Tuesday, September 22, 2015

*Father Have Mercy*

Last fall, at our annual Fall Party, some of us sat upstairs and sang a song that my great-uncle O'Neil wrote. After a lot of mess-ups that made us laugh, we finally sang the whole song through! :) I just thought that you would like to hear it, though we're not that good. ;) But, we had fun!

(Our Fall Party is also a costume party, so if some of us are dressed funny; that's why)

When I put the video together, I forgot to put that Austin was also singing with us. :)
I hope you enjoy! (If YouTube is blocked on your computer this video won't work, sorry)
I know I haven't been doing very many long post lately, but I've been busy with school. :) Maybe one of these days I'll get around to doing another picture post. :D


  1. Your blog looks cute! :) This video is awkward :P

  2. Hey I got the computer to let me watch it! Lovely!


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