Friday, November 4, 2016

The Month of October

November is here! *grins*
As sad as it is to see October go, I'm excited. I had a wonderful October, and it really didn't fly by as fast as the last few months. Which is a good thing because I love it so much. *winks*

// Happenings in October
Let's see... what did I do last month that you don't already know about?

I have been going to my aunt and uncle's house every week to babysit while my aunt naps. I go every other Monday and every Wednesday. I enjoy it quite a bit actually... when the kids are good. They can be hard to keep quiet. We put a movie going and they get bored of it... but really I love all those kids! Even Jubal - who can be crabby at times. We found that if we play Damian McGinty (of Celtic Thunder) singing "Falling Slowly" for him, he calms down. But last time that only worked for a little while. It was just one of those days when he wanted Mom and only Mom. Pretty music didn't help.

Went to a Harvest Party and I dressed up...
as a tree. *winks* It was Felicity's idea, but I think it turned out very nice! I felt a little like a fall version of Elsa - it was probably the braid. *winks*
I would share more pictures of the party, but my sister informed me that she is doing a post about it. (now you have to, LaKaysha - I announced it *winks*)

I got yarn from our "Nut Auction"! And I've been crocheting - but that's a post all of it's own.

I took all our videos of our trip to my grandpa's Ranch back in August and made a music video. It was fun, and I think it turned out quite well. *grins* For the song I used "Seminole Wind" by John Anderson because that sorta became "our song" for the trip. *winks*

Other than that life has been pretty much normal...

// Movies watched in October
Still working our way through Father Knows Best. We are watching season five - still waiting for the library to send us season two. After that we will probably have to watch season six and that's it. Our library doesn't have season three - that I know of. They may trick me again. *winks*

And we're on the sixth season of Road to Avonlea. Sometimes it feels like I'm only the one in our family who is actually re-watching this show. I'm determined to work my way all the way back to the first season. I grew up watching the first two seasons so - years ago - when we decided to actually watch the whole show we skipped those two. So it's been a while since I watched when all the kids are just that - kids. *winks*

and that's about it that I've watched - besides the movies I shared in my currently post.

//Books read in October
Just The Captive Maiden by Melanie Dikerson. I haven't been able to find anything cool to read since I finished it.

//Favorite Songs in October
"Falling Slowly" by Celtic Thunder (or - Damian McGinty - whatever *winks*)

"The Last Leaf" by The Cascades (I find that I really like this group)

"A Thousand Years" by Christina Perri (I don't really know the singer - just the song)

"Bad Day" by *looks it up* Daniel Powter? (same thing with this song - I don't know the singer *winks*)

"Lean on Me" by The Tenors (I love this song and my cousin, Kirsten, played this group singing it and I find they're the best)

"She Was" by Mark Chesnutt

I found a lot of "new favorites" last month. *winks*

//Baked in October
I made a pumpkin pie for the first time! Sadly I don't have a picture of it... it wasn't very pretty anyway. *winks*
I made it for the Harvest Party, but we had so much food that only two pieces got ate. (by me and one other person - I didn't see who) But that was okay! I had the leftovers for breakfast. *grins*

//Looking forward to in November
Thanksgiving of course!! Getting together with family, and just living. *winks*
Grandpa - making Thanksgiving Dinner last year *grins*

//Future blogging
I am working on a blog post - but it might take me a while to finish it and I may need my sisters' help with it too. But it will be on here, someday. *winks*
You curious about that post? *winks*

I did 10 posts last month! That's the most I've ever done in a month! And I'm working towards post #90! Do you think I can make it to 100 before the year is over?

I hope you had a wonderful October as I did! And I hope I didn't bore you with my post! *grins*


  1. I like your harvest party outfit! :D It sounds like you've had a good October. :)
    I AM curious about the post you're working on! =D

    1. Thanks! =D It was a good month!
      You'll just have to wait to see what that post is all about ;P

  2. You costume DID turn out quite nice, didn't it? Too bad I wasn't in a better mood to enjoy it ;)

    Oh yes! And I loved the music video! Made the ranch trip look even MORE amazing!

    I like Road to Avonlea! But I have a hard time watching two shows at once.

    I want to read the new post too!

    1. You're gonna have to help me with that post ;P

  3. Love 'Father Knows Best'! <3
    I think it is my favorite comedy sitcom, right next to The Dick Van Dyke Show, which you can't really compare since one's for family, the other is more 'adultish'. ;)
    I am still working on uploading my pics from the party, so please be patient, folks!
    Good post ;)

    1. Oh, and 'Hogan's Heroes'. But you still can't compare them. ;)
      But I couldn't forget to mention the boys at Stalag 13. ;)

    2. Father Knows Best is the greatest!!! *giggles*
      haha! Yeah, Hogan's Heroes is a great show - I had forgotten, but I actually sat down and watched an episode today and got reminded ;)

  4. How did I miss this post!?? You know you have to show me that music video sometime now, don't you? ;) :)


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