Friday, August 14, 2015

Live Free and Drink Coffee

 Well, here I am once again. :) I am now in my very own living room; home. :) At first I did not want to go home, but at our lay-over in Chicago I decided home sounded pretty nice.
 Well, I was right, it is nice to be home. But, I'm so glad I got to go! It was the most amazing two weeks of my life! :)
 Mostly, I just watched Chancy and awesome friends those last few days. Kirsten left, back to Washington, Danielle flew to South Carolina, and DaNita went camping with a friend.
 Janeya (sorry if her name is spelt wrong) was still there, though, and she joined us as we watched crazy boys do crazy things. :)
 I almost cried when we left!

Well, just to let you see for yourself, here are some pictures from our trip. Sorry that I didn't get any pictures of the wedding, but just so you know, it was beautiful! :)

Not having flown in ten years, that first flight was scary! But after that, it was fun! :)

Danielle and DaNita in my Grandpa and Grandma's living room, just 'chillin' ;) 

Grandpa somehow got almost everyone to weed the flower garden in the front. I snapped this picture on our way back to the house. :)

My very first 'Dunkin's'! :) Not bad.

Went to the beach one day. Kirsten was in her glories :) In this picture, her, Tyrel, and Chancy are climbing on the rocks.

DaNita, looking at a snail she found snuck to a rock.

Their ocean out there is so different than out here! You can actually swim in it with out worrying about being washed out to sea!

We were all really tired after a long day at the beach, but people still came over like every other night. We played a dice game, not sure what it was? :) Felicity didn't play, she did something on the laptop. ;)

We walked to the center cemetery and looked at all the old graves. Very interesting!  

"Death thou hast conquer'd me.
I by thy darts am slain!
But Christ hath conquer'd thee,
And I shall live again."

Me and Phoebe! She's so cute!!

Phoebe and her crazy dad, who did this to my room:

My uncle's crazy, I know! But, we love him :)

The kids played "Red-rover, Red-rover" for hours!
These are the hundreds of boys who were over a lot and our entertainment ( I am not used to this many boys!) ;)
Here, they are playing some kind of game.  
They never failed to come up with crazy things to do! :D
Helping Kirsten make supper :)
Kirsten, looking like a scared rabbit ;) 
One day, we went to 'Old Sturbridge Village', but if I posted all the pictures from that day, this post would be even longer than it already will be. :) 

My Grandma had us paint on stepping stones for her flower garden, this one mine :)
Watching Phoebe :)
And she ate Jayda's phone. :)
That last night, we sat around the fire in the backyard, and our little friends joined us. :)
Sayana really loved Felicity, and she even came to me later. She was so tired and laid her head on my shoulder. :) I miss her!

LaKaysha and Jayda, posing for the picture :)

While Felicity had Sayana, I had Brody! :) I also got a picture of Dominic, but it turned out blurry :( 
Mary, her two boys, and Liberty looking at pictures :)
Gunky got most of the teasing form the boys over those two weeks. He's trying to hide his dimples, and Chancy is trying to hold his hands down. But, Gunky just put his face in his shirt. :)
Jayda, Coralee, and Rayleen :)
And, now, here is my last Dunkin's coffee. :)
Well, there you are. The highlights of our vacation. :)
Now, today, we are off to Tri-Cities for Fall Services!
God's Peace! ~Daminika

Monday, August 3, 2015

Having Fun!

I'm still in New Hampshire and still having a blast. The beach one day, and hanging out with friends I hadn't seen in a year!

DaNita's reaction to a video I got of her...

Well, when we get back I'll do a longer, more detailed post of our amazing trip.!