Monday, February 22, 2016

Photot Update: Kimberly's Visit

  Kimberly surprised us with a visit, and was here for two weeks! It was nice to have her! :D
Kimberly at Burgerville! :D

And we went to the mall! (Twice in one week for some of us! :D)

Kimberly wanted to see the ocean while she could, so we went to the beach!
It turned out to be a beautiful day for it! ... Course, there could've been more wind so Colten could've flown his kite... ;)

I'm not sure if you can see them, but there were seals or something in the river... So cool! :D

And we made it! ;)

Auntie Dear and Me ;)

 Colten.. I edited it to look like this ;)

Me, Kimberly, and LaKaysha

And back across the bridge to go home! ;)
Course, we did other things besides go to the beach, but I didn't get much pictures of that.
We went shopping quite a bit, and I bought my first 'Favorite Singer' record! And of course it would have to be Ricky Nelson ;) I'm really loving it! :D One of the rare records I've found in a store! :D  

Felicity did a Photo Shoot of me, LaKaysha, and Kimberly one day... I'll post that later, but I'm not sure how soon 'later' will be... Drivers Ed, you know. ;) (Three days a week)
Hope you enjoyed!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Surprised by a Friend!

Thought I'd just post a picture of who is staying with me! :D Kimberly, surprised us last Saturday with a visit... a two week visit! :D But, already one week has gone by... she leaves Friday, the same day I begin Drivers Ed... Eek!!
Me and Kimberly write, call, and text each other a lot, yet we never run out of things to talk about! You can ask my sister, we stay up talking each night! lol! :D  
Went to the beach today... after she leaves, I'll do a post on her visit! :D