Saturday, May 7, 2016

Photo Shoot: Leaves, Flowers, ect.

I mentioned that I took some pictures last Sunday and that I might post them. Well, that's what I'm doing! ;P I don't think they turned out very good, here they are anyway. :)
We have this tree in our front yard that has beautiful leaves! They are finally turning green, but they still have pink around the edges. None of the pictures that I took of the green ones turned out, so you just get to see them pink. :P

Hope you enjoyed! :D


  1. That flag looks cool with the light shining through it! :)

  2. You always find something interesting to take a pictures of. :)

  3. I Especially like the picture of the flag!

  4. They're all beautiful to me. We sure live in a beautiful area, don't we?


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