Monday, November 2, 2015

Sixteen Years and a Big Surprise!

    These past few weeks have been just wild! ;) Moving is a lot of work; cleaning, painting , packing, loading, unloading, unpacking… and with our new house being old there are things to fix; kitchen to remodel, bedroom to build… and in the mist of it all I turned sixteen.

    My birthday fell on a Wednesday. We had been cleaning all week, starting on Saturday, and we were just tired! I was really starting to despise our new house! I had picked Chicken Pot Pie for my birthday meal, which takes awhile to prepare, so we stayed home all day on my birthday. It was an amazing break, and well needed. It’s not good to despise the house you are going to live in! ;)

    So, my birthday came and went. With only gifts from my parents and little sister (pictured below). Nothing from my older sisters (not that they usually get me gifts), and not even a ’Happy Birthday’!

(The Coffee and sweets were from Liberty)

    Starting at LaKaysha’s twelfth birthday, we had thrown a party for all our friends, LaKaysha, Emily, Kimberly, and in recent years we have been suddenly part of the ’big’ girl group (not sure when it happened, but we are ;D) and even had a party for Marita. But, never did we have a party for me. I tried not to let it bother me, and assumed that it might be because I was the one planning the other parties. Can’t very well plan my own party, so we just never had one.


    This year, I knew that they had been planning a party (from seeing a text that wasn’t meant for me), but like I said, my birthday came and went… and no party happened. I really didn’t think that the party would happen after my birthday, because the text I seen was ‘I can’t come for Daminika’s party if it’s the weekend after her birthday…” (I stopped reading then, because I knew it wasn’t for me after that.)  If my friends were trying to make me live in confusion it worked. I was really confused.


    Then, on the Friday after my birthday, things were happening around me and I didn't even know! Things like, "No, don't change!", and "Don't take a shower yet!" And I didn't even catch on when I was in the bathroom, doing my hair and Liberty came in and said, "Do my hair." I must've really had a blonde moment because I did it... Her hair was already done! :D But, I just took it out and put it up in something else. Then she did things like, want the door closed, want the fan on and talk to herself! Those are all odd things for her and I just was really blonde! :D When I came out of the bathroom and went into my room, where I thought I would find my sister and aunt (who lived with us at the time), but they weren't there. thinking nothing of it, I started towards the kitchen. But then my mom stopped me, "There's something for you on your nightstand."
    I still didn't think anything. I just thought that maybe a card came in the mail or something. (Thinking about it right now, I just realized that that would've been impossible; we have a P.O. box and my dad brings home the mail at night...) But I never expected to find what I found there on my nightstand. A note, in Felicity's handwriting, that said:
"Farewell to you my dear, but don't you dismay
When you seem to discover that we've all gone away!
Pretty yourself up; pack a bag with jammies and all
We will return for you, and boy we'll have a ball!"
    Well, after asking my mom if the note told the truth; we're they really gone? I really didn't believe that they could get out of the house so fast and quietly! I understood the closed door and the noisy fan going! :D I packed my bag and "prettied" myself up. (this was at one o'clock) And then I waited. Waited. And waited some more. My mom had said that it would be a few hours before they came back for me, but I don't think that it wouldn't be until seven that they would finally get me. You can imagine how anxious I was by the time they finally did come!
    But I'll tell you about that later. Right now I'll show you what they were up to while I sat in my room, telling my diary just how anxious a person can get while waiting for a party to finally happen!

They think they're so smart ;)
    Well, so when they finally came and got me I was quite anxious and wanted to just get it over with. But, my sisters had other plans. As you can see from the picture below, they did not take me straight to the party. They decided they wanted coffee and a new Alan Jackson CD. So, we got coffee and went to Wal-Mart. At the store, I wanted to go straight to the CD’s, get the one they wanted and leave. But once again my sisters had other plans. We looked at bedding, we looked at crafts, we looked at movies, and finally, the CD’s. But, still didn’t get what we came for. They didn’t try to find Alan Jackson at first! They looked at Disney, they looked at Glen Campbell, and went and got some gum. And finally paid!

    But, they still didn’t take me to the party. In Wal-Mart parking lot they tell me to put a blindfold on. And so, I settled in the back seat of ‘Willie’ (Felicity’s Ford Escape) and prepared to be brought to the party. And if you think they brought me straight there, you’re wrong. We didn’t get there until forty-minutes after leaving town! (That’s amazing, considering how where the party was held is not that far from Wal-Mart) We drove around in circles. For all I knew we were heading back to Wal-Mart! At one point I felt us turn around and everything! I think they trying their hardest to make sure I didn’t know where we were going. But, there’s only one driveway that feels like that! Yes, we were definitely at my grandpa and Sue’s! But, then we were going in circles again! (I guessed it was around what we called ‘The Jungle’ as kids) When we finally stopped, they told me not to get out. But, I could unbuckle and relax. “Listen to Glen Campbell, he’ll calm you.” So, I once again prepared to wait. Glen Campbell did calm me… I little. ;)

    I got really confused when my sisters started saying things like, “Wow, lady! What are you wearing!?” and stuff that made it sound like we were still in town… But I thought we pulled into Grandpa’s? Maybe I was just going crazy. Then Felicity said, “Don’t hit me, car! Don’t hit me!” and I saw a light go past… this time I said, “What!?… You guys are just trying to confuse me!” We just had to be and Grandpa and Sue’s!

    Then, I was told to buckle again! And we were once again driving! But, was for the last time! When we stopped, LaKaysha got out and went somewhere. Felicity got out and after tricking me that they had left me,(Which made her laugh) she started to lead me somewhere. And I decided that we had to be at Grandpa and Sue's! I'd recognize that ground anywhere! Nobody else I knew had gravel that felt like that and grass that soft! Yes, it was there, I knew it. But, just where at Grandpa and Sue's, I wasn't sure. The house? The Office in the shop? Above the garage? But we were there for sure!

    The above video can only be watched if YouTube isn't blocked on your computer.
 So, for those of you who can't watch it, I'll tell you about it:
    Another reason that I knew we were at Grandpa's was the smell of the house when Felicity lead me in. I've been smelling that house since... well, forever, and I should know! ;D And was really confused, though, because Felicity brought me through the back door! Then I heard Marissa. Not sure if she giggled or what, but somehow I knew she was there before she talked. ;)
    They had me sit in a chair, and Marissa was saying things like, "Wait," and "Not yet." She started to untie the blindfold that I had become so used to, it might've well been part of my head! ;) When it come off, Marissa said, "Now!" and suddenly my world lit up and I heard Damian McGinty singing, "Happy Birthday, Sweet Sixteen!" And all of a sudden, everything that happened a minute for felt like ten years ago! I even thought, "Oh, yeah! This is what's happening!" like I had just woken up! :D
    After being blind folded for so long, I really couldn't see very well, and I had no idea what room I was in because they had it decorated to different than the dinning room I knew. I saw people, and at the time I didn't know who they were; I was that confused. Then they said, "look over there!" I turned and saw on the wall Hayley Mills and Annette Funicello (I later noticed Ricky Nelson and Eddie Hodges :D) and from behind the wall came Kirsten! I just said, "What!?" I had thought that they might have invited her because I knew they invited Kimberly (that's who that text was from that I wasn't supposed to see), but I doubted that she would really come! But she did!
    The rest of the day is best shown than told, but just know that none of it felt real! I felt like I was dreaming! It was the birthday party I had dreamed of, but I never dreamed it would really come true! They had themed it all around the 1950s and because of who I am, it ended up being sorta theme Disney! The food (which I didn't eat much of; I was shaking with excitement), the dessert, everything fit amazingly to the theme! Oh, and I almost cried!... Well, what would you do if you thought your friends didn't care that you turned sixteen and then found that they had been planning the biggest surprise ever!?

They made me get my food first...

To tell you the truth, I couldn't stop smiling! I was shaking and felt asleep ;P
Burgerville! :D

Looking at all their decorations...
(I'm taking a picture of Mickey holding a picture of Walt holding Mickey :P)

Getting ready to open presents!
*Opening the gift from Marissa, LaKaysha, and Felicity*
(Can only be watched if you have YouTube)
From Marissa, LaKaysha, and Felicity! :D My dream dress!
From Auntie Amanda and Uncle Tim :D
This makes ten records in my collection! And one single!
I now have just as many vinyl's as I have CDs!
For some reason no pictures of my gifts from Marita and Emily got taken..? Well, Marita got me retro pumps and Disney's Mary Poppins Soundtrack... Emily got me a book called "Love Still Stands"

From Kirsten!
(We watched the movie that night,
which is why we didn't get to bed until two in the morning :D)
We sang karaoke before eating dessert!
 (LaKaysha is singing "When You Say Nothing at All")

Dessert time! (If I remember right it was about 10:30!)

Kirsty with her ice cream soda!

Mine! But, I was too shaken up to eat the cupcake. hehe!
(The straws are paper straws that Marita ordered and they're called 'Mickey Mouse Straws'... I just thought it was cool!)

With all my gifts...

Yeah... they took a lot of pictures of me...
All my loving friends... missing Kimberly

My 'best friend', Mickey! ;)
Me with some more friends. :P
    After the party, Kirsten stayed with us for the rest of the weekend. She left after church on Sunday. The below pictures are of us going out to coffee before we said goodbye... I've seen that girl more this year than I have in the past ten years! You get attached after awhile! ;) Cant wait till she comes again! 

Hope I didn't bore you! ~Daminika


  1. AWESOME! Awesome party, friends,( aunties, cousins and sisters ) and how blessed you are! I didn't get bored at all...actually got teary eyed ;)

  2. made me teary eyed too! Wish I could have been there! That party was way over due! Love you so much girl!

  3. Had so much fun planning it! we all missed you, Kimberly :)

  4. It was a lot fun! And I completely forgot to tell you WHY they took so long to pick me up, took me to coffee, and went to Wal-Mart! It was because Kirsten was on the way, was taking longer than planned, and they didn't want to start without her. And I'm glad they didn't. It would've been not nearly as cool if they started, and Kirsten show up after!
    And I forgot to thank them all for it! So; Thank you, Marissa, Marita, Felicity, LaKaysha, and Emily, and a special thanks to Kirsten for driving the whole way here! I've never felt so loved! <3

  5. I'm glad you enjoyed it!! I think we had as much fun planning and decorating as you had ;) I have to admit it turned out pretty cool, and looks even cooler in pictures!

  6. Wow, sounds like it was amazing! You are so blessed!

  7. We had so much fun planning this and putting it all together! So glad you enjoyed it! I was so excited I was shaking when you came in LOL! :P


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