Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Month of November

Where has this month gone? Wasn't it just yesterday that October ended and I was looking forward to Thanksgiving? Now we are heading into December and "Christmas Time's A Comin'..." But guys, Christmas time started Black Friday, right? My sister did some Christmas baking today, and I've already gotten a Christmas present. I lot has happened this month, and December promises to be busier. *grins because that's why I love it*

I did this in November

- Had Thanksgiving dinner and it was great.

- ate the very first pumpkin pie that my grandpa ever made - and it was so good! Mine was never that fluffy.

- had our family pictures taken for Christmas cards

- had my cousin stay over two nights. And she bought me a coffee!! She's sooo nice!! Love that girl.

- seen my aunt and uncle and all my wonderful "1-2-3 Cousins" (minus Tyrel *sniff*)

- cuddled up Kaaren so she won't forget I'm her cousin, even though I see her family about twice a year.

- heard Gavin, Gabrien, and Gage play music in my very own living room. *grins 'cause they're my double 2nd cousins* (and they played Mary Did you Know)

- ate lots and lots of pumpkin pie - because Thanksgiving does that to you.

-decorated for Christmas, the day after Thanksgiving.

- went Christmas shopping, but I was just along for the ride. *winks*

I watched this is November

- The second Season of "Father Knows Best"
- "Tomorrow is Forever" (a sad movie)

- "Holiday Inn" (loved! Watch it!)

I loved this music in November

- "Merry Christmas Strait to You" by George Strait

- "Let it be Christmas" by Alan Jackson

- "Santa Clause and Popcorn" by Merle Haggard

- "Singin' in the Rain" by Gene Kelly

- Seven Brides for Seven Brothers Film Score

I loved these posts in November

- Thanksgiving Memories by Felicity

- My Favorite Singers Parts One and Two by LaKaysha

- Things to do on a Rainy Day by Elizabeth

- My Thanksgiving by Natasha

- Flawed yet Treasured by Natasha

- Winters Gift by Nirag

I disliked this about November

- I threw up the Monday before Thanksgiving

That's about it. This month has been pretty good - can't complain. *winks*

In December I will

- have many Christmas's to go to. The one for my moms side of the family, the one for my dads side of the family, the one for my friends, and our own on Christmas day.

- get a Christmas tree. From where, we don't know yet.

- listen to lots of Christmas music

- eat lots of Christmas bakery

- and just be "simply having a wonderful Christmas time..."

- do something for New Years

2017 is coming soon. EEK! Can it not? I remember when I thought 2006 was a crazy year to be living in. Haha! But it will be strange to be living in 2017.

How was your November?
Are you scared or excited for the new year? I can't really say my answer - probably more excited than scared.


  1. You've done a lot! :D
    I want to make Christmas cookies or something soon. And guess what movie I got from the library yesterday? Holiday Inn. ;D I've never watched it, but I remembered you saying something about it... or something. I want to watch lots of Christmas movies this month. :)
    Aw, I'm glad you loved those two posts of mine! :D
    One month until 2017!! Wow! I think I'm more excited about the new year. Getting my driver's license, last year of school... of course, the test to get my licence is not all that fun to think about. :P

    Very much enjoyed! =D

    1. Have I? ;P
      The dough for the Christmas cookies was so good! ;P
      Ooooh!!!! Be sure to tell me what you think of "Holiday Inn". I like it way better than "White Christmas" - which I still haven't finished. Started to watch it years ago. "White Christmas" has a LOT of dancing and you get bored. But I LOVED "Holiday Inn"!!! =D <3 (kinda wish I bought it for myself, not Kirsten ;P)

      Glad you enjoyed! =D

  2. Was a good month! Hey those are my cookies! Goodness *winks*
    You liked me blog? Well I feel privileged!

    1. When did I get an Irish accent? Oh well, there it be!

    2. Didn't I say my sister made them? ;P
      Yes I did. =D
      Oh yes, Irish accents are the best. (and I find that I do talk with one at times ;P)

  3. I enjoyed this!!! I am both nervous and excited for the new year!! <3

  4. My November was good! :)Only I don't really remember it! But I don't remember anything bad so it must have been good, right? ;)


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