Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Photo Upate

    I know I'm late! but I always take awhile to download the pictures off my camera... But here it is, a photo update!

All dressed up for Fall Services... Felicity, LaKaysha, Daminika (me), Kimberly and Kirsten
When there is just enough time between sermons to get a coffee, why turn it down? ;)

Going for a walk on Labor Day with my amazing friends (yes, even my sister is my friend, despite what she may tell you ;)

Auntie Bobby! Hiking Silver Star was way more fun than I thought it would be.! :)

Almost there! :D This is written on a log that is put atop a rock pile that we each add to each time we go up there :)

After the hike up, we were all almost out of water, some of us completely out. So, we went slightly off the trail to the parking lot to visit the trough. See the tiny trickle of water coming out? Yeah, it took awhile to fill up ;)

 Colten :D

And on the way back down, we stopped to sit on the edge of the world and rest our poor feet that were desperate need of air ;)

This place where we sat was away from the rets of our group, and covered in some soft plant... and I'm pretty sure it was the home of every ladybug in our state! ;)

The boys climbed to us, while I screamed and covered my eyes, constantly reminding them not to fall! :D It doesn't look very high in these pictures because my camera isn't the best, so maybe you can't see just how bad it would've been if one of them had fallen.