Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Makin' Memories... Wedding Memories!

And what beautiful memories they are! I was nervous about serving the bridal table for no reason! It was fun! ;)
    The Sunday before the wedding, my sisters and I went to Kaysha and Roger's duplex and helped with the decorations. That was fun, but I was really tired by the end of the day. ;)

Kaysha and Felicity spray painted the flowers
The guys helped too :D
    The rest of the week was busiest for my sister, Felicity (Click here to view her post about the week), but it sure felt busy for me. :D I didn't help with the wedding again until Thursday night when we went down to decorate the church. I helped with the bridal table, then steamed table clothes... that took the rest of the night and we didn't get them all done! My back hurt from it that night.
    Then, Friday was rehearsal, and me, my sister LaKaysha, and my cousin Emily wanted to go. We were kinda counting on Colten (Emily's brother) to bring us, so my mom dropped me and LaKaysha off at their house after lunch. That way we would be there when Colten got home from work and we wouldn't be as late as we would if he had to pick us up. Rehearsal was at six and we didn't get there till almost seven, but we still go to see them do it all once. :D Down in the basement, we started helping with all the last minute things, like flowers, cleaning up the Rehearsal dinner, putting the unused decorations away, and stuff like that.

Getting ready to do it once more ;)
    Emily spent the night at our house that night, so we didn't get to bed till pretty late. But the I couldn't sleep! I was too excited for Kaysha, and nervous about serving, and was so overly tired, I was awake... if that's even possible ;) But I did sleep, some.;)
     The next morning, we got up early, Felicity left, and we began to get ready. The wedding was at four, but we had to get there at three-fifteen. But, because of the early start, we were all ready at twelve! So we got pretty bored. ;) We took pictures and tried our best to pass the time. Finally two-twenty came and I asked my dad if it was okay if we went even earlier than planned. He said to go for it, so we did. ;) The whole way down I was really nervous! The closer we got the more my stomach did flip-flops! :D I don't know why I was so nervous and excited. ;) Then we got there.
     We went into the kitchen and asked what our job would be once we come down from the ceremony, and we were free to do what ever we wanted. Sort of. ;) Marita did the flowers, and it turned out that she was one Bottineau short, so we put flowers in Emily's hair so that she didn't feel left out. (I still have mine pinned to the curtain in my room) We took the bouquets into the nursery where the bridal was, and ended up being in there for awhile, holding the flowers, while they all did last minute touch up. It's been a long time since I've seen a bride before her wedding (I think I was five). Kaysha looked so nervous, and everyone was trying to stay calm for her. She was beautiful! :D Finally I had to hand off the bouquets I was holding to someone, and we left the nursery to find a seat. Kirsten came and sat with us when she got there.
     The whole time we sat there I Had to tell myself to calm down, and not to cry. ;) I'm not sure why it was so sad to me that Kaysha was getting married, but it was. Thankfully No tears fell, and I didn't have to worry about serving them while crying. ;)  When the family walked out, so did I. With LaKaysha and Emily behind me.
     Then we served. I was shaking a lot at first, but then it was not only easy, but fun! :D But, I did dump ice on Calvin's plate... Oops! I was pretty embarrassed at first, but he said it was alright, and I believed him. ;)
     Once the serving was done and they were married, I was so happy! I could hardly see straight I was so happy. ;) We didn't get to eat much because they were decorating the car and we wanted to be there, but that's okay with me. ;) Then we just had an amazing night! We didn't do much that was amazing, but everyone was so happy, so, therefore, it was amazing! :D :D
     It was just all in all the most amazing weekend of my life! :)

Well, here are some pictures from it:

The day we've been waiting for! :D

Emily helped me with my hair :)

LaKaysha curled Marissa's hair, and I put half-up :)

 I got pretty bored with so much time before we had to leave
So, I took pictures of our shoes...I was the only one who
wore boots!

Me and Marissa :D

All ready!:D

hehe! ... yeah, we were bored ;)

We took a polaroid picture with my camera :D
Taking pictures of a picture can be hard;) 

At the wedding. This was taken while they were decorating
the car... I'm weird, I know ;) 

Us with Kirsten! :D :D

I think Evelyn thought Kaysha was Cinderella ;)
She kept hugging her and even gave her some flowers

Kaysha hugging Felicity bye...
The Beautiful Bride!!! Too bad Roger was moving, but I was kinda just snapping pictures, not really paying attention to what I was taking. ;)
(The flowers in Kaysha's hand are what Evelyn gave her)
Well, hope I didn't blab too much ;)
~Daminika :D

Saturday, January 16, 2016

My Record Collection

I haven't done a single post yet this year! Guess I've been enjoying the 'breath of fresh air' after the holidays. ;) The beginning of my year feels like it's all planned out already! :D This coming Saturday I have a wedding to go to. I'm super excited about it! Only I'm a little nervous about serving the bridal table. But, as I've mentioned before on this blog, when your moms first cousin marries your dads first cousin, you are related to everyone in the bridal party and that might help make it not so scary. ;) After that there is one more wedding to attend, only this time I won't have to serve! ;) Then comes Drivers Ed. in February, which I'm also nervous about. I'm praying for a class full of nice Old Apps. And I'm starting to get comfortable behind the wheel! (I've enjoyed the little driving I've done :D ) 
Well, now for what I've titled this post for:

I was looking at one of my old posts (Click here to view) and seen that I had put a picture up of the records I owned at the time... It makes me laugh to see that it was only three (not counting Christmas albums)! Now I'm close to twenty (counting Christmas albums)! And after Christmas, I had quite the time trying to find a place to keep them in our tiny room! :D

I thought that I could do a post one my 'updated' record collection! Course I will include the three I had before. I try and tell you the order I got them, but I may have forgotten exactly which one came before which.

My very first record. I got it for free, but I don't listen to it much.
I don't like choirs, but how could I pass up a free record? ;)

This record was given to me for free also, on the same day, by the same person ;)
My sister listens to it more than me... I'm not much for instrumentals. :D 
This was the very first record I bought myself! Since this album isn't available on CD, this was a must for my collection ;)
These records were given to me for Christmas that first year I had my record player,
by my Grandpa and Sue. I've really enjoyed the Wayne Newton one, and this Christmas
I got to listen to the Disney one! I loved the ones my Cliff Edwards! :D (we know him as the voice of Jiminy Cricket) 

This one my aunt, Marita, gave to me that some year for Christmas. I love it! For a long time it was my favorite record to listen to. (I've gotten more since then, so now I have a lot of favorites)
This is the only record I own with any of my favorite singers on it, though Eddie Hodges and Paul Petersen only sing one song on the whole album. ;) (Someday I hope to have at least one album of my favorite singers :D)

This is actually both Eddie Arnold and some other guy I don't know. It was given to me and I like the songs by Eddie Arnold most. :D
I bought myself this one at Goodwill. It's not the 'original' Sons of the Pioneers that I like, but it does of some of the same guys, and I do like it. :D

My aunt and uncle, Amanda and Tim, gave me these for my sixteenth birthday. I like them a lot! :D I really like soundtracks ;)

I got these for free, and though they're not my type, my sisters enjoy them ;)

Now we come to the ones I got for Christmas this year. These ones, my brother, Chancy, bought me. I love Disney, and when I got those other two Rodgers and Hammerstein soundtracks I had said that I wanted to collect them and he knew that. Now I only need State Fair and I can start on MGM soundtracks! :D

My little sister, Liberty, got me this record. When I opened it, the first thing I saw was Glen Campbell's face and I knew I'd like it. Though I haven't really listened to it yet because it's not Christmas any more.

Now we come to my newest and most listened to (as I write this) record. When Kirsten bought the movie for me, I loved the songs and would fast-forward to each one to listen to them. And now that Felicity bought me the soundtrack I don't have to! :D
Well, that's my collection! ... so far ;D