Wednesday, September 2, 2015

About Me:

An Update to my ‘About Me’ page.

 Is there really much that I can say about my life? I live in a tiny house, or, much smaller than the one I just moved from, and share my room with two of my sisters. We go to a small church that is part of the Apostolic Lutheran Church and I am home schooled. When I think about it, I guess I enjoy school. I don’t have much of it left to do, but I do History, Basic Science, Consumer Science, Grammar, and three different things for Bible (write a verse in cursive -- for penmanship, read and sing every morning, and a Bible ‘study’ of sorts). I have finished my Math (hooray!), but really enjoyed it while I did it. I like my History book, my Science book is okay, it being Science, and my Consumer Science is cool. Though, I like to write and like to know Grammar, that is one subject that I don’t enjoy as much as some.

There was a time when I had no idea who my heroes were. I would ask people thinking that they knew more about me than I would. But, nobody knew. Now, I know that I have not one, but three heroes! The first and most important, my hero is Jesus. I mean, he died for my sins, how could he not be my hero!?
George Washington has been my hero for a while now, I think I already mentioned that on this blog. But I never mentioned my other hero, and mostly because I was told that he was an idiot and not a Christian. I not only didn’t dare to tell anyone about him, but also thought that maybe I shouldn’t think so highly of him. But, after learning more about Walt Disney, I think I can tell people and back up my views of him. I’m not saying that he wasn’t human, I’m just saying he wasn’t what people say he was. Think about it; half the things people say he did, he wasn’t even still living at the time they say it happened! Don’t get me wrong; I’m not proud of the Disney company anymore, I think Walt himself would be ashamed.

My dreams are pretty normal for girl; I want to meet and marry the man God made or me. I have dreams of how we would meet, what our wedding would be like, what we would name our kids,… all the normal stuff to dream about. But I do have a dream that a lot of people don’t even think about; making movies! I want to make good, clean movies that are good for the whole family! My dream is sorta like Walt Disney’s, but I wouldn’t really want to become a huge company like he did. Recently, I’ve watched three movies that have made my dream bigger! First, I watched “As Dreamer’s Do: The Amazing life of Walt Disney”, which, as the title explains, was about Walt Disney and his dream. That made me realize that he was not the horrible man you hear about, but an American Christian who just wanted use the talents God gave him to make people happy. Then, I watched “Ace Wonder”, a movie made by Home schooled Christians, much like myself. This movie was so amazing, I had to watch their first movie, “The Widow’s Might”, which I was interested in, not just because the director was young, but also because it was about him trying to live his dream; making movies. Not just watching the movie itself, but also watching “Behind the Scenes” made me realize that my dream isn’t crazy and I can do it! … someday.

 Here are some things I'm just crazy about; my favorites: 1950-60, dresses, music, records, pink!, coffee, hanging out, rain!, the end of the year (October: my birthday, November: Thanksgiving, December: Christmas! Not to mention how awesome winter is!), boots, coats, and my friends!

And here are some of my pass times: do hair, crochet, knit (sometimes), write, dream, sing (in private), talk (unless you know me really well; you won’t ever see this side of me), SMASH* book, listen to music, and laughing.

Ten Random Facts:

1. I’m a night owl; I guess I take after my Grandma Stenersen’s side of the family, I like to stay up late into the night; maybe that’s why I have so much fun in New Hampshire?

2. I cry a lot; lets face it, I really do! I guess I’m emotional? My sisters say that will be a problem when I get married, but my mom said that who I marry will be made for me and will know how to handle it… I hope ;)

3. I’m shy; around people I’m not comfortable with anyway.

4. I can’t handle it when people are sad; I get sad myself because I can’t make them happy!

5. I can’t handle being left out; but I’m getting better! Last Sunday, all my friends went to a museum and I couldn’t go (I’m not 16 yet); I didn’t cry! But that doesn’t mean I didn’t want to.

6. I try to dress up everyday; it’s fun and living 15 minutes from town, who knows when we’ll randomly run to Wal-Mart or Fred Meyers!? (even though I did dress up when we lived 25-30 minutes away, but now I have a good excuse, don’t I?)But, though I dress up everyday, I live the first half of the day in my pajama‘s. ;)

7. I can’t curl my hair; no matter how hard I try, it always falls out!

8. I’ve always lived in Clark County; and if it was up to me, I always will.

9. I love kids! All my little cousins are amazing and I just would die without them!

10. I’m weird; or so says my cousin.


Well, That’s me!


  1. If I ever sell Lilla Rose at an event, I might have to hire you to come do customers hair to show them how awesome flexi clips are! ;)

  2. Sounds like I know you well, Ducky!;) Love, Love, LOVE you and your dreams!!!! <3 ~ Bobby :P

  3. Sounds like you have big dreams! Not a bad thing :-)

  4. Let me know when you want to start on a movie! I think making a movie would be so so fun!!!!

  5. I love you and all your dreams :)


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