Saturday, November 19, 2016

Currently in November

I've been wanting to do one of these posts, and now I sit here like, "I have done nothing this month." *winks* But we'll try.

// Current Happenings

//Last Sunday, my little "group" and I picked up pizza after church and ate it in a parking lot. We parked side-by-side and rolled the windows down so we could chat while eating.
We had never done that before - but I've seen so many other groups do it, and it was a lot of fun.

//After we were done eating, we girls got invited to "tag along" with the boys to go disc golfing. I had never seen the game in action, so that was cool.
While the guys played we sort of followed behind - very slowly. Taking pictures, kicking around in the fallen leaves, chatting, and just enjoying the cold, crisp air. It was cold. So cold that after one round, we girls left for my house and the boys stayed behind to play another round. I could hardly feel my ears!

//That night, Roger took out a guitar and played while Colten, Dustin, and Chancy sang along with him. That was awesome to listen to. *grins*

// Christmas shopping. I now have all my Christmas shopping done! Today, my cousin, Emily picked me up and we went to The Big Town and I finished up my shopping. It was fun, and now I can relax for the rest of the season! I really should be wrapping those right now, but I'm not. *winks*

//Babysat today. Though I wasn't home for most of it. But I enjoyed having little cousins to cuddle with. <3

//Visiting. Last night, my great-aunt and uncle from Texas came over, and we had a house full. I enjoyed having little kids laughing and screaming outside, and the adults chatting in the house. My cousins who just moved back after years away, came over too, and I enjoyed hearing their voices. It was as if they'd never left. *grins*

// Currently Watched

//Uh-hem. Father Knows Best. *winks* Season two is at the library waiting for me. I'll probably get it after church tomorrow.

//And of course, Road to Avonlea. I a now on the fifth season. Getting impatient to get to the first. Then I can jump to the movie, An Avonlea Christmas and have the shock of my life when they're so old. *winks*

// I also watched Mr. Smith Goes to Washington starring James (Jimmy) Stewart. LaKaysha's heart about burst from it. *grins*
It's a really good movie - look into it.

// Current Favorite Song

// This is Country Music by Brad Paisley

// This by Darius Rucker

// Humble and Kind by Tim McGraw

*re-reads what I just wrote* *dies* They're all new singers!! What is happening to me!?

// Currently Looking Forward To

// THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!

// Kirsten's visit!! AND KAAREN!!!!

// Visiting at Jack and Ann's tomorrow. (my great-aunt and uncle's)

// Christmas music! Once Thanksgiving is over. *winks*

// More cold weather!

// Currently Craving

// FOOD! *winks*

// Chili-Cheese-Fry

// A MUSTANG! (the name of a special coffee at my local coffee shop)

Well. I'm off to vacuum! =D


  1. Sounds like fun! I really like that idea of getting pizza and parking side-by-side with your friends... I'll have to try and do that with my pals, sometime! :D

    1. It was fun! You should do it! I've seen a lot of groups do it around here - and in the summer they don't just sit in the vehicles. I want to do that. Sit in the bed of my cousin's pickup or something. ;)

  2. Enjoyed! Parking and eating was nice! :)

    And was nice to see out of town family again!

  3. I've hardly done anything this month, either. But you've done more than me! ;) What you did with your group sounds really fun. :)
    I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving too! :D And you're done your Christmas shopping already?! I wonder if I'm going to be able to get all my family a present in time? Better earn some money! ;P
    It got cold here. (And in my last post I said it warmed up?! :P) So our stove's been lit, and it's so cozy! ;) Since I sleep in the basement, I can only feel it when I come upstairs, though.
    Ooh, that's cool- who you're visiting today. ;D

    1. It was a lot of fun. It took us a while to find a spot that all three of us could park at - Colten's pickup being a giant "monster truck" that roars ;P We moved three times! Then we decided to just go where all the other "young kids" in our area go. ;D
      It's crazy that I already have it done! I saved up throughout the year - when I had a job, so I had some money. :) now I have $2 and no job. lol! ;D
      Our stove is cozy - and I only feel it when I'm in the house because I sleep in the shop. ;)
      Isn't though? ;D

  4. Ah, I have barely started Christmas shopping! Waiting for Kaaren's gift to come in and got two for Tyrel, that's it!! I need to get hopping. Looking forward to seeing everybody this weekend!

    1. =D Looking forward to seeing your whole family - not just Kirsten and Kaaren. ;P

  5. That Sunday was just so blessed! I enjoyed it SO much! :D


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