Thursday, September 3, 2015

Great-Uncle O'Neil

Back in May, I did a post about Summer 2014 (view post HERE)  and said that I was going to post a video of my great-uncle singing at 'The West Reunion', but our computer was too slow to upload it.

Well, here you are now, a little late. :D

*O'Neil West singing "Red Wing"; July, 2014*


  1. Sorry, it doesn't work for us :-(

  2. When I post it, it automatically puts it on through YouTube, so if your computer blocks YouTube, it won't work. (It doesn't work for me either; when I posted it I had Marissa go on and tell me if it was on or not because I couldn't tell.)

    1. My Dad watched it on his work computer, where YouTube isn't blocked...

  3. Hey, I just got it to work! Aw, good times!


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