Saturday, November 21, 2015

Birthday Pictures

    Well, she finally did it! Felicity finally got around to taking my birthday pictures... we're not as late this year as we have been some other years, though. :D

    I decided that it would be fun to look at my other birthday pictures before I post this years pictures. I'll have to start at my seventh birthday, though. That was the first time we took our pictures at home, so that is when we have pictures back to on the computer. ;)

Seven Years

Eight Years

Nine Years

Ten Years

Eleven Years

Twelve Years

Thirteen Years

Fourteen Years

Fifteen Years
     And now we come to this year! :D I am the first one to have their pictures taken at the new house! It's cool to be the only one in the family who's had their picture taken with that background... course once the next birthday comes along I'll no longer have that privilege ;)
    Felicity has taken my pictures for a few years now, but this was the first year that I chose my own outfit and did my own hair... hope I did alright. ;)

Hope you enjoyed! :D



  1. My cute little peanut is growing up into a beautiful young lady! Inside and out! I love you Daminika Carol:)

  2. Cute! I think I might like the last one best for this year :-)

  3. Beautiful! My favorites for this year are the one by the fence post and the last one.

  4. So cute! My Favorites are the ones of you leaning on the top rail of the fence!


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