Thursday, September 29, 2016

10 facts

*The pictures and the post have nothing to do with each other*

Our Dwarf Goats - Simon, Alvin, and Theodore.

   // For the past year I have not had a bedroom. We have a room, but it's really, really small and four of us girls share it. We have a mattress on the floor and it takes up the whole room, with dressers, toys, and hampers along the walls. Two girls sleep on the mattress while two girls sleep in the living room - switching on Fridays. But, we are working on a bedroom in our garage. We will have to enter from the outside, and us three oldest will be sharing it. I hope to do a post about it once we get it all done and we move in. We already painted the walls, ceiling, and floor - now my dad has to put in an open closet and some shelving. We hope to have it ready to move into by Saturday or sooner.
  // I live 20 seconds from town.  (If we drive) But, guys, it's the smallest town ever. We have a store, a gas station, a fire station, a post office, a restaurant, a school, an ice cream/ coffee shop, a park, and an old church-turned-museum. That's about it. My little hometown. I wouldn't say it was a cute town - it's not like the buildings are made to look cool, but it's "my cute town". ;P I love the park, and enjoy walking to the little store. (I never thought of it as little until my cousin from South Carolina came out here and said it was)
  // I have never tried a "Grinder" from Pizza Haven. When we visit New Hampshire it's always been easier to just get pizza. Otherwise my mom and dad just hear a bunch of "I want..." and it gets confusing. So I let people who know they want a grinder get one and I just say, "I'll have pizza." But next time (whenever that may be) I am going to have one! And nobody can stop me. ;P
  // I think that the best music to help you work is Disney. That's just my opinion. ;) While we were painting our new bedroom, we listened to my sister's Pandora. I told her that we needed Disney - I just knew we could get it done faster if we had Disney. ;P
  // Coca-Cola is the best pop... yes, "pop". It's just "the bomb" - enough said.
  // I once broke my left foot. It was during the two weeks that we had family visiting in 2012. Our uncle said he would take us to the store to buy Arizona Iced Teas and such. I was so excited that I ran down the stairs of our old house and fell. My foot got caught in the railing and the bone broke. That hurt - I'll tell ya that. Once I was done falling, I realized that I had the wrong shoe and went limping back up the stairs to correct that. Once in my room I clung to my foot, rocking back and told myself that I would not cry. And I didn't. Well, not just then, anyway. ;P We did go to the store but I had to be carried back out and wait in the car because every time I put weight on my foot blood bubbled out of the cut that I also got. My dear, sweet uncle bought me some junk - so did Kirsten. And later Tyrel gave me his Arizona... so I was spoiled. ;P It's such a strange, horrible, but yet wonderful memory. Having the cast in my foot is a different story.
  // My seventeenth birthday is in 2 weeks! *gasp* I just realized this today!
  // I want cuddles from Kaaren!!! I miss that sweet little baby! Come visit me, "Auntie A"!!!! I need my little cousin! Bring Kirsten and my life would be complete... almost. All it would need is Tyrel. ;P Then my life would be complete.
 //  I want Neal McCoy's tribute to Charley Pride. It's Neal McCoy singing Charley Pride's songs! It doesn't get any more amazing than that... unless it's Ricky Nelson singing country songs. ;P
 // I think the new music video "Forever Country" is the saddest thing since "Gunsmoke" wasn't at Walmart when I had money. ;P... But, really. It's sad. Have you watched it?

Hope you enjoyed!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

"1-2-3 Cousins"

I'm sure you've heard of double cousins... or is that just my family? Seriously, they are as common as any other cousin. Double 1st, double 2nd, and even double 1st-once-removed!Then there are those cousins who are 1st and 2nd, or 2nd and 3rd... but I've got these other cousins who are 1st, 2nd and 3rd, all at once. :) How often does that happen!? It was just recently that I actually realized this.
I was doing the first post about our trip to my grandpa's ranch. At the end, I name everyone who was there and how they are connected to my family... I didn't put in the post about them being related to me three times, but it was when I was writing that that it really sunk in.
Then my sister was in New Hampshire visiting family. One such cousin lives out there and she jokingly called him her "1-2-3 cousin".
When she came home and told me about this, I just thought it was way too clever. Isn't it just the best!? He will forever be my "1-2-3 Cousin". And then he has siblings who are also my 1-2-3 Cousins! ;P
My sisters think I'm so weird because I'm sharing this with you - I just know it. But they can think what they wish.. So there. ;P

This post has been completely random and just for fun, and you probably don't care at all about my clever name for my cousins. But that's me - always coming up with things that I think are amazing and nobody really cares about. It's like a pin I seen on Pinterest once:

I love all my cousins - they don't have to be "1-2-3 Cousins" to be cool. ;P

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

First Rain: Caramel Apples

We start to hear the pitter-patter of the rain softly falling all around and what do we do? Put on our sweaters that we have been saving all summer, and make ourselves some caramel apples. :)
Who else is excited for fall?

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Takin' Trips Down Memory Lane

The other day I was looking through all the pictures I took a few years back. We sure did have some good times back then. Back when Evelyn was a little "baby" and the center of our lives. The little two-year-old was so full of funny remakes. Ooh! You should've heard how she would say "Mark McCain"! It was so cute! (At the time , I was obsessed with the TV show - The Rifleman ;P)
Back when I would make up "Mark and Ruby" stories at night - telling LaKaysha what was happening. (based off the TV show - only we made up a lot of the characters ;P) She would add her own little remarks as the story went on. I'll never forget one time. I was telling a story - Mark was talking to some girl who was annoying or something -  LaKaysha said, "And he picks her up and throws her overboard! ... I guess they're on a ship? I just make these up as I go along."
We had a good laugh over that one. ;P During the day, LaKaysha would draw the stories out on paper. It was so fun! Those sister moments. <3
Back when we made the long road trip to my great-grandpa's funeral. It was wet. Cold. And I hated every minute we were on the road, but loved every minute in New Hampshire. Hanging out with cousins that I didn't really know. Going to the cemetery in the middle of the night just for fun. Eating free pizza because we got there after they were closed and they gave the leftovers from the day. ;P We went "home" (Grandpa and Grandma's) at eleven and it was way too soon for me. ;P
Back when I had long, beautiful hair! Which I miss so-o much! Arg! Why did it have to start falling out!? I can't wait till it grows back! (hopefully it'll come in healthy ;P)
Back when we would go to Burgerville after church and buy, like, eight milkshakes! =D
 Such fun days. ;P

All ready to go Christmas Caroling. Just waiting for Colten to pick us up.

 Goofing off on New Years... my parents were in bed. ;P
 Heading to Baker City to help our aunt and uncle move... I ended up getting sick that trip.
 Monkeying around with Hadassah. =D
Riding in the back of my dad's "cool" pickup - listening to Gary Allen and drinking Burgerville shakes.

A spur-of-the-moment trip to the ice cream shop. It was cold outside. Not sure if you can tell. ;P
This trip was all because Colten wanted ice cream. He couldn't drive, though - he had just had surgery. So Felicity drove my parents van. With all us in the back - me squealing about who-knows-what and singing along with the radio. Back when I actually knew the songs on the radio ;P
Teaching Evelyn how to sing, "Meet me in St. Louis, Louis..."

See what I mean!? Look at that hair!!
And all those cowboys on our mirror... miss my patriotic/western room!

Me and my Tootsie-Roll, again. Why did she have to grow up!?
(like four is so old ;P)

Burgerville anyone? ;P

Chillin' on a random Sunday, after church. :)

Little Evelyn cleaning Great-Grandma's gravestone.
What a cutie!!! <3
Blinded from the sunrise as we drive to NH

Finally there! Oh it was joyful! ;D

My dad up on the stage with his cousins - singing after his grandpa's funeral.
Hangin' with DaNita in NH

Aww! Look how big my room was! We could actually play a game on the floor!

Babysitting little cousins :) They were so little!

One of LaKaysha's "Mark and Ruby" drawings - their wedding ;P
(She's drawn MANY of this scene)

A random drawing a drew back then.

Me being a weirdo. I was running and trying to use the rope to pull myself onto that little house. Yeah... that's hard! And when I finally got it someone snapped a picture of me rejoicing ;P 

Heading home from the mall. Marita driving and drinking her Mocha Blast =D
(Hey, Marita look what car you are driving!)

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Currently in September

Look how big my "kitten" has gotten!!! *gasp*

 *Current Happenings*
 I got my licenses!! =D Finally! I still haven't driven anywhere - but I did it! It's over with! I'm so happy! =D But enough about that.. ;P
We babysat for my aunt and uncle some this month. Those kids are just adorable! They like me to play with them - even though I try to tell them that I'm "too old". ;P
They just reply, "No you're not!! You're just sixteen!!" ha,ha! ;D
The other night, we went to a local fort for a reenactment type thing. It was so cool! They had the sidewalk outside the fort lined with tents. As you walked toward the fort you went through a time line. 1940s-1840s.
When you walked in the fort they said, "Welcome to 1844." Then we toured the fort. I had never been there (besides once when I was too young to remember) so I though it was really cool! There were a lot of people and the inside of buildings were hot. (and I so wanted it to be fall...) We stayed till dark - which was kind of the point of the event since it was called something like "Campfires and Candlelight". ;P
*Sorry that I didn't take any pictures that night- I was too busy soaking it all it* 
I took Marita's pictures the other day. We had just come home from the mall and she had bought a really cute new outfit - so we just went outside and took pictures. Not sure how they turned out...
*Click picture to view Marita's blog*
I changed my header! But I'm sure you already noticed that. ;P Isn't it beautiful? I'm quite happy with it. I think the colors turned out nice. ;) Though it is kind of hard to see the W... oh, well.
Took our pool done. Yep. Even though it still can get warm during the day - fall weather is finally coming!! =D Am I the only one excited? The last few mornings it's been so cold I've had to put my housecoat on! :D
cleaning the pool
*Currently Eaten*  
Iced Cocoa. I finally tried it! Only, we didn't have any milk, so I used water and a little half-and-half. But it was still good! :D
*Currently Reading*
I was tricked into reading another Louis L'Amour. ;P
We were at the Ranch and all wound up because Felicity was stranded in NYC; so Marita begged me to read aloud. I told them that if I read - it would be The Daybreakers but they insisted that I read Dark Canyon.  So, I did - thinking that I would just read to them and then never pick it up again... yeah, right. ;P
It's not as good as The Daybreakers... (meaning - I don't like it as much) but it's interesting. :)
 *Currently Listening to*
I've been in a "Celtic Thunder" mood these days. I own three of their CDs and also Phil Coulter's tribute to them. (oh - and a piano book ;P) 
But of course I still listen to the usual 80s/90s country and 50s/60s rock. :)
*Currently Looking Forward to*
We are going out with a cousin from New Hampshire tomorrow night! I'm looking forward to that, since it's been  over a year since I seen her last. :)
Driving for the first time. For the first time without a parent anyway. :) It'll probably just be a fifteen minute drive to our little library or to the coffee shop.
Have you noticed that I didn't have a "currently watching" part? Isn't it sad? ;P
But have no fear - I have put Father Knows Best on hold at the library.