Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Independence Day!

 This year my family went to the Rodeo for the Fourth of July! It had been years since I had been! And it was simply amazing!! :D I didn't get very many pictures of it, sadly. ;) But I was just 'living in the moment'. The rodeo we went to was a small one so some people think it is 'lame', but I loved it! It is true that not one of the cowboys could stay on the bull long enough to "ride" it... :)
Our Tickets :)
One Cowboy hit his hand on the rail and fell off right away! So they gave him a "re-ride" and that time the bull slammed him into the rail, only this time he hurt his arm! I felt so bad for him! He sat on the fence and held his arm, with his head down for awhile. Then he jumped off the rail, and walked off as if it never happened! ;)
The little kids riding the sheep was so-o cute!! :D One little boy was only three and he held on to that thing as if his life depended on it! ;) When he finally fell off, he got right back up and started strutting back. About halfway back he turned, raised his arms, and started waving to the crowd! It was adorable!!! :D Of course the crowd cheered for him ;)
I snapped this picture before the show started :)

When I was little I wanted to be a "Flag Girl" at a rodeo... I still think it would be fun ;)

This picture was taken on my sister's iPhone... yea, it takes better pictures than my camera :P
Roping the cow :D

The prayer and speech before the rodeo started made me want to cry! I don't remember what the announcer said, but it was amazing! ;P Made me so proud to American! I love how patriotic rodeos are! And this one talked about God (prayed) and everything!! :D This is the same  rodeo that we would go to when I was little. It was amazing  ;P

So that was the highlight of my Fourth of July. ;)

After the rodeo we went to my aunt and uncle's for a "hotdog roast" and fireworks! That was fun! :D
Me and my Tootsie-Roll on the rope swing :)
A really good cake Marita made :)
Felicity, helping Evelyn make her hotdog

Evelyn made me s'more! She was so cute! When I thanked her she said, "Felicity helped. She s'mored and little, and I s'mored a little" :D

We also made crescent rolls over the fire. The first one I made was perfect!  

My boots ;)

Caleb, the mini-cowboy ;)

waiting for fireworks. :)
Me, Marissa, LaKaysha, and Emily

It was, all in all, a very wonderful Fourth of July!


  1. Fun! :) Going to a rodeo for the 4th of July seems fitting. :D

  2. Wow! You got a good picture of the fireworks! :)

    1. Thanks! I was quite proud of it! ;P

      You should go to Natasha's blog and see the ones she got! They are amazing! :D

  3. Was a blessed day! Didn't know you caught me on camera... naughty naughty ;)

  4. Very blessed day indeed! :)

  5. Looks like so much fun!!! Great pictures! Love you girl!

    1. It was! Thanks!! :D Aww, love you too, girl! :P

  6. Wonderful day! I love the rodeo... *sigh* enjoyed it so much :D


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