Colonel Robert Hogan

// The Andy Griffith Show

Everyone's watched "The Andy Griffith Show", right? I feel weird writing about it. *winks*
This show has some people in it that are also in other shows from the this list. Hattie from "The Rifleman" is played by the same actress as Clara in this show.
And Betty from "Father Knows Best" is Andy's first girlfriend - Ellie.
It ran from 1960-68 - eight seasons. (six of which my family owns) It starts out in black and white, but later changes to color. Each twenty-five minute episode starts with the theme song we all know and love. (sadly, I can't whistle, so I just hum it)
Sheriff Andy Taylor raises his son, Opie - with the help of Aunt Bee. Barney if is Andy's deputy and best friend. When he leaves the show later, it's hardly worth watching. There are characters like Floyd the Barber, Gomer and his cousin Goober, Otis the town drunk (they could've done without that if you ask me), Thelma Lou - Barney's girlfriend, and Andy has girlfriends, too. Helen Crump is who he marries later. But there's also Ellie (I've already told you about her) and Peggy. I think I like Peggy the best, but it's been awhile since I've watched any with Ellie in them. (we don't have the first two seasons... yet)
The Darlings are the greatest at playing music, and we all love their songs. And of course, living in the mountains like they do, they have funny ideas about life. Like the time they want to take Helen away because they saw an owl in the day, then she walked by - so that meant that she was "destined" to marry one of them. And Andy has quite the time trying to get them to change their minds. *wink*
All these characters live in Mayberry, where life is simpler. Andy keeps the peace, and Barney keeps us laughing. *winks*
I think my favorite character would have to be Leon. The adorable little boy who wanders around town in a cowboy outfit and tries to get people to his peanut butter and jelly sandwich. *smile*
*Random Quote* "No thanks, Leon. No thanks." ~Andy

// Little House on the Prairie

This show is one that I grew up watching, so I watch it. I'm not really attached to any of the characters. It's also a show that I feel weird writing about. I'm pretty sure that everyone knows it...
Now that I think of it, way back when I went to school (in third grade) there was a girl in my class who had never heard of it... strange.
So. "Little House on the Prairie" ran from '74-'82. It has nine seasons and the episodes about forty-five minutes long.
It is about Laura Ingalls, and her family living on the prairie. Based off a true story.
There's Ma and Pa, Mary, Laura, Carrie, and later on Grace is born. They have their dog - Jack.
This show is nothing like the real story - or even the books. And when watching the later seasons you have to be careful. There are "things" in it. *winks*
There's a reason that we only own the first four seasons - though we do watch some of the others.
Later in the show, more characters come to the Ingalls family. They adopt Albert, and even more later, James and Cassandra.
And of course there's the Olsen's. Nels, Harriet, Nellie and Willie. Oh. I like Willie. *winks* I love the episode in the last season when he gets married. My favorite. *smiles*
A few things are correct - like Mary does go blind, and Laura does marry Almonzo Wilder.
But, guys - this is not the true story.  There. Now that we have that straight. *winks*
*Random Quote* "...and I'm marrying Rachael Brown!" ~Willie Olson  

// Five Mile Creek

Way back, when we had Netflix send us movies in the mail, we got the first season of this show. That is the only season on DVD (so far -I'm hoping they release more) and I haven't watched it since. But I loved it. *grins* Don't let the above picture fool you - this show is in color. *winks*
This is an Australian show from 1983-85. It aired in America on the Disney Channel. (so was "Road to Avonlea") It has three seasons of forty-five minute episodes. It was based off Louis L'Amour's book, "The Cherokee Trail" - roughly, but based on it just the same.
I've only watched the first season, so that's all I will talk about. Later, other characters come into the show, but I don't know them, so let's just forget they exist. *winks*
In the beginning of  the first episode you find two Americans - Maggie and her daughter, Hannah - on a ship heading to Australia to meet Maggie's husband. Also on the ship is another American, Con. He is going to Australia to start a stage line.
In Australia, Maggie is not able to find her husband, and finds herself living at a stage stop called Five Mile Creek. Con also settles down there. Living there is Kate, Jack, and Paddy - the Irishman. (in the above picture- top: Con and Jack. Bottom: Kate and Maggie)
They take in a boy, Sam, who once lived with the "bush rangers" (Australian outlaws *winks*).
It's been a while since I've watched this, so I can't remember everything about it. I do know that they swore a few times, and there was a show girl that may have dressed a little odd - but that's all I remember. I do remember the cool accents... I must have a "thing" for voices? Must be how I remember things - in sounds. The music in this show was good, too. *winks*
Another American joins them - one of Con's friends - Ben.
They all become like a family, and I remember being sad when Jack tried to sell Five Mile Creek. Thankfully, they change his mind.
I think my favorite episode is when some guy comes and tries to take Sam to an orphanage (or something like that) and Con has a great idea of how to work it so he doesn't have to go. He asks if someone could adopt him even if they weren't married, but engaged. The man says they could, and I'll never forget how big and blue Kate's eyes look when Con says, "That settles it then! Kate and I are engaged!" So funny! And of course Kate puts up a fight, the whole "How dare he!" thing. *winks* But then she realizes that Con's not just doing it for Sam, and they do get engaged.
Yeah. Kate and Con adopt Sam before they are married. But I never got to see their wedding, because the season ended. So, I'm not even sure when they get married. But since that's the only season on DVD I'll probably never know. Unless I watch it on VHS. Last I knew the first two seasons are on VHS - which takes up a lot more room in the cupboard, but that's about the only down fall about VHS. Come on! You can fast-forward the warnings! *winks* Oh. And it's probably more money because you have to buy it in volumes.
But anyway. It's a show I enjoyed a lot. *smiles*
*Random Quote* "A little Yankee know-how and a lot of Australian sweat." ~Con Madigan
His reply when Jack asks how to put the stage couch together.

So there you have my Top Ten TV Shows. I hope you enjoyed!
Have you watched any of these shows?
What do you think them?


    AHHH are we related? :D :D
    I watch two of those almost every night XD

    1. Haha! We must be. ;P They are good shows, aren't they?
      I like to watch a show every night, too. =D

  2. I've watched Little House on the Prairie, The Andy Griffith Show, and some of Big Valley and Rifleman. But I haven't actually watched ALL of any of these. :P

    1. Well. The only shows that I've watched ALL of are The Andy Griffith Show, Hogan's Heroes, and Road to Avonlea (of the shows on this list). Been working on Father Knows Best. ;)
      My cousin was shocked to find out that I haven't watched the whole show of Little House on the Prairie, but I haven't :)

  3. Enjoyed! Love them all! Except I never was a fan of Five Mile Creek *wink*

    1. Oh! And not sure about The Big Valley... never have watched an episode?

  4. LOVE 'Father Knows Best' , 'The Big Valley' and 'Hogan's Heroes'!
    OH, and Chester is amaaaaaazing! *sing-song voice*
    Haha love them all!
    Awesome post :D

  5. I just started buying Father Knows Best after reading about it on one of your blogs. Love it! I think I like the fact that they act normal and aren't the perfect family, but always do make up if they get upset at each other. Like when Margaret got mad about the family reunion. We just finished the first disk of the third season last night! Also have Andy Griffith and Hogan's Heroes.. I didn't like how they replaced Kinch in the last season at all!

    1. You're BUYING it!!!?? No fair! ;P
      we haven't watched the third season yet. We're watching it out of order because we're getting them from the library. When I first started putting them on hold they didn't have the whole show so we just skipped around. Now they got the whole show, so we're working on filling in the gaps. ;P

    2. Yup, buying them. :) look on amazon and go to buying options, you can sometimes get them fairly cheap used. I like having them since we watch something before going to bed and so it's nice to have lots of things we can watch over and over.

    3. Yeah... if only I had money. ;P
      I'd buy them in a heart beat if I did. It's definitely a show that I'd want to own. =D But it's cool to think you have them!

  6. I've watched some of most of these. ;) I have many memories watching Road to Avonlea and The Andy Griffith show!

  7. I've only ever watched The Andy Griffith show, I think :-)

  8. Still gotta say, every time I think of Gunsmoke I hear Matt saying in the voice only he can do... "Get outta Dodge" <3

  9. I love Father Knows Best! And it is a very good, CLEAN family show!

  10. I KNOW!!*hugs the show* *dies because it's too amazing to be true*


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