Wednesday, June 17, 2015

What Would've Happened if George Washington was Selfish?

My aunt and I were discussing George Washington and we learned a very big lesson in just our short conversation.
 George Washington was a very selfless person. What would've happened if he hadn't been? What would've happened if he decided to do what he wanted? Here's what would've happened:
The war against the British was going badly, the people needed a leader and Congress selected the best one they thought possible, the great Colonel George Washington of the French and Indian War.
 But a reply to their request was sent and flat out "No."
 George Washington made it clear that even though he agreed with them that they needed a leader, it would not be him. He wished to stay home with Martha, pretend there was not a war going on and live a happy life at Mount Vernon.
 Congress was so confussed of where to turn next. They found the nearest guy to put as commander-in-chief and hoped for the best. The man they put as their leader wasn't good with his men and a coward. The only leading he did was running from the enemy in a big battle.
 As a result, they lost the war.
 Now we come to when, if George had not been selfish, they would've asked him to be president, but president of what? There is no America!
 The British took over and America was punished for their attempt of breaking away.
 We found it very interesting to think that just because of one person's selfishness, the future of a whole country was changed.
 Try and imagine life today with no America... hard isn't it? I don't even know where we would be living... would it be called 'New England'? Or would our land not even belong to England anymore?

This is why George Washington, to me, was amazing. Even though he did want to just stay home with Martha and live happily forever, he left his home to lead the Americans in a long war. I'm always in awe when I think of all he did.
 I mean, he didn't even want to be president! But he was so selfless that he did what he believe right.

  Few songs I hear really get to me, but when I hear Fess Parker singing of our first president I always want to shout it for all the world to hear:  


  1. Very interesting , Daminika. :) What we can learn from this is, if Gods asks something of us and even if we don't really want to do it, we should always be ready and willing. :) Love you and your heart :)

  2. LOVE! But you know me and my George;P

  3. So true and very thought provoking!


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