Friday, June 3, 2016

Memorial Day Campout

    Last weekend, I went to a campout with my friends. Each year, my church gets together and has a campout for Memorial Day weekend. I went to it twice when I was a kid, and this year us "young kids" decided to go. :D We borrowed my aunt and uncle's "bus", and my cousin, Roger, drove his wife and six other girls (including me) to where the campout was held. At the campout, another cousin met us there. So in our camp, it was seven girls, and Kaysha and Roger. My cousin, Lando, would join us sometimes. Plus, my cousin Kirsten came for the day, Saturday. So we had quite a large group of us. :D It was fun! I didn't bring my moms good camera, so my pictures aren't very good quality, so please bare with me. :)
Little Marita drove the huge van to Kaysha and Rogers! :D I really don't know how she seen over the wheel. ;)

Emily and LaKaysha :)

Auntie Marissa :D

It was raining when we left, but we were soon in sunny country! (See Roger's eyes in the mirror? :P)

So beautiful! <3 <3

There! :P

Though Kimberly made it there after us, she still made it in time for supper! :D

LaKaysha and Kimberly

Roger, playing soft music and smoking a pipe! ;P

Lando, showing Roger his skills :P
 Us, singing around Travis and Sonya's camp fire!
 (I videoed it in my sweatshirt pocket, so it's not the best)
*The above video will only play if YouTube is not blocked on your computer *

Next day - heading to the falls that were near by :D
Me and Auntie Marita :D
The beautiful falls :D <3

Kimberly! :D

Me and Auntie Marissa! :D

Heading back up to the van :P

All dreamy-eyed over Noelle <3

Us single girls :P (Left to Right)
Kirsten, LaKaysha, Kimberly, Daminika (me), Emily, Marissa, Marita, Felicity

All of us girls (only added Kaysha :P )

Travis and Sonya's adorable puppy! <3

Kimberly, dear :P

Marissa and Kimberly <3

Hope you enjoyed! :D I had so much fun! I so would go again! :D :P

Well, I got this post done! :D I think my cold is getting better - I feel better anyway! :P On Tuesday I felt terrible! The worse part is my cold sore! So embarrassing ;) But that is getting better, too. :D

But, anyway - This is the fiftieth post I've done! Yay! :D I can't wait till I've done one hundred! I'm halfway there! :P


  1. Aww LOVE your pictures! <3 Was sooo much fun! Can't watch the video so you will have to show me sometime! ;) - "Little" Marita :P

    1. I'll have to do that - just remind me ;P

  2. Looks fun. :) And the picture of the falls with the rainbow... so beautiful! :)

  3. Enjoyed!! :) Kimberly's "pose like a girl" ;) <3

  4. Love the pics! Except the ones with me in them ;)

  5. Enjoyed the pics and video :-)

  6. LOVED all the pictures! :):) Sounds like you all had so much fun! I am glad you got to go!

  7. I didn't know you were videoing when we were singing, but that's probably a good thing. :)

    1. haha! That was why I had it in my pocket! :P

  8. Lol! What strange pictures you have of me!;);) We had a fantastic time!!!


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