Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Nineteen at the Ranch: Day I

I'm back from my amazing weekend! =D

I rode with my cousin, Colten. A few hours behind us was the other half of the group who were coming from our area. :) We had six in our "load", three boys and three girls. We where hauling the four-wheelers, driving an amazing pickup, listening to cool country music, with the two boys in front both wearing cowboy hats. We must've looked like quite the group driving down the freeway ;P We got a lot of waves from other drivers. :D
We took a different way than I grew up taking to the Ranch, and I felt kinda bad that I was the one asking for rest stops every so often, - there weren't any!  ;P But our driver handled it well. We did stop at random little "holes in the ground" rest stops, but those are hard to find.
We drove through some of the cutest little towns! There was this one that I loved! It had the adorable light posts along the street, with the old buildings! So cute! =D
And the we were driving through the mountains, with nothing in sight - it was awesome!

Twice we had to stop and fix the straps on the four-wheelers, and the second time we did - one had broken! So we used the spare and went on our way.
We stopped at the little town near my Grandpa's Ranch on the way in - just to stop, and check to see if they had a tow strap. In those small towns - everybody knows everything. By the time we left they knew what we were doing, where we were going, and who our Grandpa was. ;P
And then we left pavement and were on the half-hour-long dirt road we call "the driveway". Click! We unbuckled, rolled the windows down, and stuck out our heads.
A bunch of deer ran across in front of us, then ran alongside us for a while! (the above picture) We also seen pronghorns!
Soon we were in the trees and I could smell the Ranch!!! (the trees, dust, ect.)
and then we seen it in the distance! We were really there! =D

We crossed over the cattle guard onto my Grandpa's property at about three o'clock. (And we left home at nine-sixteenish ;P) We unlocked the house and while Colten and the other boys went about turning on the propane power, ect. we girls set about cleaning the house. And guess what! Colten got everything turned on with no problem! (that was one of the reasons I was worried about going up there without Grandpa)
The house wasn't as dirty as we had prepared ourselves for, so when I walked in behind Colten once he unlocked the door, I was like, "Wow! It's not bad!" we had it mostly clean when the second "load" arrived. :D

Then the fun began! :D We drove four-wheelers some that first day, but not much. Walked to the barn, went on the swing a bit, but the poor thing - it's knot needs to be retied! Maybe Grandpa or my dad could fix it when we go back up for Labor Day?

We had the boys haul up some mattresses up from the basement and set them on the back porch - and we made our bed. Some people did some showering in the claw-foot bathtub, and we began to settle down for the night. But, yet trying to stay awake for the meteor shower. After a game of Phase Ten, us girls climbed in bed. The boys brought the couch onto the porch and we all sat up till midnight watching the stars above. I seen some truly amazing ones!
To tell you the truth, I didn't sleep well that first night. I can't say I was scared, it was just that my mind was going a mile a minute. ;P Well, I must've been a little scared, because I kept telling myself that the boys were right inside the house (and we only had the screen door closed) and that Kaysha and Roger weren't far away in their tent. It just felt so weird to be there without my parents or Grandpa! (I just realized that until this trip I had always gone up with Grandpa! Some of the people there had been there with just their parents - but I never had even done that!)
 I didn't fall asleep till about two - and even then it wasn't restful sleep. So, I felt pretty gross the next morning, but coffee does wonders ;P

All the people there total:
(some came on day II)

Roger (1st cousin once removed), Kaysha (Roger's wife, also my 1st cousin once removed), Colten (double 1st cousin), Marissa (aunt), Marita (aunt), Felicity (sister), LaKaysha (sister), Emily (double 1st cousin), Kirsten (1ts cousin), Daminika (me ;P), Laban (1st cousin), Dustin (double 1st cousin), Lando (1st cousin), Gavin (double 2nd cousin), Chancy (brother), Shiloh (1st cousin), Kenyon (double 1st cousin), Gabrian (double 2nd cousin), and Cody (1st cousin)!   Phew! Did I miss anyone!? I hope not ;P
and Kirsten's puppy, Astrid. :D

Look for more pictures in my next post: Nineteen at the Ranch: Day II  


  1. That's a lot of cousins!! Sounds so wonderful! Glad you all got to go! Aw man!!I miss Eastern Oregon!!!

    1. I know, right!? I could've gotten even more technical and said that your kids, and Kirsten and her siblings are also my second cousins! ;P But I figured it was over whelming as it is ;P
      I'm glad we all got to go too! =D

  2. Awful picture of me, little sister! :P But great times :D

  3. Awesome! It sounds like you had a good time! I'm glad it worked out for you all! :D

    1. Yea, me too! :D It really was a wonderful trip! I was worried for nothing! =D
      I'm glad you got around to reading my blog ;P

    2. That's good! :)
      Yep, I haven't been on the internet like I am at home! :P :)


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