Thursday, August 25, 2016

Nineteen at the Ranch: Day III

Just in case you missed the first two dayNineteen at the Ranch: Day I

*Warning: I took the post pictures this day, so... *

I woke up the morning of our third day at the Ranch to cows- lots of cows. We had been there for a few days now, and until then we hadn't seen any cows! We thought that was strange - seeing plenty of signs of cows, but seeing none. I sat up in bed, "There's the cows!"
They came running down the hill, coming straight towards the yard. The dog started barking and chasing the cows - Shiloh starting yelling and chasing the dog, Kirsten started chasing Shiloh and the dog. I was in bed and could only hear all this, but it sure sounded like an adventure. Shiloh got the gate shut in time for the cows not to come into the yard and trample all over Kaysha and Roger, who were still in there tent.
We had a breakfast of scrabbled eggs, sausage, and cold cereal.
 After breakfast, we began to shoot some guns. The boys had been shooting off and on throughout the trip, but we girls hadn't yet. I shot my dad's first rifle, which was Shiloh's at the time (now my brother ;P) and that was fun! I can't close my left eye, so I had to shoot left handed - though I'm a righty. It was really fun - I actually know how to load that gun! Before, when I would shoot, some boy would load it for me and then I'd shoot it. But not this time. =D I did it all on my own. :)
 We had been up so long that we forgot to check the time before calling our parents to ask a question. When Felicity called, they had been in bed! So we then looked at a clock - six in the morning! Oops! =D
We made some more coffee. Took some pictures of the "romantic" coffee pots and cups. All this while the boys were still shooting. (they did that a lot ;P)
Me: "Hey, Dustin! You gonna have coffee?"
Dustin: "Yeah..."
Me: "Good! Use this cup!"
Dustin: *looks quite confused* "Why?"
Me: "So I can take pictures of it!"
And I think they turned out quite nice ;P
*I can't say I remember exactly what we did all day...but these are the order I took the pictures, so they must be the order things happened ;P Though I'm sure things happened in-between, too.*

We girls went down to the river before lunch. To swim, wash our hair, and shave (;P) before it got too hot. It was already hot! Kirsten's dog, Astrid, was getting pretty hot. Me and Emily were the last to leave down to the river, so Dustin tied the dog to our four-wheeler. I drove while Emily held onto Astrid's cable and told me to slow down and stop when needed. So it took us a while to get down to the river. I had told the other girls to wait for us before crossing over to the deep spot, but they waited on the other side! So I had no choice but to ford the river - which I was pretty nervous about. But, hey! It's actually fun! I did it twice. On the way to the deep spot and on the way from the deep spot.
We stayed down there at the river for quite some time - primping ;P
When we got back from the river, we found a lot of boys playing board games. We learned later that they had been bored out of their minds once they were done shooting - the girls had the four-wheelers! ;P They needed a break anyway.
So, while they played their games, we set about making lunch. And since the boys took the kitchen table, we didn't have much counter space. But we had more room for getting about the kitchen. :)
We had hobo-pies for lunch.
After lunch, me, LaKaysha, and Kirsten hopped on Colten's four-wheeler and went for a ride. Coming back to the house to get Emily when she was finished eating. I love driving! It makes me feel so free from cares! =D Colten' four-wheeler is kinda small. Going up hills, it was like,"I think I can, I think I can.." ;P So we ended up going back to the house getting one that could fit four poeple better. The boys had packed the trails down real nice for us. ;P When we first got there it was hard to know if we were still on the trail or if we were just plowing through the grass, making a new trail.;P I think everytime we go up there, the trails change a little bit. It just depends on how the driver remembers it. it's the corners that get off a bit, I think. :)
Us girls went outside and took some pictures. I used my last polaroid film that day. (don't worry - I bought more ;P) That was fun! Sorry, Daddy, that we forgot to take some of us in our Hi-Mark sweatshirts. :)
We all got kinda tired and sluggish by the end of the day. It's actually funny that around supper time we were all ready for bed - and by bedtime we were all ready to go! ;P We took some pictures of the beautiful sunset. (I was using Felicity's camera during this - I don't know why. So I don't have any pictures of it.)
I remembered that Felicity had gotten some nice pictures of the house and barn one year, up on the hill behind the pond. So I asked Kirsten to join me - and we took off running, LaKaysha tailing behind. Astrid came along, and we had to chase her down when we realized that the cows were up there! The boys came along with a four-wheeler and dropped Emily off - taking the dog when they left. Sadly, the trees had grown up taller and that view of the house and barn couldn't be caught on camera anymore... unless we totally went to the wrong spot? ;P
We took the long way back - walking down the hill and then back up the driveway - passed the barn. It was dusk, and the whole time LaKaysha talked about how it was a dumb idea and that a snake was gonna kill us - if the cougars didn't beat it to it. But I wasn't worried. Besides, Astrid came running back to protect us. I especially felt safe when we got onto the driveway.
Maybe it was a dumb thing to do, but we survived, and made memories. ;P  The boys were calling coyotes and elk when we walked back to the house. When we walked in, Colten was putting one of Grandpa's many, many hunting videos going - so Kaysha could hear a real elk bugle. Eventually all the boys were in there watching - and that's what they did all night. 
We made Italian Cream Soda's and handed those out.
Then I hopped in the shower. When I got out I found my friends outside - giggling. Silly girls. ;)
It was so cozy there. All the boys gathered around the TV in the living room - the light dim, just because they are. ;P All of us just relaxing on our last night there.
We did go to sleep eventually, but the boys stayed up longer. Which helped me sleep - listening to their chatter and chuckles.
We couldn't see the stars that night because it was cloudy - complete with a ring around the moon. We had ourselves some giggles - talking about what would happen if it was to rain on us out there. =D Running in the house in the middle of the night, screaming, tripping over sleeping boys... it would've been eventful. ;P

So, what do you think of the pictures I got?
Which is your favorite?
P.S. one more post to do! But, I'm afraid it won't be very long... :)


  1. I absolutely love that last picture of the guitar, but I can't say as it's my favorite...I didn't take the time to actually look real hard and come to a decision. ;)

    1. haha! Well, thank you! I thought that was a nice one, too. ;)

  2. It looks so beautiful down at that river! :)

    1. It is! :D And the drive down there is, too! If you don't stop and think about all the cougars and bears that very well may be hiding in/behind the trees. ;P I started to think about it once while driving with Emily (and Astrid following behind) but stopped myself before I freaked out. ;P
      It's super peaceful by the river too... you get a break from the buzz of the four-wheelers ;P

  3. Aww, love the ranch! <3 can't wait to go back up... :P wish I had a camera and could get pictures!

  4. I really liked them all! Except that one of me... :P You should have fixed my hair or something. I look bald ;)
    I LOVE the one with guitar :D


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