Wednesday, November 23, 2016

For these things I am Thankful

With Thanksgiving being tomorrow, I thought it would be fun to share some of the things I am thankful for this year.

// Diaries
Where I can write all my thoughts and feelings.

// My Pen Pal
I am so glad I overcame my shy-ness and got up enough nerve to write that first letter. I look forward to her letters and to writing my long replies. Snail Mail is the way to go, guys. I love running out to the mail box to see if I got a letter, and I love heading over there to put my letter in and put the flag up.

// Little Cousins
They look up at me with loving eyes, and they don't care what I look or act . They love me for who I am. They tell me about their joys, they show me their fears, and they draw me drawings. They trust me. I love to hear the different ways they say my name. I even love it when they get me mixed up with my sister. "A-Kaysha!" I love how they just say "oh" when I say, "I'm Daminika." Then they tell me whatever it was they started out to share. They sit on my lap for hours and want to hear stories. Or me to show them songs on LaKaysha's phone or take selfies. *winks*

// My Brother
Without this guy, I'd die. And I love being able to say he is my favorite brother (because he's my only brother). *grins*
he brings out the weird in me *winks*
// My sisters
These girls are my built-in friends and they're awesome. Except when they're not. *winks*

me, LaKaysha, and Felicity - missing Liberty

// Memories
Memories of Thanksgiving, memories of Christmas, memories of Grandma, of being crazy with all my wonderful cousins, of riding in Colten's old pickup and "dying" because it was so hot in there, of Tyrel telling me funny things, of Konner saying his stew was "squishy like a whale", of long drives to my grandpa's ranch, of riding in Kirsten's jeep and also "dying" because it was so hot, of crawling up to my sleeping grandpa on the floor - sticking my nose against his and saying bye to "Papa" (back when I was too little to say Grandpa), of searching the airport for Grandpa Stenersen after a long flight, of picking a movie to watch at Grandpa and Grandma's (Warnke), of laying my tired head against my dads back while being on a long four-wheeler drive, of swinging on the swing while visiting New Hampshire, of staying up late in New Hampshire and Ryan running in the house at one in the morning - gabbing ice cream sandwiches and running back out... I am just so thankful for all the wonderful memories I've made in my life and for the memories to come.

// Music
For all music. Christmas music, Country music, pop/rock (from the 50s and 60s), hymns, Gavin's fiddle, the guitar, hymns...

// Coffee
'Nough said.

// Rain
 I grew up with it. And I find that if I don't have it I die. Maybe I'm weird, but I dream of a wet Christmas - not a white one. But of course if I visited somewhere that had snow I wouldn't hate it.

// Pictures
It's because of pictures that I can keep up what all those cousins that don't live by me look like. I may have never met the twins, but I know how cute their little faces are. *grins*

This list could go on and on, but I'll stop there.
What are you thankful for?

Happy Thanksgiving! 


  1. Such a sweet post!!! I am thankful for you and who you are!!<3 For Jesus, Daddy, all my kiddos, memories of my dear mama, and my childhood! And Oh SO much more!!!! :):):)

  2. Love! But goodness that picture of us... I promise there are better ones!

    I LOVE the one of you and Jubie, him with is little smile! <3

    Music, family, rain, memories, all wonderful things to be thankful for.

  3. Have to admit, I am VERY thankful for my siblings! That brother of ours is number one, let me tell ya!

  4. I enjoyed this! :) :)

    I'm thankful for family (immediate family, and all my extended family ;) ), photography, food... um, and a lot of other things. ;)

    1. I's glad! =D

      Haha! Yeah, I am thankful for so many things, it's hard to name them off. :D

  5. Great post!
    We have so much to be thankful for. :D
    Mountains, rivers, food, coffee, family, Jesus Christ!, music, and yes, rain. :D


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